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Microsoft ‘guarantees’ that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games

Richard Teversham, director of platform and marketing of Microsoft EMEA has a wild imagination. In an interview he did with our friends over at Fok! Games during X06 he guaranteed that Xbox 360 games will look better than their PS3 counterparts. Bold claims for a system that’s technically just as powerful. He also doubts that Sony will ship any consoles to Europe if the PS3 becomes a success in Japan. People are doubting the PS3’s potential in Japan now? Wow.

Richard Teversham

I guarantee that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3. Xbox 360 is easy to develop on and programmers have experience already. We will keep ahead of the curve for two to three years


I am planning on PlayStation 3 being launched in March, but with how many consoles? If Japan becomes a succes, will Sony ship consoles to Europe?


It is time to deliver on all the plans. Today’s line-up is great, before Christmas it will be amazing, and after Christmas it will be unbeatable

I’m having a hard time taking this guy seriously. We all know that Sony made some ridiculous decisions over this past few weeks but not shipping consoles to Europe due to the success in Japan? Well I’m glad that Microsoft finally found their own version of Ken Kutaragi, guys like that always make for an interesting discussion in our comments section, especially now that the Sony Defense Force managed to find their way to Xboxic. 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games newsvine:Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games furl:Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games reddit:Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games fark:Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games Y!:Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games gamegrep:Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games

64 comments on 'Microsoft ‘guarantees’ that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games'

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Comment by dabombar-z on 2006-10-02 23:52:26 | Reply

This guys might be on drugs but his point is a valid one. Developers can get more out of a system if they spend more time with it. The opposite is true. Given the cost to make games, MS might be in the first group. Problem is that a year head start is not enough for developers to completely abandon the PS3. Not to mention Sony has it’s own developers that will crank the system.

But no-one suggests abandoning the system, that’s ridiculous. You wouldn’t make enough money if you did that!

And as if Sony wouldn’t launch the PS3 in Europe. They don’t want everyone to hate them now do they!

Comment by Glenn on 2006-10-02 23:57:37 | Reply

I just looked at the SDF website and it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen!

(sometimes funny though :P)

And as much Is I’d like to beleave this guy, im afraid I just can’t though it cant be a big diffrence…

Greetings Glenn

Hmm. I’m not liking this new IC gamers thing now. You’re taking way more stabs at Xbox now.

Ah but come on, even you have to feel this guy is being ridiculous. The claims he makes are way off

Comment by Glenn on 2006-10-03 00:17:46 | Reply

I am totally AGAINST sony (wich sounds a little overreacted, but im serieus, I dont like that console, I dont like the price, didnt like the ps2 AT ALL (especially not the games of the ps2) and that are only just a few reasons why I dont like the ps3)

And I think you are right…
I want:

- positive news about xbox360
- positive news about wii

- NEGATIVE news about ps3…


Greetings Glenn

Sorry Glenn, that’s certainly not the way to do it.

Poor attitude tbh. Saying stuff like that only means people will take your views less seriously

I agree with Ross and TRIGs.

Comment by kineticonline on 2006-10-03 00:20:30 | Reply

Im a 360 fanboy, and even i know this guy is either simple, high or an sony spy. (maybe all 3!)

We’ve always taken stabs at MS if they were claiming ridiculous things :) This is not Xbox fanboy central, this is Xboxic, a news site for everything Xbox. And well, as a techie I also think this guy is doing drugs :D

Just look at the pose in the photo: scary!

Comment by Xbudz on 2006-10-03 00:25:57 | Reply

He’s saying that 3rd party games that are available on both consoles will look better on Xbox 360.

I would believe him if there were some solid examples- but there is not.

Give it time, in a year- we will know.

Comment by Kmach on 2006-10-03 01:07:23 | Reply

Not only have developers had more time, and help thanks to tools such as XNA, but when it comes to gaming the 360 does have more horsepower. I know it is hard to believe but when you look up what expert programmers have to say that’s what you will find. The AMD GPU is more advanced in the 360 and the general processing power (needed for gaming, not multimedia processing) is 4-6x more powerful than the PS3’s. MS made an intelligent system with components that help show off each others strengths, unlike Sony who put together a bunch of powerful hardware that will never be realized.

Additionally, the 360’s open 512mb memory versus the alloted 256mb in the PS3 allows the possibility of 512mb of textures on the screen at once versus the maximum of 256mb of textures for the PS3. I know it doesn’t sound right and it goes against everything everyone has been told so far but do some research and you will find that it is true.

