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Xbox Live Charts #7

Xbox LiveAs almost every week Major Nelson posted an updated version of the most played games on Xbox Live. This week introducing FIFA World Cup 2006 (hmmz so strange with the real thing happening now in Germany). This week we got a new number 1, will this be the Halo 2 pwner or not, read inside.

Ofcourse it didn’t pwn Halo 2, but the chapter 2 release is probably the reason GRAW is back on #1. Halo 2 is still leading the combined charts followed by the rest of the Xbox 360 games. In the orginal Xbox games Star Wars Battlefront keeps rising in the charts. Also nice to check is the two versions of Rainbow Six 3.

Xbox 360 Games

This week Last week Move Game title
1 2 up Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
2 1 Down Call of Duty 2
3 3 Same The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
4 4 Same Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
5 5 Same Final Fantasy XI
6 8 Up Fight Night Round 3
7 new New 2006 FIFA World Cup
8 6 Down Project Gotham Racing 3
9 9 Same Perfect Dark Zero
10 new New Dead or Alive 4

Original Xbox Games

This week Last week Move Game title
1 1 Same Halo 2 (Master Chief, when will you stop rocking the charts?)
2 2 Same Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
3 3 Same Counter-Strike
4 4 Same Splinter Cell Chaos
5 7 Up Star Wars: Battlefront II
6 6 Same Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
7 5 Down Pro Evolution Soccer 5
8 8 same Madden NFL 2006
9 9 Same Forza Motorsport
10 new New Rainbow Six 3 Live Charts #7 newsvine:Xbox Live Charts #7 furl:Xbox Live Charts #7 reddit:Xbox Live Charts #7 fark:Xbox Live Charts #7 Y!:Xbox Live Charts #7 gamegrep:Xbox Live Charts #7

4 comments on 'Xbox Live Charts #7'

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Comment by Jel0man on 2006-07-02 20:38:38 | Reply

Call of Duty 2 recently got a new map pack so we may see the game get back on first place^^.

Comment by aries on 2006-07-02 20:53:14 | Reply

yeah, it will get back into first place after everyone goes thru the new co op maps on graw. i think mayb next week it will, mayb the week after.

Comment by GT:B1ack Gallagh3r on 2006-07-03 04:32:00 | Reply

i doubt that they gave you alot more than coop in graw alot more maps than cod2 to so i think graw will stay 1st for this last week and then it will be prey for 1 and chromehounds for 2 those are my prediction after this holiday week.

Comment by Tom on 2006-07-04 06:44:45 | Reply

I dont see them 1 and 2 but im sure they will be in the top 10.

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