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X06 information revealed?

Only a day away from X06, is it possible the lid has been lifted as to what is going up on the Marketplace and what will be in Barcelona? If the neoseeker forums get this right, it could possibly be the greatest event this year!

(Please bear in mind when reading the post that everything is rumoured at the moment. We won’t know until it all actually happens over the next few days as to what is true or not.)

Where to start? Well, perhaps the most exciting thing for people who love Halo (not me, I might add), is that the game is going to be running in native 1080p, making the most of the dashboard update expected soon. Other amazing facts are that the game will attempt to hold 50-64 players online. There won’t be a playable demo on the floor, but there will be one “behind closed doors”. So only select people will see it.

Remember the black 360? Well, it could be announced at X06.

Black Xbox 360 anounced. Available this Christmas around the world. New Xbox 360 core and premium bundles shown. Xbox 360 Classics game list. Kameo, PDZ included. More this spring including Oblivion.

It would certainly draw more people in, and with the Classics range being released, it will be a major competitor to the PS3, once again.

Next is the HD-DVD announcement for the US and Europe. This seems obvious, since it was announced in Japan at TGS, telling Europe about the release when Microsoft are in Europe seems a sensible move. Price assumptions are included too, so for the UK it will retail at £119.99 and for the US it will cost you the small sum of $199.99. Europeans also got a price, which stands at €149.99. The US will get their hands on it on the 24th of November, and Europe receive it on the 1st of December.

If you are going to the event (which you won’t be unless you have an invite), you will also be able to play both single and multiplayer demos of Gears of War. There will also be videos around as well.

Other things included that I won’t go into include:

  • More info about 1080p and how it will be done. New dashboard announcement. Release date revealed for late November. Will allow users to try out homebrew content made with XNA game express.
  • More news on Live Anywhere and how it will function. Talk about function with Zune and XBLA titles.
  • Rare show off new version of Killer Instinct for the 360. Will support 4 player tag matches. Playable on show floor.
  • Alan Wake shown and fully playable. Will also be availble on Windows Vista. Coming this Spring.
  • Fable 2 trailer shown. Multiplayer confirmed.
  • Many more videos and games are playable.

If you are even remotely excited about that, there is more to come, unless you don’t like playable demos of course. Any football fans around? No, oh well, I’m still starting with the best; Pro Evolution Soccer 6! Yes, that is great news! And if this all holds true, I won’t be posting for a while (sorry Curry)! Alright, alright, there is other stuff. Viva Pinata anyone? Or how about Splinter Cell Double Agent multiplayer demo? Yup, apparently it’s all going to be there. Make of it what you will.

  • Splinter Cell Double Agent multiplayer
  • Crackdown
  • Forza Motorsport 2
  • Sonic the Hedghog
  • Viva Pinata
  • Need for Speed Carbon
  • Call of Duty 3
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 6
  • Mass Effect
  • + MORE

And, not forgetting videos and picture packs and themes:


  • GOW single player and multiplayer
  • Halo 3 trailer
  • Fable 2

Picture Packs and Themes:

  • Fable 2
  • COD3
  • Crackdown
  • X06
  • Community Pack

OK, OK, that’s it. Now, reality check. Some of the stuff is definitely possible. The HD-DVD seems likely as I stated earlier. Halo 3 running at 1080p? Tough call. Unless it is planned for release at the end of 2007, I doubt this one. Mainly because only about 3% of the world’s population has a TV native to 1080p. Monitors do it, but it would be a waste of time, energy and man power. Maybe Halo 4 then. And 50-64 players online? That would be great, but bearing in mind Saints Row can’t do 8, Prey couldn’t do more than 6, and CoD2 couldn’t do 3, this seems incredibly ambitious. But here’s hoping.

The demos are incredibly ambitious too. After the recent Forza 2 delay, and the poor screens recenlty shown, a demo seems way off, let alone this week. Splinter Cell is possible, since it was announced ages ago for October; I’m sure Microsoft could bring that forward a bit. CoD3 is released in November (for now), so this is possible, and PES6 is released in October, so again this is possible. Mass Effect just doesn’t sound right. It’s not really the type of game you can release a demo for (ever seen an Oblivion demo?). Everything else is a “make up your own mind” one, it could go either way.

Apologies for the long post, but hopefully it will get you excited for the “Bringing It Home” campaign continuing this week. At least, if nothing else, you will be checking the Marketplace quite a few times in the next few days, just in case that PES demo does come out! And as I stated before, it’s all rumours, but fun to speculate nonetheless.

