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[GC2006] Lost Planet interview with Jun Takeuchi

Capcom LogoCapcom surprised everyone by releasing a demo for their upcoming Xbox 360 title Lost Planet at E3 this year. There’s not much info on Lost Planet but luckily Capcom was friendly enough to schedule an interview with Resident Evil mastermind Jun Takeuchi at the Leipzig Games Convention. We already posted a few details earlier today but here’s the full interview.

Xboxic: With how many people can you play a multiplayer match?
Takeuchi: We’re aiming for 16 people.

Xboxic: Have you seen Starship Troopers? Is that where you got your inspiration from?
Takeuchi: Yeah, I’m a big fan of the movie but I was also inspired by a Japanese anime series.

Xboxic: Will there be any actors lending their voices or face to the game, because Jean Reno’s voice and face could be seen in Onimusha and there’s a ‘famous’ Korean guy in Lost Planet…
Takeuchi: Not really, but we’d love to get Tom Cruise (laughs)

Xboxic: How long is singleplayer part of the game and how much time would you expect someone to spend in singleplayer mode as compared to multiplayer?
Takeuchi: The singleplayer is around 10 hours, and there are a lot of multiplayer modes so it varies a lot from person to person.

Xboxic: How many different Vital Suits are there in the game?
Takeuchi: 3 or 4 models, but there are a bunch of variations so you’ll end up with a plenty of them. There’s one with 4 legs, and a bird, but the last one can’t fly.

Xboxic: Which online modes are there?
Takeuchi: The 2 big modes in Multiplayer will be a survival mode and a CTF type mode.

Xboxic: What did the beacons in the demo do, are those checkpoints?
Takeuchi: When they’re activated they provide you with a radar and the direction you’re heading to.

Xboxic: Dead Rising’s text was unreadable on a SDTV sometimes, are taking any measures to prevent this with Lost Planet?
Takeuchi: It’s not really up to us, Microsoft has their standards and if we use bigger letters it looks ugly on HDTVs. Our current solution is the most acceptable one.

Xboxic: Are there any gameplay changes since the demo?
Takeuchi: We’ve changed quite a lot of stuff mostly based on feedback we received from fans. We added a melee attack and increased the difficulty of the game.

Xboxic: Will there be Co-op?
Takeuchi: Me and the fans really wanted it, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

Xboxic: Is Lost Planet’s grappling hook inspired by the grappling hook in Bionic Commando (an old Capcom game)?
Takeuchi: I wasn’t aware of this until people started posting about it on the internet, but it’s actually influenced by Jean Reno’s grappling hook in Onimusha 3.

Xboxic: How many weapons will there be in the game and how many vital suit weapons?
Takeuchi: About 7 or 8 weapons on foot and 7 or 8 weapons for the Vital Suits. Some Vital Suits weapons are usable on foot but some aren’t.

Xboxic: The demo consisted of two snow levels and an indoor bit, are we going to see different kinds of climates and more indoor stuff in the full game?
Takeuchi: Yeah definitely, there are going to be quite a few indoor areas and some other ‘extreme conditions’ as well, such as extreme hotness.

Xboxic: Will there be downloadable content besides the themes and picture packs and what kind of stuff can we expect.
Takeuchi: We’re still looking into this, but we think about putting up maps or things like that on the marketplace.

Xboxic: For free?
Takeuchi: Haha, we don’t know yet. Maybe a free map or something.

Xboxic: We haven’t heard a firm releasedate yet, is it still ‘winter 2007′?
Takeuchi: We’re still aiming for Winter 2007, it’ll probably be in January.

We’d like to thank Capcom and Takeuchi-san again for taking their time to answer our questions and we’re all looking forward to Lost Planet’s release in January 2007. In the meantime take a look at these fresh single- and multiplayer screenshots.


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You guys didn’t do the Capcom homage question?


Oh well, excellent job on the interview anyway.

Comment by Mattathias on 2006-08-24 02:36:24 | Reply

Winter 2k7? I thought it was due out January 2k7 … is that a mistake or is the game really a year and a half away?

That was my mistake also :D But it’s for January 2007. So only 5 months away now

Comment by InsaneBastard on 2006-08-24 06:10:26 | Reply

“Takeuchi: It’s not really up to us, Microsoft has their standards and if we use bigger letters it looks ugly on HDTVs. Our current solution is the most acceptable one.”

Incredible comment really. Interesting to know then that more than 90% (I haven’t performed any counting. This is a damn rough estimate based on how many titles I’ve seen working well in both SD and HD) of the game developers manage to create a game suitable for both HD and SD. (The others who have failed are those who created the board games Hearts, Backgammon etc.)

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