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[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on

Like we said before; Just Cause is one of those games that could be a lot of fun or a big pile of shit. It has a few great features, a large island to explore and parachutes for instance, but it is still a last-gen game developed for Xbox and then ported to Xbox 360. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with the demo that is scheduled for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The first thing we noticed was that Avalaunch Studios didn’t spend much time on adding new features for the Xbox 360. It looks like an upscaled Xbox game with a few shaders. Too bad ’cause the game has the potential to rise above other free roaming games (I’m looking at you Saint’s Row). Us sinners even took a look at the PC version, and it looks very sharp, there’s much more detail. This is definitely proof of Avalaunch not taking their time, because saying the Xbox 360 isn’t able to handle this sort of graphics is bullshit. The demo starts of by you flying through the air. You can steer around a bit and deploy your parachute if you like (or die) and land safely on the beach. After landing we got on our dirt bike driving around the island a bit and we started getting into it Controls are very easy and intuitive, so that shouldn’t be any problem. One of the cool features is that you can deploy your parachute while riding your bike, pretty useless on flat ground but it could work out great if you’re jumping from high hills. The dirt bike isn’t the only vehicle that comes with its own set of stunts, if you’re driving a car you can jump on the roof with the press of one single button. This felt very gimmicky and was way over the top which isn’t necessarily. The same goes for the mission we played, we had to jump in the back of a car and shoot some helicopters and a dozen enemy vehicles with the mounted machine gun. We can see this being fun for one or two missions but we can also see these sort of missions becoming repetitive after a while. The over the top feeling can be felt throughout the entire demo, but this also brings some comfort. Knowing that you can do all this amazing things make any mission look doable.

In terms of originality this game is Far Cry meets GTA or Boiling Point. We hope they take the good parts of these games and combine this into a cool adventure. Fortunately for you, you can all check it out very soon when it hits the market place.[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on newsvine:[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on furl:[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on reddit:[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on fark:[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on Y!:[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on gamegrep:[GC2006] Just Cause hands-on

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Comment by Studley on 2006-08-24 11:10:13 | Reply

I think this is the first demo I’m not even going to both downloading… and I even downloaded Full Auto. There doesn’t seem to have been any progression since the early builds, and there are tons of other games on the 360 already which do this sort of thing better.


Comment by soul2soul on 2006-08-24 11:20:06 | Reply

You guys are busy ;)

i believe that its gone be today on the marketplace :)

Comment by Zerodisorder on 2006-08-24 19:43:21 | Reply

But I just saw you playing the demo studley :P

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