Oh, and thanks for submitting Enzo, though I’d already finished when you submitted, good find anyway ;) information revealed? newsvine:X06 information revealed? furl:X06 information revealed? reddit:X06 information revealed? fark:X06 information revealed? Y!:X06 information revealed? gamegrep:X06 information revealed?

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Comment by VALKYREMISSILE on 2006-09-26 20:43:54 | Reply

mother of god…..what a great time to have a 360 if this is all true..well at least some of it true


Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-09-27 09:02:30 | Reply


Err… It’s.. my.. new..word.

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-09-27 09:31:38 | Reply


Oh my fuckig…

You keep an extra one letter worth of breath, and people still know what you mean.

Comment by Enzo on 2006-09-26 20:47:19 | Reply

thanks for the ‘thank you note’ there rosso :) Nice post btw.

Comment by big tim on 2006-09-26 20:51:26 | Reply

I hope that some of it is true. It seems to good to be true. 50-64 players. That would be insane.

I dunno, Sony’s Big gun “Resistance: Fall of Man” is touting 64 player online.
I think it’s time Halo come out and slap that back down.

Comment by Indigo X on 2006-09-26 20:54:18 | Reply

Not gonna happen.

Comment by Chris on 2006-09-26 20:58:28 | Reply


Especially the multiplyaer halo figures as well as that 1080p HOLY CRAP

And look at the demos


For the record: this is rumortime in overdrive. I myself don’t believe half of it, like Halo in 1080p and the Forza 2 and Viva Pinata demos.

Demos for SCDA, Sonic, PES6 and NFS are quite probable, so I’m expecting half of this to turn out true :)

Maybe I didn’t mention the rumour part enough in my past?!

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-27 14:32:20 | Reply

Maybe you didn’t even mention it in your post?

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-26 21:10:02 | Reply

i recon Halo 3 will probably more likely have up to 40 players and hopefully they’ll include bots this time

Splinter Cell Multiplayer (as said) was announced to come out about a month before the game, so this is likely.
Forza 2 demo will be at X06 as they said a more update version would be there when the game got displayed last week. But very unlikely that it will be released on marketplace.
Crackdown I think is a Definate as there’s been a demo for this game since E3 and it’s due out pretty soon.
Viva Pinta is a certain too as it was playable at germany and didn’t have any bigs (part from the crap kiosks)
Pic pacs and themes likely

This will be a good “bringing it home” even if only half the stuff here is released and will surely make up for the medicore content that got released last week

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-26 21:14:08 | Reply

i meant bugs in the viva pinata part and also this is due out soon

Comment by DrDeath 013 on 2006-09-26 21:11:22 | Reply

50-64 players online in Halo? That statement alone makes me think this whole post is BULLSHIT.

Comment by kineticonline on 2006-09-26 21:20:34 | Reply

Several next gen game are claiming equal or higher (didnt huxley claim 128?) its all depends on how the multiplayer game is done, and how efficient the engine is at online. Considering that the engine for H3 is a custom engine its entirely possible.

Comment by ExpandedFlame on 2006-09-26 21:49:24 | Reply

OMG! READ IT!!!! or do you only know how to read numbers and “Halo”.. THESE ARE ALL RUMORS AND SPECULATION.. man, there must be some sort of common sense requirement to find on the internet.. how did these morons find it?

Comment by DrDeath 013 on 2006-09-26 22:17:48 | Reply

I did read it. That was just the one fact that stuck out more than anything else.

Actually I find that highly probable, in these days of broadband internet 50-64 players is not that spectacular. I’d be more surprised by the Forza 2 demo myself.

Comment by DrDeath 013 on 2006-09-27 01:34:05 | Reply

I never said it couldn’t be done, but that is also a concern. I was mostly saying it because it would be so drastically different from halo 1 and 2. I don’t see it growing from 8 vs 8.

Comment by Thomas on 2006-09-26 21:41:45 | Reply

I hope it’s not true, I want Banjo Threeie not killer instict.

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-28 13:18:46 | Reply

you got it :)

Comment by kidkit on 2006-09-26 21:42:58 | Reply

What a joke.. Best Case scenario forum post…. At least the kid has good taste.

As for a mass effect demo, i find it very possible (but it’s still too soon!). Jade Empire had a demo that focused on some action scenes.

Comment by Sean on 2006-09-26 22:00:47 | Reply

50-64 players is nothing impossible. The simple solution. Dedicated Servers. I think Microsoft would happily fund their baby/beast to have dedicated servers for such games. PC FPS games are into the 100s, it’ll happen.

