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X06: Halo Wars

Some people were sad that Microsoft clamped down on a mod team creating a Command and Conquer Halo modification. Microsoft seem to have explained themselves today. Live at X06, Peter Moore announced that we are getting a Halo RTS for the 360 from Microsoft themselves.

This is pretty slick. X06 is turning into some kind of 360 fanboy fangasm of epic preportions. After an hour long spiel live video on of game X and why game Y was exclusive, we got to see an amazing trailer. Of god. It told us Halo is coming, and this time it is as a hopefully well designed console RTS game that looks awesome. The trailer shows us no actual gameplay, but now we know why that Command and Conquer mod was shut down…Microsoft had the idea first. This could work so well if done properly as there has never been a very well done console RTS so if Microsoft pull this one off, they are laughing at the rest of the games market with glee. The horror.

The team working on this game is Ensemble Studios, the people who previously made the Age of Empires series and Age of Mythology. These guys know how to make a good RTS game and that’s all the more reason to get excited for Halo Wars.

We all cannot wait to see this game in action. Come on Microsoft, stop being a tease and show us the good stuff!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, seems there is no PC version coming. Our apologies. Halo Wars newsvine:X06: Halo Wars furl:X06: Halo Wars reddit:X06: Halo Wars fark:X06: Halo Wars Y!:X06: Halo Wars gamegrep:X06: Halo Wars

23 comments on 'X06: Halo Wars'

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Comment by coojo on 2006-09-27 21:23:35 | Reply

cool pc one will pwn

Comment by kissmygritz on 2006-09-27 21:30:36 | Reply

What is RTS? Real Time Strategy like StarCraft?


Comment by FLATNOSE on 2006-09-27 21:30:44 | Reply

halos halos pc or 360 just play the games man

HaloWars Website says Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360. So im not sure about a PC version just yet!
Cant wait thou :)

Comment by Zerodisorder on 2006-09-27 21:31:13 | Reply

Awww, i just sent news on this cause I didnt think it was posted yet :(

Comment by joel on 2006-09-27 21:37:06 | Reply

Hopefully they use the Myth 2 camera controls because that would adapt perfectly to a console controller.

Comment by coojo on 2006-09-27 21:55:33 | Reply

rts is meant for a mouse not a controller

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-28 12:01:57 | Reply

Worked fine on lord of the rings, stop being so elitest.

Comment by Chris on 2006-09-27 22:21:55 | Reply

hell yaz halowars!!!!!!!!!!

coojo the lotr one played damn goon on console :)

This is not what I was expecting.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-09-28 00:35:01 | Reply


Comment by Dan on 2006-09-28 02:17:58 | Reply

Bungie has annoucned and so has Ensemble that there will be no pc version made.

Comment by coojo on 2006-09-28 05:07:12 | Reply

fuck bungie they suck anyways cause this is made by the guys of age of empires they probly will make this on pc halo 2 will be this year halo 3 will be eventually then this will halo is always better on pc.

Comment by acromyth on 2006-09-28 10:33:50 | Reply

Use a period fag…

Omg I got online today and fucking thought I was in a dream… so much news, so much… ugh

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-28 12:03:50 | Reply

Never thought I would have to deal with the ramblings of a PC fanboy.

Fuck off and sit in your little chair at your little desk while I am comfortable on my couch playing a game that you won’t get on the PC.

Comment by NOrderOnlyCHAOS on 2006-09-28 13:35:40 | Reply

If there is a PC version it will be at least 12 month after the 360 version. And will be Vista only for sure!.

And halo 2 was designed for a console not pc… auto aim makes it a more indepth experience, jumping around the map, instead of a steady hand on a mouse pointer and a up,down,left,right key!! PC is different from a console, so don’t compare….. i know plent of PC geeks would can’t hack the trash talk and fast pase of life on XBL…

“Get tactical marines!”

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-28 13:58:01 | Reply


But apart from that I agree fully.

PC Bitches.

Comment by lance on 2006-10-31 01:10:55 | Reply

you guys are big nerding

Comment by thadude on 2006-11-02 03:17:51 | Reply

hey pc’s cool. for pc ppl, this is basically age of empires/mythology except its HALO!! its probably gonna be a strategy game somehow like the age of’s, ‘cept with halo stuff-

sounds darn good to me

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