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MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD

So yes, we still remember Microsoft executives saying “Xbox 360 gamers will never require a hard drive to play games”, only to be shocked by the Football Manager packshot stating that the game did require the HD after all. Similarly, the Xbox guys were even more adamant about that the games would never require a larger disc than the current dual layer DVD, and that HD-DVD would only ever be used for displaying HD movies through your 360. Will that turn out to be “slightly off the truth” as well?

Click the image to the right for one page of what Warren News published in their Consumer Electronics Daily newsletter today. Some spicy quotes about HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, sure that’s a hot topic. The nasty one is at the bottom though:

Microsoft hasn’t determined yet whether to do Xbox 360 games in blue-laser HD DVD, but has ruled it out for “this holiday” when it ships its HD DVD drive for movie playback through the Xbox 360, said Dave Luehmann, gen. mgr. - Microsoft Games Studios. “Speed of loading” is Microsoft’s big concern about HD DVD games on the Xbox 360, Luehmann said.

OUCH. Let’s all hope this is a wildly inaccurate misquotation and that the HD-DVD promises don’t go down the same drain as those stating the Core Pack will play all 360 games. Something tells me we’ll be seeing some damage control press releases soon.

Update: And they came fast indeed: Xbox Marketing explicitly said Dave’s remark is bullshit. chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD newsvine:MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD furl:MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD reddit:MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD fark:MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD Y!:MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD gamegrep:MGS chief states Xbox 360 games may require HD-DVD

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Well unless the price of the HD-DVD add-on drops considerably any games requiring it are not going to sell as much as normal DVD games; as such I cannot see any such games appearing for a couple of years at least.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-08-16 12:18:40 | Reply

yeah, it doesnt sound like something publishers would want to risk, not many people will have this add on.

Comment by InsaneBastard on 2006-08-16 12:08:49 | Reply

I’m betting misquotation.

Comment by Rataplan on 2006-08-16 12:41:24 | Reply

Microsoft hasn’t determined yet whether to do Xbox 360 games in blue-laser HD DVD

Even if it would be the case, I don’t see ‘HD DVD only‘ anywhere. You can buy many a dvd-game on a few cd’s instead; as long as MS offers games on cd or dvd as well as an HD DVD-version, this should not be an issue. It would, after all, be kinda dumb if they had the HD DVD and not use it at all; this’ll become news if they scrap non-blue customers but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Comment by Sean on 2006-08-16 13:06:09 | Reply

It’d be quite a positive to be able to play a game on a single HD-DVD disk, or have the option for the same game on multiple disks. That way the developers aren’t limited to trying to squeeze onto a normal DVD9.

Any kind of extra content would make the HD-DVD a sort-of-requirement for getting the full game experience, thus breaking the promise (which is already broken if they release a single game on HD-DVD even without extra content).

Comment by fatty canadian on 2006-08-16 13:27:56 | Reply

an option me thinks could be… because dvd are much larger how about the developers including all the extra maps instead of paying for DC

Comment by Jel0man on 2006-08-16 15:25:40 | Reply

Dave Luehmann spoke at the DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2006 yesterday:


Oh man, that means a $400 system, and a $200 HD-DVD drive, that is as much as a PS3. Oh no MS, what have you done?

Comment by Kmach on 2006-08-16 15:42:05 | Reply

I don’t see the economics of producing a game on HD-DVD, this would seriously limit the amount of consumers that can purchase that title unless the developer spends more money and releases the game on a more expensive HD-DVD disc AND a DVD9, won’t happen. MS has been blasting Sony for not giving consumers a choice and it would be terrible for them to do the same. Also, the HD-DVD player is very cheap and I’m guessing it is not going to be a fast drive so game loading times will be insane (something I am GUESSING will be a huge complaint about the PS3 along with the graphics). The HD-DVD player will only play movies.

Exactly they never said exclusively on a hddvd… so most likely if worst came to worst and size was over 9gb… then ya they could release a dual DVD or a HDDVD but the content would be the same.

Allowing games to have “special editions” on HD-DVD is one step away from having “crippled editions” on DVD, and only one step further from having “no editions” on DVD.

i know games get bigger but with every extra gigabyte how much does it cost for a developer? i know they dont have to used the full disc but really sony insane to think anyones going to created 50gb of game, content to would Cost soo much games cost are all ready to hight without filling a 50gb disk and i dont get these systems aswell there so powerful they dont need FMV in games becasue the game just looks so nice anyway DVD9 should be sizeable for 99% of games

Comment by Wekko on 2006-08-16 16:08:53 | Reply

So what would the loading times be like for a game, if a HD-DVD is used? The only real problem I have with my 360 is the frustrating long loading times (especially in PGR3 and MotoGP). Would this be any beter on HD-DVD or Bluray? If not, I really don’t see the point to HD-DVD games. If games get too big for 1 normal DVD, then use 2 or 3…..

