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X06: More exclusives on the way

It was today announced that 2K Games have stated that their upcoming game “Bioshock” will be released exclusively for Microsoft platforms. Not only that, but exclusive content for GTA IV is also on the way.

This adds to the growing list of exclusives, with the next Splinter Cell (rumoured to be subtitled “Conviction”) under Microsoft. Bioshock is the first big scoop. It will only be available to XBOX 360 owners and on “Microsoft Windows” (i.e. on the PC).

After the preview that we brought you in August, this is exciting news for anyone who likes FPSs. From the press release:

2K Games confirmed that “BioShock,” a revolution in the genre that will forever change the expectations for first-person shooters, will be released exclusively on Xbox 360 and Microsoft® Windows® next spring.

So why does it claim to revolutionise the FPS genre? Well, firstly, interaction with others sounds great. You can shoot anyone you want, but they will attack you. Others will simply attack you when they see you. The consequences of your actions seems to be the theme for the game. If you like anything along the lines of Doom or Half-Life, you will surely love this.

The game, as above, is set to release “Spring 2007″.

Secondly, GTA IV players are in for a treat. Although it was rumoured a while back that GTA IV would only be available on the 360, that was of course a lie. What wasn’t a lie however was the fact that we will certainly be getting the best version. The press release speaks for itself:

Rockstar and Take-Two announced they will provide Xbox 360 gamers with exclusive access to two downloadable, epic episodes of “Grand Theft Auto IV” via Xbox Live, each with hours of entirely new gameplay and available only on Xbox 360 just months after the release of the title.

Not the official logo, yet…

New gameplay? The rumours will go on until next October, when the game eventually gets released. My hope? Online warfare and online co-op, but make it better than Saints Row.

It really is an exciting time to be a gamer. A 360 gamer, that is. More exclusives on the way newsvine:X06: More exclusives on the way furl:X06: More exclusives on the way reddit:X06: More exclusives on the way fark:X06: More exclusives on the way Y!:X06: More exclusives on the way gamegrep:X06: More exclusives on the way

15 comments on 'X06: More exclusives on the way'

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The Bioshock new’s has hurt some PS3 fans.

Comment by shadow000 on 2006-09-27 23:41:05 | Reply

wow, this day has solidified the xbox360 as the BEST console available for at least the next full year OR TWO!! i am so happy i decided to sell my PS2 and get an xbox a few years ago because Sony is on the way down and microsoft is on the way up. im so excited for the future of this console. plus there are still two days left of this madness!!!!

just one step close to world domination microsoft….

I think all the info has been released. It’s just showing the games for the next day.

Comment by shadow000 on 2006-09-27 23:50:12 | Reply

well, i mean demos and trailors. i think IGN said there will be a forza demo tomorrow, im just hopin for a double agent demo though. but some HD trailors would be nice on the marketplace

Go and check, right now ;)

Comment by coojo on 2006-09-28 00:01:24 | Reply

need gta 4 video plz

Comment by shadow000 on 2006-09-28 00:32:23 | Reply

halo warz vid went up just a few minutes ago

No, not all the info has been info’ed just wait until tomorrow boy’s and girl’s????

Comment by shadow000 on 2006-09-28 01:34:16 | Reply

halo wars gmerpics and theme now up. but dont bother with the pics, they dont even show any actual movie screens just two emblems, the game’s name, and the developer’s logo, for 80mp, what a rip…

Comment by vegas local on 2006-09-28 04:31:49 | Reply

MS just rocks. I love it. So much new videos to download. Awesome exclusives. Sony is gonna be hurtin. Sweeeet!!!

Comment by Garry berries nutz on 2006-09-28 06:36:20 | Reply

The conf was awsome, shows that games are ms primary concern (after cash of course lol), but what a diff to the sony conf omg..

Comment by Sean on 2006-09-28 16:25:39 | Reply

Whos willing to bet one of the episodes of GTA lets you enter a Rockstar-Table-Tennis tournament, except instead of a bat, you have a fired-up chainsaw…

Comment by Kate Loire on 2006-09-28 19:46:04 | Reply

*thumbs up to microsoft*

Comment by kane_04 on 2006-09-29 00:37:03 | Reply

yeah, the little DVD of the 360 is so little they have to put it only, so its $60 and how much more for some extra crap?

and one more thing, how much did the MS pay for this exclusive…

2 years from now PlayStation 3 will be on the top AGAIN and all you little MS fan boys can cry all you want..

talking about exclusive content:
Metal Gear
Devil May Cry
Gran Turismo
Final Fantasy

yeah, SONY RULEZ !!!

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-09-29 12:00:08 | Reply

Wow, the four games every sony fanboy loves to quote, because every other game is available on other systems, most of the time better on other systems. And all the other exclusives are shit like horse betting simulator or train simulator.

Sony rules?!?! Yeah great customer service they offer like when my PS2 was out of warrenty by 3 days and it packed in, so I called them explained the problem and the CSR admitted it was “a known common problem” to which I replied well why have they been released on the market with this known fault and surely I should get a replacement, nope but they would charge me ÂŁ70 (half the price of the console) to fix my existing machine and return it with a 3 month warrenty on the repair.

Great company eh? fucking spastic, get a clue.

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