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Halo 2 still doesn’t bite the dust

Xbox LiveAs every week Major Nelson posted an updated version of the most played games on Xbox Live. The #1 Xbox game Halo 2 would be still on the #1 spot if the lists would be combined, followed by all Xbox 360 games. With this fact it should be clear Xbox 360 Live is getting bigger and bigger.

The top four for Xbox 360 hasn’t changed for the past three weeks (the only three weeks the platforms have been seperated). PGR3 and FFXI seem to keep changing spots with each other. Hitman enters the arena with on a nice 7th spot. Rockstar’s Table Tennis is dropping fast, at this rate next week they are gone. Too bad for such a game.

On the Xbox side not much differences with last week, only Star Wars Battlefront II and Madden NFL 2006 switched places.

Xbox 360 Games

This week Last week Move Game title
1 1 Same Call of Duty 2
2 2 Same Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
3 3 Same The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
4 4 Same Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
5 6 Up Final Fantasy XI
6 5 Down Project Gotham Racing 3
7 new New Hitman: Blood Money
8 8 Same Fight Night Round 3
9 9 Same Perfect Dark Zero
10 7 Down Rockstar Table Tennis

Original Xbox Games

This week Last week Move Game title
1 1 Same Halo 2 (no, really)
2 2 Same Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
3 3 Same Counter-Strike
4 4 Same Splinter Cell Chaos
5 5 Same Pro Evolution Soccer 5
6 6 Same Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
7 8 Up Star Wars: Battlefront II
8 7 Down Madden NFL 2006
9 9 Same Forza Motorsport
10 10 Same Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike 2 still doesn't bite the dust newsvine:Halo 2 still doesn't bite the dust furl:Halo 2 still doesn't bite the dust reddit:Halo 2 still doesn't bite the dust fark:Halo 2 still doesn't bite the dust Y!:Halo 2 still doesn't bite the dust gamegrep:Halo 2 still doesn't bite the dust

22 comments on 'Halo 2 still doesn’t bite the dust'

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Like the new layout, with the arrows and everything.

You’re gonna like it a lot in ten or fifteen minutes.

Why is this?

I kindly request you to hit refresh…

Yes very nice.

Comment by renatox on 2006-06-11 15:11:41 | Reply

halo sucks

I believe you misspoke and meant to say “Halo 2 sucks”. I’ll edit your comment if you like ;)

Comment by geek on 2006-06-11 16:33:01 | Reply

Now, now, Doug … who the hell do you think you are to even be tempted to alter such beautifully penned prose? ;)

You’re correct. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me…

Comment by Ancient Sandman on 2006-06-11 15:48:02 | Reply

Most people that think Halo 2 sucks only think that because they suck at playing it.

Well, yeah. But I also suck at Halo 1 and I like that.

You wouldn’t really expect a level 36 in halo 2 to say it sucks do you? Really? Come on now. Think.

Comment by aces high on 2006-06-11 20:14:51 | Reply

It doesnt suck, its just overrated.

That i think everyone can agree with

Comment by trj156 on 2006-06-11 23:23:49 | Reply

totally, it’s pretty fun but nowhere near what everyone makes it out to be.

See, I think the best Halo experience is you and more than one other person in Blood Gulch in the original game. I got into a Warthog fight with one friend and literally squealed with joy when I sent his ‘hog flying into the air.

I mean, I lost the game. Because I suck at Halo. But the original has an absolutely fantastic multiplayer.

Comment by Speedyg on 2006-06-11 18:52:24 | Reply

How is it that there could be 2 games both at number 7 last week…?tie?

Because I messed up. Thanks for correcting me!

Did Doug make the pretty tables?

Ya rly.

Nice. The little up, down, and didn’t move icons, too?

Didn’t Move and New, I made. Cybermans made the up/down buttons (the tables were his idea.)

Ah, well they look good. =3

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