PDZ had 32 or something didn’t it? Black Hawk Down on XBOX!! had 50(although it sucked, it still worked).

Comment by Joel on 2006-09-26 22:16:09 | Reply

Exactly, Bungie has the resources to pull it off

Why does it seam Halo is the only “console” game that really gets the online experience. More Games need to have this ambition because even they don’t meet 64 they still probably get 40 and that would be amazing

50-64 players is way way way too many though, unless they were going for an MMOFPS.

Comment by crazyparrot85 on 2006-09-27 02:45:54 | Reply

Dude if i remember correctly (don’t quote me on this) Bungie did say that their maps were gonna be huge…that statement seems to go with the 50-64 players…can you imagine a big ass map like that…damn…one can only dream these rumors are truth…it would be cool to have different bases or something…oh god please…lol…anyways enough of that…I WANT A PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER DEMO NOW!

Comment by Chris on 2006-09-26 22:08:40 | Reply

There is no way those demos are coming to the Marketplace. . .they’ll probably be on the show-room floor; but not on the MP. Look at what was released at E3, and then during TGS. They’ll release a couple of goodies. . .but not all that.

Take Forza for example. The designers were just interviewed and said they’d love to have a demo on the MP by the holidays. Well, Forza is now out. Mass Effect isn’t coming out until April. . .no way. Of those listed, we MIGHT see Pro Evo, and maybe Splinter Cell. . .but that’s it. The rest will be in trailers, if that.

And they are not going to show us a Halo 3 trailer. X06 is about THIS YEAR’S games.

Sorry to spoil on people’s parades, but I just think it’s funny how someone on a forum can put together a wishlist and spread a rumor and suddenly everybody’s buying it. It’s rumors like this that have made TGS and E3’s downloads disappointing. C’mon people! Let’s just be happy with what we got, k?

Comment by Raptor on 2006-09-26 22:10:26 | Reply

So. Premium 360 + HD-DVD drive = core ps3 (which both have wireless controllers and 20gb hd, no information about the headset however but the added HDMI would make up for that). Funny.

Comment by Raptor on 2006-09-26 22:12:36 | Reply

excuse me, premium ps3. not core. which means you get 3x hd space plus card reader plus wireless. Even funnier.

Comment by Joel on 2006-09-26 22:18:56 | Reply

ya but its still a PS3

I’d rather have my 360

Comment by Raptor on 2006-09-26 22:20:57 | Reply

I love my 360 just calling out microsoft on their ‘it’ll be cheaper’ comment.

Comment by Joel on 2006-09-26 22:28:17 | Reply

the reason for the comment because they don’t force you to buy the HD drive. I know I am going to wait to see who wins the disc war and even if HD dvd wins I wouldn’t buy the HD DVD add on, I would rather buy a seperate DVD player than use my xbox.

But thats just me

But with a PS3 you are FORCED to have a blu-ay player! This is what you Sony fanboys dont understand!!
Microsoft give you the option to have a HD-DVD Sony dont!

Anyway all them demos! I wont believe it untill I see then all on the marketplace! Oh and your PS3 I read that Sony are charging for demo downloads! LOL so much for your FREE PS3 online! LoL

Comment by Raptor on 2006-09-26 22:24:15 | Reply

First off I own a 360 and own almost 20 titles, SO i am not a fanboy. Second of they are not charging for certain they are considering it. Like EB was considering $50 trade in for reserves. If you are going to say something do some research and learn the whole truth instead of saying ‘LOL THEY SAID TH3Y WUD DO IT CUZ DATS WHAT MY FR13ND TOLD ME LOLOLOLOL’. and it would be ‘Sony IS charging for the demos.’ learn english while you’re at it as well.

Actually both “Sony are” and “Sony is” are correct. The first refers to Sony as a company and as such a conglomerate of people, requiring a plural verb. The second refers to Sony as a company, binding to a singular verb.

As for the “argument”: I can’t help but think that Sony could’ve had 80% of the next-gen market by now if they’d just ditched the stupid Blu-Ray trojan. They could’ve launched early 2006, well in time for damage control on the 360, and continued on their 80% PS2 market share with a unit of similar power and price as the 360. Insisting on continuing the Blu-Ray hype is imho the worst marketing move they could’ve ever done, losing them millions of customers to their archrival….

Amen to that!

And remember guys, he ain’t even English! Now that is pwnd!

Comment by splattered on 2006-09-26 22:17:38 | Reply

Who said that the point of X06 is showing this years games only? I think that’s a silly notion…

Comment by SidearmS on 2006-09-26 22:23:52 | Reply

Yes, but if you don’t care about the next-gen movie format war (which some of us DO NOT), then you can scratch off that HDDVD drive and save some money on your 360.

