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[GC2006] Leipzig day 2

Today was our second day at the Games Convention in Leipzig. It was open for normal human beings today so it was pretty crowded at times. But the lines were doable and we were able to check on quite a few things.

We started of our day by playing some Splinter Cell: Double Agent. We found a Ubisoft guy walking around and he helped us get to a booth, so were able to spend some quality time with it but you’ll read more about it later.

After we were done with Sam Fisher, we went to the business center to type out some stuff and sort out our pictures, we were waiting for our Stranglehold hands-on anyway. After that we still had some time to kill so we started taking pictures of the lovely booth babes.

When it was finally 1 o’ clock we went to see Stranglehold behind closed doors. That stuff was really amazing, but you can read all about it in our hands-on.

After that we split up, Nino went to check Tony Hawk’s Project 8 while I typed out some other stuff and talked to some British ‘chap’.

We were lucky enough to run into Major Nelson, we tapped him on the shoulder and arranged a last-minute interview, which we’ll post some time tomorrow. Major Nelson invited us to the Microsoft lounge area where he also invited us to the Xbox Live Community party which took place later on.

We asked the Major in the interview about the framedrops in Viva Piñata, and he said there was something wrong with the build, and the tech guys supposedly fixed that. We went to the demopods to check it out and he was right, the framedrops were pretty much gone. The game was pretty fun but it was one of those games which needed more attention than the couple of minutes we got at the show floor. It looked great though.

It was about time for the community party, so we went there to hear Major Nelson talk about a bunch of things like Xbox Live Vision and the success of Xbox Live. When he was done we hung out with a bunch of guys from Xbox related websites including Kotaku and 360monster who turned out to be pretty nice dudes..

That’s all for today, we’ve got some pretty interesting stuff for tomorrow and we’re heading homewards after that. We hope you enjoyed our coverage.[GC2006] Leipzig day 2 newsvine:[GC2006] Leipzig day 2 furl:[GC2006] Leipzig day 2 reddit:[GC2006] Leipzig day 2 fark:[GC2006] Leipzig day 2 Y!:[GC2006] Leipzig day 2 gamegrep:[GC2006] Leipzig day 2

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Comment by Skullfire on 2006-08-25 00:22:14 | Reply

Good news about the improvement on the Viva Pinata demo.

Is that actually sand in that room? Was there a beach theme or what?

That’s sand :).

Where the hell is the PES6 stuff?!

Comment by Zerodisorder on 2006-08-25 15:55:33 | Reply

Why would they put the treees right in front of everyone lol

Comment by Norman Bates on 2006-08-25 17:45:36 | Reply

poolparty with nelson haha any news on FM2?

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