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Saint’s Row multiplayer screenshots

When you ask people what could be improved in the GTA series chances are they’ll tell you they want a multiplayer mode. Saint’s Row developers Volition agree and provide 6 multiplayer modes supporting 2 - 12 players for their upcoming free roaming title. Our Dutch friends over at Xboxworld got hold of the first ever screenshots from Saint’s Row’s multiplayer mode. Screenshots after the jump.

Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row
Saint's Row

Saint’s Row is expected August 29th. THQ says that there will be a demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace on August 1st, let’s Prey they’ll make that date.'s Row multiplayer screenshots newsvine:Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots furl:Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots reddit:Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots fark:Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots Y!:Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots gamegrep:Saint's Row multiplayer screenshots

18 comments on 'Saint’s Row multiplayer screenshots'

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Comment by The DarkFire on 2006-06-27 10:57:27 | Reply

Sweet! I’m so looking forward to this game! Gonna buy that Gold membership as soon as I get my hands on it :D

Comment by The DarkFire on 2006-06-27 10:59:33 | Reply

btw, the xboxworld link is busted.

Thanks, fixed it :)

Comment by Studley on 2006-06-27 11:51:38 | Reply

Is it me or are these the worst looking Saints Row screenshots to date? Is it because multiplayer is in lower res or something?

Usually multiplayer uses a toned down version of the engine. GRAW did the same, the SP engine has all the fancy bits enabled while the MP focuses on keeping straight 60FPS for MP purposes. The resolution is not lower, the effects are.

Comment by Rossko UK on 2006-06-27 12:15:43 | Reply

GRAW is really noticeable for that, it looks awful, especially compared to COD2 multiplayer which doesn’t seem to have any compromised features

Well, COD2 just looks worse in general.. SP and MP. COD2 has a very non-realistic look to it. More cartoonish, flat painted surfaces. Nothing fancy like paralax mapping.

The new co-op maps in the GRAW chapter 2 mappack look amazing though. I skimmed through them (expect a review later this week) and some of them have awful framedrops though.

Comment by Rossko UK on 2006-06-27 18:30:35 | Reply

I disagree with you Archaic. The graphics in CoD2 easily surpass that of GRAW (multiplayer; admittedly GRAW single player is top notch). And I don’t think the graphics are cartoony at all. It was far and away the best of the launch games, in terms of graphics and gameplay. But each to their own I suppose!

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-06-27 11:58:56 | Reply

they’re low res pics - i’ve seen other pics which look the same res as the single player game

Comment by Muthas on 2006-06-27 12:22:29 | Reply

It is 1280 * 720 so still HD, the resolution hasn’t changed, though the graphics quality has gone down a bit. But that happens with any other game, as mentioned above. Anyway, it still looks good, if the demo is fun for me, i’m sure going to buy it!


Comment by B1ack Gallagh3r on 2006-06-27 14:13:29 | Reply

this game still looks the same in multiplayer cant wait for it.

Admin edit: irrelevant link removed.

Comment by Nick on 2006-06-27 18:05:10 | Reply

Lol “Prey” to get it.


Comment by sdry on 2006-06-28 10:53:05 | Reply

Just what I have been scared of: No civilian pedestrians or traffic can be seen. I hope multiplayer on SR wont be something like those crappy “multiplayer” add-ons on pc gta games.
Abandoned city where only few people/players wander around. Hoping this wont be the case.
Cooperati multiplayer missions/campaing wouldnt hurt either :)

Gang culture irritates me.

Comment by poo on 2006-11-14 10:23:58 | Reply

shut up ya fanny

cant wait to get the game XD

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