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Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s

In a lecture at the Develop Conference in England one of Microsoft’s developer relations managers for the Games Technology Group, Jeff Sullivan, shared some new figures on how the 360 has been doing since its launch November last year. Especially the fact that a whopping 60% of sold 360s is connected to Xbox Live is rather impressive considering the 10% attach rate of Live on the first Xbox.

Xbox Live

Since its inception Microsoft’s online gaming network has served over two billion hours of gaming, of which 500 million games of Xbox killer app Halo 2. Every day over 900,000 voice and text messages are sent by gamers around the globe. And the numbers just keep growing, as Microsoft is on track to achieve its target of 6 million Xbox Live accounts in 2007.

Live’s popularity on the 360 is mainly credited to the Marketplace and Arcade facilities, having been used by 75% and 65% of the users respectively. Gamers have downloaded over 30 million Marketplace items so far, and Sullivan promises content will become better integrated in the games themselves in the near future. As for Arcade, 21% of trial downloads have resulted in the gamer buying the full game, with top scorers Geometry Wars and UNO achieving 50% on that figure. Lowest scores are around 10%, which still greatly exceeds the 1 to 2% conversion rate on PC game demos.

Apart from the stats Sullivan also spoke on Microsoft’s Live Anywhere initiative, intended to open up cross-platform gaming for mainly Vista and Xbox 360 owners:

A way of bringing converge to Xbox 360 users and Vista PC gamers, it’s a process that will see a common interface employed across both platforms, as well as bringing all the advantages of Xbox Live, such as community, skill matching, anti-cheating and unified billing systems into the online PC gaming space.

The first titles to use the service will be Halo 2 for Windows Vista and the cross-platform shooter Shadowrun, due in early 2007. Sullivan said, these will initially only offer a limited subset of Xbox Live features, acting as guinea pigs to test how opening up Xbox Live within the PC Internet works.

Live Anywhere friends list
Cross platform friends list

Further targets include uploading game screens and perhaps even video feeds on the web, as currently being piloted by PGR3 through its latest patch. More info on how the Live service will evolve will be shared on Microsoft’s GameFest to be held in Seattle, from 14-15th August. Live on 60% of Xbox 360s newsvine:Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s furl:Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s reddit:Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s fark:Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s Y!:Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s gamegrep:Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s

15 comments on 'Xbox Live on 60% of Xbox 360s'

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Comment by kobejonez on 2006-07-18 13:21:28 | Reply

Let me be the first to say thats got to be good news.

Comment by ElmoFox on 2006-07-18 13:44:15 | Reply

It is very wise of microsoft to do this Windows live thing.

They will try to make all pc users pay money for online gaming on windows. So in addition i will pay not only Valve for half-life 2, but also microsoft for being able to play it online.

But this is good, as i like the company and am happy to invest in it.

Also it is nice that 60% of xbox360 users use at least the free silver account, a lot of functions of my new mobile phone i never use! So this proves that xbox live is a great succes.

Comment by Wekko on 2006-07-18 15:34:18 | Reply

So lat’s take WoW for example. You’d pay for the game, a monthly fee to be able to play the game online, AND a monthly/yearly fee to Microsoft so you can play anything online in the first place?

That’s a 1st class ripoff man….

Comment by ElmoFox on 2006-07-18 16:44:43 | Reply

Well, it is just a small price to pay, because they make great operating systems. I rather pay an extra fee to play my pc games i paid for online, than pay sony $ 0.01 !!!

They will make online gaming on windows a paid service. That is the whole plan of “live everywhere”. Very amart also, they lose money on ervery xbox sold, with the pc, they lose nothing, they get all the money from lincensing fees and everything, plus pc online gaming is really big so it will give MS even more money.
This is what they truly deserve. MSN8 is great, instead of this AOL or irc bullshit!

Comment by Wekko on 2006-07-18 17:18:02 | Reply

Mwoa, can’t say I totally agree really. I get the whole Live Anywhere idea and it looks pretty fun, but why pay them for it? If I want to play say Doom3 online on my PC, why would I need to pay MS for that? It’s not like I’m actually getting anything back for that money. All they do is start asking money for something that is free now, and that’s something I’m deffinately not going to do.

Comment by ElmoFox on 2006-07-19 01:29:08 | Reply

stop bashing microsoft!

Without windows there would never be games, so yes, they have the right to charge an extra fee for online gaming.
You have to see the bigger picture.

Dumb people look at windows vista and say “whoa 300 dollars? f*** me! i can have linux now with more options, features and everything for free!!”

But because of windows your games can run faster and better!! Lunix is so bad, that it cannot run games, i mean, what is the purpose of an operating system??
Microsoft is great, and it is a great honor to use their OS and own their xbox360.

Comment by Wekko on 2006-07-19 09:52:39 | Reply

I’m not bashing Microsoft here, I just don’t like the whole idea of it. To me, PC online gaming is fine just the way it is, so I don’t see any reason to go and pay more money for it because Microsoft starts asking some more money.
I do have a 360 (otherwise I wouldn’t be here) and I use XP, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it an honor to use their hardware/software.

Comment by Hoffer on 2006-07-18 14:13:45 | Reply

Xbox Live is awesome. 100% of them should have it. What’s up with the other 40%??

Not everyone has broadband, not everyone has internet in their living room, not everyone cares for more than just playing some games offline :)

People not worthy of an Xbox 360

think they don’t have broadband or the knowledge of a router

crap.. i typed this before curry but forgot to submit :p

I know people that detest the thought of playing online, even to the point where the horrific word “geek” is used. The only reason I have Live is so whilst my mum and dad are out, I look after the house during day-time and go out at night-time.

Comment by toyota4x4 on 2006-07-18 15:23:11 | Reply

I think the real “geeks” are the ones sittin in their rooms by themselves. I mean were all geeks to an extent…i was at eb games last night at 12:00 to get ncaa cause i couldnt wait to play my buddy online… but you could atleast attempt to socialize alittle.

Comment by Scython on 2006-07-21 14:03:40 | Reply

You all seem to have read something into this that is not there. You wont have to pay microsoft to play PC games, just to use the Xbox Live service if you chose to use it. This in time will lead to being able to play 360 games on your PC, but only if you chose to take the service up. If not, you will be able to use your PC as you do now. What is offered is better, and you will be able to use your gamertag, and ensure cheat free games. Its still your choice if you do or not.

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