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[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on

We played the singleplayer demo for Splinter Cell: Double Agent the other day but we haven’t had the chance to share our experiences with you yet. We’re in the car on our way back home now so we thought we might as well kill some type by giving you the lowdown on SC:DA now.

The level that was playable was the one that takes place in Kinshasa. The bright sunny environment was a nice chance from the standard dark offices and buildings the game normally takes place in. Sam’s gear wasn’t as high tech as we were used to which made it pretty though to play.

You start out behind a fence where the game immediately gives you three options to choose from; you can either cut through the fence, climb over it or pick the lock. We tried all three of the available options and cutting through it was the easiest and best way. After that we had to go through a few allies and squares and shoot a bunch of terrorists. Nothing special there.

Since your kit is less high tech than normal you don’t get your cool night vision and thermal goggles. Not in this level at least. The only goggle-thing we had were our sunglasses which we could put on and take off. There was no real use in that besides the cool bloom effect we got. The overall graphics are pretty nice but it doesn’t look as good as on the screenshots. The shadows have some anti aliasing issues, the textures are muddy at times and it has some framerate and v-sync issues, like the ones you’re used to in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. The character models are quite detailed and Sam’s sweat was a neat looking effect. We can’t say it looked bad or anything but we expected a bit more of it.

All in all it was really just another Splinter Cell game with some shaders and lighting effects. The whole Double Agent thing wasn’t played out at all in the demo besides the lack of gadgets. We tried to pick up an AK47 dropped by an enemy but we couldn’t. We can only hope that the full game brings enough stuff to make it feel fresh and new enough, something the demo didn’t do.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is scheduled for the Gamecube, PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 in October 2006.[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on newsvine:[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on furl:[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on reddit:[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on fark:[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on Y!:[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on gamegrep:[GC2006] Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on

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I don’t care what you say. I’M BUYING!

Comment by Psycho300x on 2006-08-26 14:30:09 | Reply

what do you mean keep it fresh!? the splinter cell formula isnt broken DONT FIX IT multiplayer rocks and single player is usually good a few times through

It’s all about the multiplayer.

Comment by acromyth on 2006-08-29 15:37:50 | Reply

I see AC as my new prince of persia. When the last POP was realesed I really wanted some more, as I thought POP was an awesome series. AC takes that and puts it in medival times, and next-gens it. Plus, they have ntergrated a system where you can climb anything they sticks out 2 inches in the game. How can that not be any boys dream? You are a badass assassain who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Add in some awesome graphics and put the Ubi trademark coat of perfection over it and you are good to go, as they say.

I’m hoping this splinter cell lives up to chaos theory. The shanghi studio is making this one, and they made the second splinter cell (the name escapes me), which I thought was crap (correct me if I’m wrong about the studio. I was pretty sure, but this is just from my memory which is far from perfect). Hopefully they put enough attention to the ‘little things’, which would make this equal to and if not surpass chaos theory’s awesome gaming experiance.

Comment by ebro on 2008-01-05 08:23:04 | Reply


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