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-03 02:18:56 | Reply

The PS3 GPU can access the main XDR 256mb of RAM as well as the seperate 256 dedicated to graphics. Cell can only access the main XDR RAM. And by the way, the main XDR RAM is running at 3.2ghz, far higher than the speed of 360’s ram or the PS3’s dedicated GPU RAM. So there’s no graphics advantage to the 360’s RAM setup. Quite the contrary.

And yes, there is more general processing power in 360, and yes, games do need SOME general processing power. But guess what? They need physics and graphical display processing too, and the SPEs in PS3 far outmatch a standard processor of the same speed at these tasks. And take AI as an example, I think Resistance: Fall of Man, and Warhawk are dedicating 1 SPE each to AI, and the game designers are saying that anything they can throw at the system, it can handle. That’s pretty much been the word from all the developers, IF they bother to unlock the hardware in a dedicated fashion.

If developers don’t bother to do so, the 360 has the edge. (360=Easier, PS3=higher heights).

Comment by Chris on 2006-10-03 06:47:18 | Reply

as i said below… according to ubisoft your wrong. and if you think AI in resistence is good your an idiot… considering in the tech demos they have people getting stuck in halways and stuck in stairwells in open space… ya love the ai. Gears of War has wicked AI that can flank and all kinds of crazy stuff…

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-05 23:17:48 | Reply

Honestly, the Assassin’s Creed AI on display wasn’t exactly overwhelming either. So if you think the AI in AC is good…well, never mind.

Hey, never know, maybe it’s all the extra things going on on screen in Resistance that makes it more crowded sometimes. Rather than just a few things moving on a 2d-ish background, like in Gears. ;) 40 players vs. 8 players, BTW. 360 probably couldn’t draw 40 at once.

Comment by mirobin on 2006-10-03 10:43:00 | Reply

For those that don’t know what “XDR” ram is, it’s rambus. You know, that really expensive ram nobody uses because it sucks for random access (non streaming operations)? Yeah, that stuff.

Yes, the GPU in the PS3 can access the stuff, though it isn’t something you’d want to make a point of; having the GPU hit main memory is about 1/3 slower than using vram. Don’t get me started on the latencies involved in such an operation.

The GPU in the 360 has a full 22.4gbps link to all ram in the system. 22.4gbps, you might note, is the same amount of bandwidth the PS3’s GPU has to its vram. Furthermore, you fail to consider the massive benefit the eDram on the GPU’s die provides the 360 (a 256gbps link to the framebuffer).

The SPEs in the PS3 also stink at any sort of branching logic (no branch predition). That means branch heavy logic (stuff like game AI) performs incredibly POORLY. Even a simple for loop poses a problem (meaning it is more efficient to unroll the loop, though then you have to have more memory for code, and then you’ve got to transfer in blocks from main memory more often, which due to bus architecture introduces its own set of latency problems). If you believe the SPEs are better than a general purpose processor for those tasks, I’ve got some prime realestate in Florida to sell you …

There is a reason why those games are dedicating an ENTIRE SPE for that logic alone. This is also why Sony is reserving an ENTIRE SPE for the OS.

In fact, the only reason why anyone would be insane enough to farm out branch heavy logic to an SPE is that the PPU doesn’t have the cycles left to run it.

Comment by Kmach on 2006-10-03 01:11:48 | Reply

Really quick, the PS3 not being successful in Japan is a reality since Sony is only releasing 100,000 units (if any at all in my opinion) and the Nintendo Wii has, according to polls, a lot more hype than the PS3. It is very possible that PS3 won’t have any units on shelves, the Wii sales like nuts in Japan, and Xbox 360 sells millions of units establishing an even stronger base in America and Europe.

Comment by Chris on 2006-10-03 06:49:38 | Reply

LOL look at the latest numbers from the polls in japan even with only 100k units … the wii got a 90% expected purchase … while the ps3 got a 1.9% lol …

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-05 23:20:46 | Reply

Wasn’t that poll asking which console would be the biggest success for retailers? That’s the one I saw. And since there will be way more units of the console, thereby making game sales likely higher this year also, it makes sense. Nice interpretation of the statistics, though…

On November 12, 06 all neysayers will BELIEVE in the true power of the X-BOX 360!!!! Mr. Teversham is no fool!!!!

Comment by joe on 2006-10-03 02:10:25 | Reply

I think Teversham was saying that Sony would continue to run into supply problems if the console was sucessful in Europe. Sony is only shipping 100,000 units in Japan at launch but the demand is much higer. If they’re still not able to produce enough units to meet demand by March, will they reduce the number available in Japan to ship some to Europe? I doubt Sony will still have productions problems by then, but if they do….