You can’t do that with the PS3.

And also, you had it right the first time - Premium 360 is 400 USD, the HDDVD drive rumoured to be 199 USD, this is $599, which is the “tard” pack for the PS3. The 60 GB model is $699.

Comment by Raptor on 2006-09-26 22:25:49 | Reply

I am in the US and am using US prices and I will admit the pricing in other areas for the ps3 are the suck. Here in the US the 360 core is $300, $400 for the premium. the ps3 is 500 and 600. 400 + 200 = 600.

Comment by Raptor on 2006-09-26 22:39:53 | Reply

“Tard Pack?” It offers everything that the premium 360 does (except for possibly the headset (unknown) which is offset by the inclussion of HDMI).

Comment by InsaneBastard on 2006-09-26 22:24:47 | Reply

Veeeeery doubtful. But I’m looking forward to br proven wrong of course :-)

Comment by LinkinPrime on 2006-09-26 22:26:12 | Reply

The demo’s sound about right, I doubt that we’ll get them all this week, it will probobly be 2-3 per week if that. Exciting times nontheless.

Comment by Sean on 2006-09-26 22:27:48 | Reply

Chris, X06 is about showing THIS years games? Care to explain why Assassins Creed was announced as a working title game, ‘Assassins’ at X05, and it’s not due til 2007… and that Assassins Creed will almost definately be at X06, and Forza 2 will be at X06 (which is also 2007).

Go on then, take as long as you want :)

Chris, You got pwned.

Comment by Chad on 2006-09-26 22:28:21 | Reply

Playable demo for Pro Evo??? YEA RIGHT…they better not tease me for 4 months

Comment by Master3xBOx on 2006-09-26 22:41:30 | Reply

Wow, looks like everybody has perfect logic here. >.>

I can’t beleive any of you have any bit of belief in this. Take every bit of info on the internet with a grain of salt (BIG grains of salt ) unless it comes DIRECTLY from the developer, or until you see it for yourself. -_-”

hd-dvd will play with a core 360 so the lowest price to play 360 games and hd-dvds is:
Core 360 = $299 + hd-dvd = $199 (if true)
Total = $498

Comment by tailwagger on 2006-09-26 23:10:35 | Reply

don’t believe the multiplayer numbers. With increased graphic detail, perhaps increased playing areas… just don’t see how those numbers can be done.

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 00:31:26 | Reply

as mentioned before - dedicated servers

With Xbox Live recently (within the last year or two) to all allow developers to attatch their own servers to Xbox Live, anything is now possible for Live

Comment by Colby on 2006-09-26 23:29:11 | Reply

I about shit whenever I read all the demos and videos…This is the kinda stuff I have been looking for!!!!!

Comment by Xbudz on 2006-09-26 23:40:37 | Reply

The levels in Halo 3 don’t need to be much bigger than Halo 2.. they only need to have more interactivity.

Comment by Norman Bates on 2006-09-26 23:47:15 | Reply

call of duty and splinter cell demo would be sweet, but i doubt the forza demo is coming now

Comment by Indigo X on 2006-09-26 23:53:25 | Reply

I just hope a Crackdown demo doesn’t appear.
I’ve got tons of studying to do.

I’m more excited about Crackdown than Gears of War.
I don’t understand why people aren’t going crazy bananas over the game.

Comment by Nelson on 2006-09-26 23:55:42 | Reply

Um, this all sounds like wistful thinking rather than a leaked document of some sort.

Probably :) It’s not tagged “rumor” and contains a huge disclaimer for nothing :)

Comment by mathias on 2006-09-27 00:29:02 | Reply

you guys act like demos can’t be out early before the game…

perfect example we all played the LOST PLANET demo…. and it rocked… and the game still isn’t out…. so its only a coupld of days wait and we will all see… but great post…

Hey dont forget about Castle Wolf…, MGSolid 4 coming out for the 360 in late 07/ early 08, Devil May Cry 4 on 360,a Vemon open world game like the spiderman games, Fallout 3 X-box 360 exclu. , a new rpg game from S/Enix more to come!!!!!

I just passed in front of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and I see a huge “X06″ sign on the top and filled with banners of xbox360 that was a great surprise. I still didn’t knew till then where they were going to do the event.

Too bad you can only go inside with credentials, I will go tomorrow in the day to snag some pictures from outside the theater.

