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[GC2006] Leipzig day 1

The Games Convention in Leipzig is the first major event in Europe for Xboxic. But since we’re based in the Netherlands, and Leipzig is a 650KM drive it was quite a distance to travel. We rented a car and drove it down the German Autobahn, which is pretty fun since there’s no speed limit. We arrived safely and easily got our press passes to access the convention.

The day at the ‘Leipziger Messe’ started off by an extremely boring ‘general’ press conference. A couple of guys sat in front of us talking (in German) about this years show compared to previous years, and that they even expect more visitors, that the show floor is bigger, 32% more exhibitors and 2500 journalist from 30 different countries although this looked more like 20.000 later on that day. But it wasn’t all that interesting, cause we’re interested in games right? But they did show us some numbers about the current gaming market so we made some pictures for the statistical junkies.

Immediately after that we went to the EA stand where another press conference was about to start. It was called ‘Highlights 2006/2007 and they were showing things we’ve seen a million times already: Need For Speed: Carbon, Spore, Crysis, another expansion for the Sims 2 and some sports games. A couple of EA hot shots were also talking about boring numbers and about their collaborations with various developers and how proud they are to be working with such talented people. Will Wright was also present but he didn’t say anything unfortunately, he was probably there to make it even remotely interesting. We had to leave a couple of minutes before the end to make it in time for our appointment with Jun Takeuchi and his translator. You’ll read more about that interview in a later post.

We went to check out some of the demopods playing various demo’s: Just Cause, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Crackdown, Viva ‘framedop’ piñata, Sonic, Tony Hawk: Project 8 and Lost Planet multiplayer. There were still a couple of pods untouched by us, like Fusion Frenzy 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6. But you’ll hear about these games in later posts.

We saved the best stuff for the end of the day, we took a lot of pictures of the many booth babes scattered all throughout the complex. Lara ‘Karima’ Croft was present and she was friendly enough to let us take a couple of pictures, which we’re going to cherish for the rest of our lives. Most of the ladies were very friendly and gladly posed for our camera. Some were hotter than others, but you can judge for yourself when we post our big-booth-babes post later on. :)

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