Comment by James Hyatt on 2006-10-03 02:14:20 | Reply

The idea that Sony might delay the PS3 again in March if they can’t fix their productions issues is not so far fetched. Anyone remember the PSP delays in Europe? If they are not meeting demand in Japan and USA then they might well just wait a little longer..

Comment by Hologuts on 2006-10-03 02:21:15 | Reply

I can’t understand why people believe Sony’s hype that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360. It will be around the same. The only possible way that games would look better on a 360 than a PS3 is because of the memory constraints of the PS3 regarding graphics. The 360 is more versatile and not set at 512mb like the PS3. The cell chip is of course powerful, but it is only 1 chip (ok with 7 cells (one disabled)), but it is only 1 chip running at 1.3mhz. The 360 has 3 (each with two cores) all running at 1.3mhz (no you can’t add them together to make 3.9mhz).

There are other issues with each console, but in the end they will be around the same in power. Sony have recently changed from saying their console is going to be better graphically to saying it will be better at processing AI, now the developers for Assassin Creed are saying the multithread processors of the 360 allows the 360 version to have a better AI in the crowds than the PS3 version.

So a lot of the hype about the PS3 is only hype. Both consoles will be great. And lets face it, if Sony are successful and Microsoft are successful and Nintendo also, then it is better for the gamers (us), because if Sony had no competition from Microsoft, then the PS3 would not be released for another 3 or so years and Sony would cream even more from the PS and prices would be a lot higher.

PS3, 360 both decent consoles. The only difference in the two is Sony’s awful bullish ignorance towards it’s consumers.

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-03 03:40:30 | Reply

Yeah…the Cell chip has a ‘core’ PPE which is dual threaded, and 8 count ‘em 8 SPEs (one is disabled in PS3), all at 3.2ghz. One SPE disabled means 9 threads: 2 more robust general processing and 7 SPEs that are more focused on graphic and audio output. Contrary to what some claim, they are for drawing graphics on the fly.

As for the Assassin’s Creed AI claim, well, it came from Ubisoft which has more experience with 360. Hopefully they’ll do as well at unlocking PS3 as they can. They have badmouthed PS3 already in terms of price and the Cell..even though other studios actually TRYING to bring out PS3s potential say that the PS3 has seemingly unlimited power for in-game graphics, AI, everything. Check out the descriptions of the guy making the PS3 title Lair…very laudatory. It’s running in 1080p, uses more data than a 360 DVD could hold (compressed), and uses the PS3’s motion sensing controller to good effect:

I agree with you about competition though. It’s competition that has made the PS3 superior.

Comment by Chris on 2006-10-03 06:56:21 | Reply

LOL just because they say they used more data than the 360 dvd could hold doesnt mean its true, its once again a marketing ploy on sonys part im pretty much 99% sure of it…the game looks great but by far no reason to be over 8 gigs… and motion sensing is a frigging gimick…

Sorry to bust your bubble but they arent “more focused on graphics and audio output” they are just plain out extremely diced down processing units that can only do fpu calculations yes it works great for some graphics and ai but its by far not specifically designed for it… its more designed for video processing actually.

Also hate to crush ya on this one but when it comes to believing sony or ubisoft, im 100% behind ubisoft they are one of the best game developers and sony is known for over hyping. And considering almost 98% of the games on the ps3 are 720p NOT 1080p yes there are a few but for the majority the ps3 cant handle it, and the same will be true for the 360….

But add to the fact that the 360 and ps3 power is about on level … but the fact that the 360 is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to work with and program for will indead result in probable better graphics.

Comment by Hologuts on 2006-10-03 02:28:00 | Reply

Really could do with an edit on here.