Comment by Alan on 2006-09-27 01:22:29 | Reply

this sounds too good to be true, i’m praying he’s telling the true about the COD3 demo, that would be my birthday present right there! hopefully 50% of the stufff mate said turns out to be true…

Comment by halojames on 2006-09-27 01:27:11 | Reply

halo 3 would only be like that if they bring it to pc

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-27 14:44:27 | Reply

Have you read any of the posts predating yours?

Comment by Bloep on 2006-09-27 01:57:37 | Reply

They can stick all of that crap in their you know what, just give me ONE thing, and that is a PES demo. Just not interested in that other stuff :)

Comment by shadow000 on 2006-09-27 01:58:49 | Reply

i just want to see one “in game” screenshot or video(i would piss myself) of halo 3 during X06. its about time they showed something from gameplay. and if you listened to thier podcast you should probably already know something big is going down this week for Bungie (cross your fingers its halo 3 related)

Comment by DaffyDuck on 2006-09-27 02:47:08 | Reply

I also don’t think those demos will be available for a public download, no way. They can be played (shown) in a showroom, I can beleive in that.

Everybody was excited about X06, but now everybody will feel disappointment if those demos will not be at the marketplace tomorrow. Maybe this rumor was started by Sony? :D

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 11:05:28 | Reply

even if this was true, they wouldn’t all appear 2moro - they’d appear over the next few days

Comment by trj156 on 2006-09-27 03:24:32 | Reply

i might have to use my extra hard drive if all these demos do come out!! i probably wont though.

Comment by TOM CLANCY on 2006-09-27 04:05:46 | Reply

hellll yeaaaaaaa halo 3 to hav 50 to 64 damm thats wat im talkin aboutt and xo6 is gona be good i hope theyl release those demos

Comment by trj156 on 2006-09-27 05:11:32 | Reply

hey tom clancy how are you, i dont enjoy your games

Comment by DaffyDuck on 2006-09-27 05:26:43 | Reply

lol, me too :)

Comment by Taggsta on 2006-09-27 09:00:41 | Reply

Im glad i brought a big Dell monitor for my 360 to get 1080P, would be p*ssed having to get a better T.V again to see games at the higher resolution, doubt Halo 3 will be 1080P though

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-09-27 09:07:31 | Reply

Which Dell monitor?

Widescreen and 1900 x 1080 resolution native?

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 14:56:55 | Reply

it could include 1080i though

Only a few hours till we find out what really is happening.

(Bald on purpose, to get my point accross.)

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-09-27 10:21:06 | Reply

Isn’t it exciting?

Man if it all will be true, PS3 is dead, so dead

I’ll laugh my ass off if Halo 3 is in 1080p and uup to 60 players online. That would kick Resistance so hard and suddenly no reason to buy another console anymore ;)

how on earth do you shave a font?

ooh, like this :P

hmm anyone know if you need xbox live GOLD to play multiplayer demos??

Yeah, you need Gold.

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 11:03:48 | Reply

you do - unless its the free gold week

Try doing multiple things.

Sonic demo is online.. so that one is already true :)

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 11:08:41 | Reply

content just went live with more to come to coinside with the briefing (announcements being made like the Halo 3 trailer during E3)

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-09-27 11:26:48 | Reply

Oh hell yeah Halo 3 more stuff please! And what about Gears guys. Get some great ingame/inengine stuff out paaallleeeaassseeee

But hell yeah the Alan Wake footage on XBOXYDE is damn fine also

Comment by Nellus on 2006-09-27 12:14:58 | Reply

TRIGGER MAN, “Bald on purpose”…that was the funniest thing ive read today. Thanks!

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 14:42:05 | Reply

it would be nice if the “+more” on the demos included a demo of Kane & Lynch - this games looks so cool, especially the nightclub scene. However, I know this won’t happen as the game is not due out for ages

Comment by FLUFFER on 2006-09-27 14:52:00 | Reply

Hey, someone in this thread said that Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to the Xbox360 in 2007/2008. Um, as much as I’d love for that to be true, isn’t that totally incorrect?

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-09-27 14:55:24 | Reply

yes, as the hideo kojima (however u spell his name) loves sony, as well as MGS4 trailer praising the cell processor, this is very unlikely.

Comment by FLUFFER on 2006-09-27 15:01:22 | Reply

Drat… Well remember, MGS2 did come to the xbox, so maybe there is a slight chance of it happening. But yeah, some idiot poster above decided to get my hopes up by saying that MGS4 was coming to the 360. What a schmuck.

Oh yes MGSolid 4 is coming out for X-box 360 wait until tomorrow after the Fable 2 presentation!!!! You’ll see!!!! Rumoure mill for now!!!!

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