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X06: Eidos announces Crossfire

Eidos likes new franchises apparently. They announced Kane & Lynch a while ago and now they want us to meet another game codenamed Crossfire. This new two player co-op FPS will debut on the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows platforms first.

The title will be developed by Pivotal Games, who also worked on Conflict: Global Storm and the pretty well received Warzone 2100. Although Microsoft would like us to believe it’s going to be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 and games for Windows, it’s probably not. The press release stated that the game will be debuting first on Microsoft’s platforms, so it’s likely to see it appear on other platforms as well, only a little later.

The game’s storyline doesn’t really sound that original unfortunately. It’s about a covert group called Special Activities Division who gather information for the US government. Of course if something goes wrong everything can be denied and the soldiers have no identity as well. Crossfire draws its inspiration *cough* from this group of highly skilled individuals.

An innovative new two player co-op FPS from award-winning developers, Pivotal Games, CROSSFIRE is set in today’s delicately balanced political climate, focusing on two covert field operatives, experts in weapons and military tactics. CROSSFIRE allows players the freedom to switch seamlessly, at any point, between these two operatives to lay down cover fire, explore different paths through levels, create a distraction or pin down the enemy under crossfire. The intuitive command system encourages the player to focus 100% on action, without a moment to catch their breath. Featuring full destructible environments and Hollywood-esque explosive moments, the game takes place in politically sensitive areas across South America, Africa and Siberia.

The game will be released somewhere in 2007. Eidos announces Crossfire newsvine:X06: Eidos announces Crossfire furl:X06: Eidos announces Crossfire reddit:X06: Eidos announces Crossfire fark:X06: Eidos announces Crossfire Y!:X06: Eidos announces Crossfire gamegrep:X06: Eidos announces Crossfire

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Demo please?

Comment by Karl on 2006-09-27 23:21:33 | Reply

lets hope so

Comment by max on 2007-07-05 15:47:09 | Reply

we hope the game releaing faster

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