Chip speeds of course are 3.2mhz in the reply I did above, not 1.3mhz Don’t know why I put 1.3 :D

Comment by Raptor on 2006-10-03 03:46:23 | Reply

You are also horribly wrong the 360 has one CPU that is tri core wich each core clocked at 3.2GHz. And as for ‘more powerful’ yes sony has been saying the ps3 will be ‘more powerful’ but you have to take the wordage with a grain of salt and understanding, more powerful could mean so many things and so many people seem to interpret it as being more GRAPHICALLY powerful where the rub is more pwerful for sony means it can do more things than the 360 can out of the box which its very clear that it can, hence the high price tag. Anyway thats just my 2 cents about the more powerful thing that i’ve also spread else where on xboxic and the new sister sites. And you are completely right people on this side should be HOPING that the ps3 does well because competition is what any market place needs, look at what EA has done with the NFL licensing, absolutely nothing remarkable that they were pushing when they had to compete with 2k sports and prior to that the gameday franchise. Nintendo is not direct competition to the 360, the 360 is in the hardcore market while Nintendo is in the casual market, so if you want good titles to be coming out for the 360 it would be smart of you to get people interested in the competition because both system need to thrive in order for the market to stay fresh and new and for the market to produce those games that we currently are drooling to get our hands on. Because without competition we’ll be playing halo 10 2 years from now and thinking how remarkably like halo 2 it is.

Comment by Chris on 2006-10-03 07:00:16 | Reply

might be on halo 10… but by that time it would be final fantasy 30 and mgs 15

The 360 is just as powerful as the ps3 sorry to tell you that u cant compair a tricore 3.2ghz against the single cpu ps3 with the ppu’s they equate out performance wise.

Comment by DaffyDuck on 2006-10-03 02:28:46 | Reply

There is nothing wrong with PS3 except that it is terribly overdued. It should have been released in the spring 2006, not 2007. By the end of 2008 we will probably have a new generation of xbox.

Comment by cgRider on 2006-10-03 02:49:35 | Reply

nicely said Hologuts…

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-03 03:43:23 | Reply

You guys are deluded…

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-03 15:28:11 | Reply

What because most of the things that have been promised have been delivered whereas we are still waiting (and will be for another 5 months) for the PS3 to even appear.

Comment by Chris on 2006-10-03 06:45:16 | Reply

LOL its not just this guy buddy … ubisoft has also said that the xbox360 has more potential

even assassin’s creeds 360 version is more advanced… they said the crowd ai for instance on the 360 will be more advanced than the ps3 version….

so hate to tell you this but the 360 is NOT under powered vs the ps3…

Comment by Chris on 2006-10-03 07:53:45 | Reply


BIOSHOCK alone is pretty much a more advanced game than any ps3 game i have seen to date, from the graphics with the water effets… to all of the ways of playing and the controllign enemys and complex fighting and crazy effects … people drool over resistence but i gotta say bioshock crushes it

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-06 01:57:50 | Reply

Ubisoft had worked on numerous 360 titles already, many of them crap. But hey, they’re ahead in learning the system.

Regarding system/graphical capabilities and AI:

“Speaking of taking advantage of the PS3’s power, the team has been using the computational power of the system to enhance a large number of the standard features that the game is known for. For instance, the cloth physics of jerseys and shorts has been assigned to one SPU on the PS3 instead of multiple cores on the 360 so that it can move more realistically than ever without taking away processing power for the rest of the game. But you’ll find that there’s just as much realism off the court in the PS3 version than on the court. Instead of running cutscenes during timeout situations, the development team has created real time AI that governs the cheerleaders, mascots, floor cleaners and even the crowd.”

PS3 is better at physics.

“Visually, the game has been taken up to a new level, particularly in how the game action is rendered. Not only have the in-game visuals been beefed up thanks to the power of the system, but according to Thomas, the way the PS3 renders pixels gives the game a richer appearance than the 360 version. It looks much more organic and lifelike, and if you thought you were watching a real game on the 360, just wait till you see it on the PS3.”

PS3 can *at least* compete on AI.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-06 11:07:23 | Reply

Shame basketball is shit and it seems to be the only thing you can quote.

Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-07 22:33:16 | Reply

360 is shit, and the Ubisoft thing is the only thing you can quote, and it’s not nearly as clear as the NBA 2K7 statements: PS3 is stronger.

Comment by Bryan on 2006-10-03 08:45:51 | Reply

The Sony Defense Force had a couple of Facts wrong in their comparison chart of the PS3 and 360. One being that the 360 premium package dosn’t come with HD cables. YES IT DOES. Component Cables are what’s needed for HD. The only two connections used for HD right now are component and HDMI (as far as TV and consoles). Second they threw the motion sensor into the list to show another thing the PS3 would have that the 360 didn’t. But the didn’t add to the list the RUMBLE feautre with the 360 will have and the PS3 won’t. Oh, and a side note…Free Online play for PS3? Have you ever experienced anything free that is actually good? I havn’t, wich goes back to the saying “you get what you pay for.”

