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[GC2006] Tony Hawk’s Project 8 hands-on

Another year, another Tony Hawk game. The series went downhill (no pun intended) with the last couple of iterations but Neversoft promised to change their ways and yours truly was able to check on their progress here at the GC. So, did they stick to their word?

The first thing you’ll notice about Project 8 is the level of realism in the graphics. No more Bam Margera (he’s still playable) Jackass type stuff but semi realistic character models in semi realistic environments. The demo we played only had one area to skate in and one of the Activision guys slapped us on our wrists as soon as we tried to start a 2 player match. But there was still plenty to explore and destroy left and we had a great time with it.

The animations have improved quite a bit, every limb is moving as you try to balance on a rail and the models come with some sort of physics as you crash. The way you crash has changed a bit as well, the more painful you fall the higher your ‘hospital bill’ which is displayed if you bail out. There’s no more of that ‘freaking out’ type stuff, something we’re quite happy about. We tried to do some barrel rolls and back flips but those weren’t doable in this demo.

They haven’t completely gone back to the ‘early days’ though, the focus mode is still there and looks amazing and you can still walk around on foot. We didn’t get the chance to play any missions, the game froze when we tried to do that, so we can’t judge whether or not those are any good.

Neversoft gave the interface a slight overhaul, the last trick you did in your combo is displayed in a bigger font above the rest of your combo and there’s a compass now. Hopefully that indicates that the areas a larger know as well.

We can only hope that Neversoft is able to keep the series from getting dull, they managed to do that by the looks of it but we can’t be sure until the game gets released in the last quarter of 2006. THPS8 will be available for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and PSP.[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on newsvine:[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on furl:[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on reddit:[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on fark:[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on Y!:[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on gamegrep:[GC2006] Tony Hawk's Project 8 hands-on

9 comments on '[GC2006] Tony Hawk’s Project 8 hands-on'

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Comment by DEADPRESIDENT on 2006-08-25 04:51:33 | Reply

game looks nice! lets just hope its not the SAME ol’ SAME ol’

Comment by Mikeawesome on 2006-08-25 07:28:04 | Reply

I’m ridiculously excited for this game.

Yes, it’s possible that’s because the last Tony Hawk game I’ve played thoroughly is THPS 4, but it’s also because This game is looking to meet it’s projection that Neversoft made.

I’m excited, we’ll probably see it drop, what? November? In anycase, it’ll be a good month when it hits the streets.

Comment by mathias on 2006-08-25 08:27:04 | Reply

personaly I think the series will be reinvented and worth the $60 when its only programmed for the nextgen system… so 07 here I come

Comment by Norman Bates on 2006-08-25 13:33:22 | Reply

i am also looking forward to this game…

it looks nice , lets just hope it plays nice too

Comment by Studley on 2006-08-25 14:31:12 | Reply

I’m hoping there’s better improvements to come than “we’ve added a compass”.

Everyone has their favourite versions of Tony Hawks, mine is THPS3 on the Gamecube

Comment by STEVE on 2006-08-25 14:37:54 | Reply

They look like xbox screen shots. I hope the game looks better then these pics.(look close at the jagged edges)

It looks a lot better than a last gen game. That’s very noticable in motion, don’t worry about the graphics.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-08-25 16:24:21 | Reply

Still dev shots though, and to say it looks like xbox? well fuck me sideways you must have had one damn powerful xbox cos TH never looked that good on the old box.

Do the players clothes flap out with breeze?

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