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Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer

For those of you old enough to remember it: long ago there was a computer called the Amiga, and there was a small nutty bunch of long-haired and unwashed developers calling themselves Sensible Software. While also known for complex simulations like Sim Brick, their finest games were without a doubt the Cannon Fodder series and the Sensible Soccer series, with honorary mention to Mega-lo-Mania.

I’ve had many a fun time in those days, even though Cannon Fodder was frustrating as hell sometimes and I’ve never managed to actually complete Mega-lo-Mania I think. Sensible Soccer had something very special though: it’s one of the two football games I’ve ever played longer than 5 minutes, the other being the even older Player Manager. Sensible Soccer rocked. It took Sensible’s trademark 8×8 pixel guys and threw them on a pitch to have a great time and rock the football world. The most miraculous thing is not that a band of lunatic hippies decided to make a football game, but that it worked. The game was great from begin to end.

Sensible Soccer

Since I stopped playing Sensible Soccer, which was after an unhealthy amount of time, I’ve never touched a football game again. I downloaded the demo for FIFA 06: RTFWC and was disappointed. It didn’t feel like a footy game. I deleted it after one trial match. I will probably never try a footy game again for the rest of my life, because I know it will just disappoint me again.

However, I might make an exception, because I didn’t start typing this article for nothing. I found some new images on Xboxyde on Codemasters’ upcoming Xbox/PS2 game Sensible Soccer. I was shocked. Yes it looks crap, but it looks like Sensi should. This is nostalgia begging to be bought. Screw 3D modelling and sweat emulation shaders, this screams gameplay.

On the other hand, chances are it will just be another deception. Perhaps I should just buy another toy instead and accept it will never be like on the Amiga again. Sad morale of the day: perhaps I’m just getting old. attack: Sensible Soccer newsvine:Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer furl:Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer reddit:Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer fark:Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer Y!:Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer gamegrep:Nostalgia attack: Sensible Soccer

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Yes you are getting old ;)

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-01 11:45:09 | Reply

Enough! I remember Sensi and it rocked.

Bet if they took it online it would work better than FIFA as well.

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