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Xbox death trial ends with convictions

Gamespot has an article about the two women and four men that were killed in August of 2004 by three men due to an xbox that was stolen. We talked about this in our forums a while back, but the trial is now finally over and the three men who killed six people over a console will now be executed.

It all started on August 9, 2004. Here’s part of the the original article from Gamespot:

Posted Aug 9, 2004 12:00 pm PT

One week after the UK was rocked by an allegedly Manhunt-inspired murder, the US has its own game-related slaying. On Friday, Sheriff’s deputies discovered the bodies of four men and two women in the central Florida town of Deltona. All had been stabbed and beaten with baseball bats, some so brutally that they could not be identified by dental records. All had been killed in their sleep, along with the family’s pet dog.

This was posted a couple days ago as an update:

Three men on trial in Florida for the murder of six people have been found guilty of first-degree murder today. The jury’s decision concludes the “Xbox Murders” case, which began almost two weeks ago.

The case stems from a 2004 incident in which Troy Victorino, 29, Michael Salas, and Jerone Hunter, both 20, entered a house where Erin Belanger, 22, and five friends were sleeping and proceeded to kill them with baseball bats.

It’s just a console.
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21 comments on 'Xbox death trial ends with convictions'

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Comment by LordofSpartans on 2006-07-28 06:32:30 | Reply

Sick assholes. They should get life in prison no parol. Death is too good for them.

Comment by aces high on 2006-07-29 20:44:04 | Reply

I agree.

Comment by Catamount on 2006-07-28 06:36:39 | Reply

you know what confuses the fuck out of me? i lived in boston when this happened, i remember seeing this on the news. and theres a LOT more to the story than “these people stole this guy’s clothes and xbox, and then he went and killed them”. like the fact that the guy who was convicted was squatting at a neighbor’s house, they were told to leave many many times, and neve rdid, were doing coke and herion and all kinds of other shit in the house, and then after a 2 months of constant shit the guy and girl just went in and got rid of their shit. i moved to florida last year, and its fucked up because people do that shit all the time down here, squatting in vacant apts, homes, etc. its unfucking believable what kind of people live in florida. point being, this is about a lot more than some guy killing other people because of a damn xbox. get a fucking grip.

Always fascinating to see how distorted news can get once it crosses a bunch of news networks :)

Comment by Catamount on 2006-07-28 06:37:58 | Reply

yeah i cant spell worth a shit, but you ge the point

Comment by ElmoFox on 2006-07-28 09:21:54 | Reply

They should execute the the dumb motherf*ckers.

But it’s not really about the xbox, i read on the internet that MS paid a large sum of money to the court and the media to pretend it was about the xbox, while it was not.

I think that MS is very sick to ride on the death of a whole family… and a pet dog. :(

They should also execute the one who thought this tragic event was usable a PR.

Also, if it really were about the xbox, which it is not, then you would have read everywhere about people of the families sueing the xbox.

Comment by Dirty Duck on 2006-07-28 11:43:14 | Reply

dont beleive everything you read mate. Why would microsoft want ohave there name associated to a murder trial.

Get in the real world and sometimes think about what you read to what is actually reality

Comment by ElmoFox on 2006-07-28 13:29:18 | Reply

like i said, if the murder was because of the xbox console, then the remaining family members would have sued microsoft for billions of dollars.
This IS america you know.

then again: “dont beleive everything you read mate.”

Comment by Gates' Lovechild on 2006-07-29 17:33:53 | Reply

How could they sue MS for that? Cheers

Comment by RENISINDAHOUSE on 2006-07-28 20:55:14 | Reply

your a stupid [expletive]

edit: keep the f***ing cursing down, bas**rds

Comment by Chris Benoit23 on 2006-07-28 12:01:31 | Reply

OMG… all over an Xbox.

Just to point out, I think “The jury’s decision concludes the “Xbox Murders” case, which began almost two weeks ago.” should be “two years”, not “two weeks”.

think the trial was began 2 weeks ago not the murder

Comment by anon on 2006-07-28 14:37:31 | Reply

I live maybe 15 min away from the town that it happened in. The news around here call it “Mass Murder Case” i dont understand why everywhere is else they are calling it the “xbox murders”

Comment by Shannon on 2006-07-28 20:08:08 | Reply

I used to live in Deltona and two of the people killed were my friends, the house they were murdered in wasn’t very far from my house. I also had some classes with the murderers themselves (and there were 4 of them not 3). It’s amazing how the news can be distorted, it was over an xbox and some clothes and because Victorino was pissed off at them.

Comment by ElmoFox on 2006-07-28 21:14:33 | Reply

LOL, looks like your friends got PWNED!!!

Comment by Karl on 2006-07-28 21:14:52 | Reply

hell, i’d beat the livin shit outa someone if they stole my 360.

Comment by prplaya4life on 2006-07-30 17:50:42 | Reply

I grew up in Deltona, lived there for my whole life and never herd of some crazy shit like before, and its wierd cause its such a boring little town, wouldnt expect something like this to happen, why wouldnt those fucks just take the xbox, why did they have to kill everyone!! >

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-07-31 16:25:10 | Reply

Because they had clearly been playing Manhunt or GTA and probably watched some horror movies and everyone already knows that this will plant evil thoughts into your head. With enough watching of this kind of thing the human mind becomes desensitized to the horror of it all and begins to see it as normal and so after 1 week of playing a violent video game you too will be transformed into a cold blooded psychotic murderer.

My god does nobody understand this, we have to stop the evil film studios and games companies from bringing about the appocalypse!!!!!!


Comment by haloman on 2006-07-31 20:55:30 | Reply

so do i care this has nothing to do about games this aint

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-08-01 10:16:47 | Reply

Well whats the point in putting a post on it then, fuck off to a thread where you have a view.


Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-08-01 10:17:52 | Reply

Anyway, it concerns the Xbox and if you ain’t noticed so does this site, hhmmmm I’m not a detective, but I think there may be a connection there.

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