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New Project Sylph details and scans

Information on Square-Enix’ new spaceshooter is scarce but the latest issue of Famitsu changed all that. IGN translated some info and scans of the article started popping up on the internet. Project Sylph is a new game in the Silpheed franchise according to IGN, it’s not a direct sequel but it expands on previous games in the series. Sylph is takes the space-combat genre to the next-gen and will feature environments with “over a thousand enemy ships, along with giant mother ships”. In true Squeenix fashion this game is going to feature a lot of CG FMVs to accompany the storyline. Scans after the jump.

Project Sylph
Project Sylph
Project Sylph
Project Sylph
Project Sylph
Project Sylph

Project Sylph looks like it will offer an intense arcade-style shooting experience. The stages that have been revealed so far are set in space and feature scenes with over a thousand enemy ships, along with giant mother ships. All of this is presented like never before thanks to the power of Xbox 360.

As you blast your way through the stages, an on-screen display provides you with information about your ship and your surroundings. The game displays a simple radar output, showing where your enemies are, and also shows gauges for shield and armor. The screen also provides details on your current formation; it appears that you fight along side at least two other ships.

It’s unsure wether or not Project Sylph is going to be released outside of Japan, the market for spaceshooters like this one is fairly small in the western world so we doubt that it’ll be released here. We’ll let you know when we know for sure.

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12 comments on 'New Project Sylph details and scans'

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Comment by The DarkFire on 2006-06-29 15:38:35 | Reply

Not really much to see on those scans :(. Too bad, it sounds like a cool game. Sure hope Microsoft brings all those Japanese games to Europe and the US. We deserve to play them crazy Japanese games to!

Agreed 100% :D

Comment by B1ack Gallagh3r on 2006-06-29 16:29:55 | Reply

i want that game i can see them pretty good you must have bad eyes.

Comment by smileydave on 2006-06-29 17:24:39 | Reply

xbox 360 in japan been a massive flop the market they were trying to crack once again but fell flat

famitsu gave graw 34/40 so its an big influence on gamers over there so fingers crossed more games out there we get more attention

Yeah but it would be the same thing if Zegapain XOR got a 34/40 in EGM or something, I don’t expect games like GR:AW boosting sales in Japan except for a small bunch of fans. General western shooters are just not that popular in Japan… Stuff like Project: Sylph, Trusty Bells and Blue Dragon could help though.

Comment by Jmel on 2006-06-29 18:42:08 | Reply

I dont know if anyone remembers, but this just looks like a crappy remake of the same game sylpheed or however its spelled for the sega cd. It was made by game arts.

It was a “on rails” shooter, with prerendered backgrounds.

This one is by Game Arts as well, Sqeueenix is publishing.

Comment by Jmel on 2006-06-29 18:44:30 | Reply


just like:

Can’t anyone have an original idea thats not a sequel or a remake? WTF is nextgen with rehashes?

Comment by ONI 23 on 2006-06-30 01:28:39 | Reply

2 words…Quick…Cash

Comment by U G0T W0RK3D on 2006-06-29 20:27:19 | Reply

When are the new maps for call of duty 2 supposed to be out.

Comment by U G0T W0RK3D on 2006-06-29 21:21:27 | Reply

The new maps for call of duty 2 are out.

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