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Feature: Roboblitz interview

While the Xbox Live Arcade might be the best thing to happen to consoles since online gameplay, it still lacks in good original titles (Cloning Clyde is a great example of what could be done though) and is filled with weird puzzle games and rehashes of old retro titles. So when a developer comes up with an original title specially tailored for the Xbox Live Arcade (PC version is in the works as well) we can only applaud that. If that developer manages to use the Unreal Engine 3 while keeping the game within the 50MB limit then they have our full attention and anticipation. Such is the case with Naked Sky’s RoboBlitz. So we mailed them a couple of Q’s a few weeks back and got a couple of A’s from Naked Sky’s Tian Mu the other day. Full interview and exclusive screenshots after the jump!


Xboxic: Please introduce yourselves: who is Naked Sky Entertainment?

Naked Sky: Naked Sky Entertainment is a self-funded, indie game developer. Our current focus is physics-driven, robot games.

Xboxic: How did you get in the business of making Xbox Live Arcade games?

Naked Sky: We didn’t. XBLA is simply a distribution channel for us. We plan on making games for all next-gen platforms.

Xboxic: What kind of game is RoboBlitz and why would we want it?

Naked Sky: RoboBlitz is a pure physics-driven robot action game that’s humorous and quirky. You would want it because it’s fun, unique, and much cheaper than other next-gen games.

Xboxic: I’ve heard you are using the Unreal Engine 3, why did you choose for that specific engine?

Naked Sky: Actually, the engine came first, and then the game. We’ve been using the Unreal Engine for a couple of years now and we like their technology.


Xboxic: Isn’t it extremely difficult to pack one of the most advanced engines of the moment within the mandatory 50MB limit of the Xbox Live Arcade? How do you handle it?

Naked Sky: It is quite challenging crushing all this content in a tiny package, but we have lots of tricks up our sleeve… not to mention the amazing talents we’ve got on board.

Xboxic: Do you guys compromise any of the RoboBlitz contents? I mean, 50MB is not a lot of space and other XBLA developers are already saying that they’re going to release a lot of DLC for instance…

Naked Sky: Compromise isn’t a good word because it implies that we had to scale back content from a bigger plan due to the 50MB limit on the Xbox 360. That’s not what we did. Instead, we started out targeting 50MB from the get-go and asked ourselves, “How can we make a great game that’s going to take the most advantage of every single megabyte available?” And we executed from there. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we’ve implemented. As an added bonus, the PC version will be a small download as well, even with the unannounced extra content. ;)

Xboxic: How big is RoboBlitz going to be in terms of levels/weapons etc. ?

Naked Sky: 19 levels, 7 unique environments, and about a dozen weapons/tools/upgrades.

Xboxic: How many hours are we going to spend to play through the single-player?

Naked Sky: It depends on how skilled you are and how deep you want to get into the game. With all the fun physics properties, you can spend a lot of time just messing around in one level.


Xboxic: From what we hear, RoboBlitz is a pretty unique title, where do you guys get your inspiration from?

Naked Sky: Our inspiration comes mostly from our favorite classic games, such as Mega Man and Super Mario.

Xboxic: Is the game going to feature any sort of multiplayer mode? If not, how are you incorporating Xbox Live in your game? Any sort of leader boards?

Naked Sky: Multiplayer mode will come as an expansion after the initial release. Leaderboards will definitely be part of the initial game, as will Achievements and RichPresence. You’ll be able to check up on your friends to see how far they’ve gotten, or which wing of the Space Cannon base they’re currently exploring.

Xboxic: What’s the scheduled release date?

Naked Sky: Soon.

Xboxic: What does the future hold for Naked Sky? More XBLA titles? A full blown retail title? Any plans?

Naked Sky: Lots of plans, but my lips are sealed.


We’d like to thank Naked Sky for elaborating and making us burn with anticipation by mentioning Mega Man. Roboblitz interview newsvine:Feature: Roboblitz interview furl:Feature: Roboblitz interview reddit:Feature: Roboblitz interview fark:Feature: Roboblitz interview Y!:Feature: Roboblitz interview gamegrep:Feature: Roboblitz interview

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Comment by Jasonic on 2006-07-22 16:37:45 | Reply

Game sounds great!
“Soon” sounds great also!

Comment by apebapestas on 2006-07-22 16:43:01 | Reply

soon doesnt sound good, devs have been saying that for months and games still havent dropped yet. But i think these guys know what there doing and the game is looking very good for a 50MB game. The detail looks better then doom 3. Amazing

They better not charge for multiplayer…

Anyway, I didn’t want to see these screenshots, or read this interview, because that’s another 800 Microsoft Points I just lost. Gah.

Comment by kobejonez on 2006-07-22 17:37:14 | Reply

all I can say is wow!….

why are xbla games limited to 50MB? do they want us to buy 250 games to fill up the harddisk instead of 125 (if max is 100 MB)

Because of the 64MB memory cards.

And they want to draw a definite line between XBLA games and regular games for pricing.


Comment by Number13 on 2006-07-23 13:36:06 | Reply

Then why not make 64mb the upper limit?

Because XBLA games arent the only things you store on an MU? Savegames and DLC go on MU’s as well…

Plus, 13 of those megs are spent on stuff before you open it. Right now, I have Cloning Clyde (going to a buddy’s today, he just got a 360), my gamertag, and two wallpapers (FNR3 Ring Girl and Karima) on my MU and it has about 17 megs left. Can’t wait for those 256 meg cards, so I can start storing map packs to take to friends’ :)

Comment by soul2soul on 2006-07-23 10:25:59 | Reply

Seems indeed a dvd-9 does not have enough space for good looking games ;)


My thoughts exactly.

Comment by Storm on 2006-07-23 19:50:35 | Reply

He’s being sarcastic.

If all games were created like Roboblitz is being created, the games would be bigger and more detailed than Oblivion, and still probbably be under 2 gigs. I don’t get it, soul2soul.

Comment by Jaycen on 2006-07-24 08:52:46 | Reply

Is this game using procedural thesis?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-07-24 10:44:01 | Reply


It’s procedural synthesis, and check this link ;)

I would expect this game to use it yeah seeing those graphics in 50Mb :)

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