HD-DVD and Blu-ray are currently about 2 to 3 times slower per megabyte.

Comment by Wekko on 2006-08-16 20:52:50 | Reply

Well, then screw HD-DVD and Bluray for gaming I’d say. Loading times are already too long in a lot of games imho.

Comment by Jason on 2006-08-16 16:13:28 | Reply

blimey I just as well sell all my xbox360 equipment whilst it still has value and wait for a PS3…whatever it may be, at least its an ‘all in one’ package. Add on’s kill a console. This aint been out 2 minutes before you need hard-drives, hd-dvd, memory cards, camera, better cables, network adapter.

Comment by Studley on 2006-08-16 16:33:18 | Reply

Because the first-gen PS2 got killed off by memory cards, network adaptors and Eye Toys?

Hell yeah it only sold 100 million or so. Totally obliterated.

An hd-dvd version of a title would probably do the same thing any PS3 title would do that would utilize more than 1 dvd (which few games ever do).

Most likely this would mainly be throwing extra high definition video content onto the hd-dvd version of a game since that’s one of very few things that could require more than regular dvd capacity.

For instance high def footage and making of video from the Halo movie could be thrown onto the “platinum” hd-dvd version of Halo 3. Regular DVD might carry some video but not in high definition.

Comment by Norman Bates on 2006-08-16 17:04:16 | Reply

repect to microsoft for being willing to think ahead, but where shuld i put all my extra ad on’s?

you know with the “next gen” x360 power adapter, HD DVD and whatnot

Comment by po0 on 2006-08-16 17:57:34 | Reply

Jason, would you rather Microsoft put all these add ons in one package and force you to pay for things you may not use at all? The obvious answer is no so to your comment on how all these additional add ons are coming out maybe you should take into consideration that these are optional and be thankful they didnt force you to buy them all.

Exactly. I don’t need a wireless network connection, so I don’t have to pay for one.

Maybe you can expect games on 2 or 3 DVD disc’s and you need to change, and the game comes on 1 HDDVD. That would rule out the “cripple” versions

Comment by newmodel on 2006-08-16 23:57:55 | Reply

Maybe they can have a 3 disc dvd version that must be installed to the hard drive, and a HD-DVD version that takes up no hard drive space.

Comment by D.B. on 2006-08-17 04:48:14 | Reply

My what little memories you gamers have… Back before XBox 360 came out Microsoft was making a requirement on HD-DVD that all in-game content, movies, etc. all ran in realtime. No movie files, no compression, etc. The sheer size of movie files in realtime alone would be the size of one DVD just for the movies according to developers working with the first gen HD-DVDs. Also, Toshiba was not even ready to produce the first gen HD-DVD because of the battle of Sony vs. Toshiba standardization issue so by the time XBox 360 was ready to come out there still was not a single HD-DVD on the market. Microsoft was too early to market with XBox 360 before HD-DVD was ready to come out of the assembly line. Now Microsoft is playing catchup since PS3 will carry blueray. Anyone who understands the market already knows that third parties are working on a dual player that will play Toshiba and Sony DVDs. Will a HD-DVD mean higher quality for gamers who own it? You can bet your $$$$ they will since it was already planned how they would use it even before the 360 hit the streets for sale. Should you really buy one or wait for a dual hybrid? You could be waiting for a while. Your choice.

Comment by joe on 2006-08-17 06:24:08 | Reply

Lol…wow nice one Microsoft. First you say “we don’t need a HDD to play”. Now your saying “we might need the HD player to play future generation games?” WTF? Yeah who’s laughing to the bank right now? I hate sony but hell the PS3 looks more future proof then the xbox 360.

Also I do own a 360 and so far, there only has been 4 titles that’s worth playing. So far it’s been collecting dust. Just like it’s original xbox (currently using it as a media center instead).

Comment by Guest on 2006-08-18 01:01:37 | Reply

No way I am going to pay xb0×360 + hd-dvd => $600 because ps3 only cost $600. I think i will get ps3 this Christmas.

ahh man so what now will thier be HD DVD games in the future or waht..yes or no and will we have to buy an attachment for that..fuck man yeah ps3 is more futureproof…and i just dished out like so much money now for my 360 lol fukk………………

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