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-10-03 10:15:39 | Reply

the “free” online service of Sony’s console (i’m not convinced it’s free yet) is based on Gamespy technology, and from what I’ve heard thats a bad thing

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-03 11:35:47 | Reply

Keep saying it, the devlopers will charge as they are expected to run their own servers.

If not all of them I am willing to bet my left testicle that EA will.

Comment by StevealbiniCSC on 2006-10-03 11:12:40 | Reply

“nope they are not PS3 boxes on those shelves”

Comment by BROWNJUGUNDO on 2006-10-03 11:18:45 | Reply

I remember this whole comversation before wait a min. did someone say DREAMCAST lmao. PSM mag got them self a ps3 and from what i tell this guy is about to have a serious break down.

Comment by hazard on 2006-10-03 11:19:11 | Reply

I can see it all now the fallout of the world,all down to a battle to rule them all,the army of green moving fast from the north,the flags of sony swooping from the south,and the ones they call nintendo coming in from the east,the green ring of light shines down on the battlefield but the keen eyes of sony are focused on the battle,hundreds of nintedogs are the first wave to come,biting at the the fleet of tekken commandos,but whats this girls in bikinis arriving from xboxonia,theyre cuddling the nintendogs,and wait a second the army of sony are getting out theyre guitars,ITS TURNED TO ONE BIG LOVE IN…….come on people enjoy games on all formats!!!

Comment by rudy on 2006-10-03 12:03:11 | Reply

remember that the 360 was not supposed to have 1080p support but now it does (vga cable they said)nevertheless it has it now and its native,,,,hhhhuuuummmmm i wonder what else they know the 360 can do that makes them so sure about that claim? could it be maybe dx10 upgrade or something like that ?remember how that game crysis looks using dx 10! just my thoughts on this topic, thanks and keep up the good works!!

Comment by Sean on 2006-10-03 12:53:48 | Reply

Rudy, ATI ruled out DX10. However, the GPU can achieve the same effects as DX10 using it’s own hybrid libraries, it just requires a little more work from the developers.

Anyway - The PS3 Cell; it’s NOT optomised for gaming. It is a media processor. A processor Sony are looking at putting into servers, TVs, and DVD/Blu-Ray players. The reason it has more processing ‘power’ is because of the SPEs. HOWEVER! Due to the floating-point nature, it makes them quite redundant for gaming. 80%~ of the overall system power of the PS3 is Floating-Point… 15-30% of a standard game is floating point. So essentially it is wasting almost 50% of it.

Along with that, the SPEs are asynchronous. This means they can’t all be working at the same time, and each SPE can only be used for one task. Regardless of whether the task in hand only requires 15% of the SPE, the architecture prevents it from being doubled up with something else.

Now, on the other hand, the 360 processor has been custom designed by Microsoft with IBM, adding a lot of features to help gaming performance, such as increased efficiency for procedural synthesis.

Now - the 360 GPU… that is DEFINATELY the more powerful of the two, as well as the most efficient (due to the unified shader technology). The 360 is custom designed for the platform, the RSX is essentially a standard Geforce 7600 (yes, 7600, not 7800 like previously compared to).

Comment by snakeman on 2006-10-03 14:57:41 | Reply


What is this?

“Along with that, the SPEs are asynchronous. This means they can’t all be working at the same time, and each SPE can only be used for one task”

Asynchronous does not mean that they cannot work at the same time. It means that they are not synchronized together.

There is a lot of bull spread around lately.

360 and ps3 will be very very close in performance for a long time, graphically they will always be approximativly the same (the power of both graphics cards is very close).

The difference will come with how they implement the code accross these machines.

the 360 has 3xCPUs that are tailor made for gaming, while the PS3 has 7xCPUs tailor made for physics.

Each has it’s strenghts and weaknesses, and only time will tell if one is really more powerfull than the other.

I suspect that we may see some games that have more power on one, and others more on the other.

Do we really need to debate this here? The amount of fudd generated in these discussions only shows how little each of us know about these machines.

The most important thing is taht they make GREAT games for BOTH platforms.

I don’t care that they sell 100million ps3 and xbox360, as long as they have great games on both!

i agree with him i really think its microsoft time to shine, sega had theirs, nintendo had theirs, sony had theirs, i really dont think that sony is gonna do it again, ps3? c’mon now yall fanboys need to stop

Comment by Madhatter on 2006-10-03 15:32:58 | Reply

Sony Defense Force is a obvious PR stunt by Sony to do damage control.

I don’t trust anything they have to say about anything…

I agree that the one year ahead may give Microsoft a slight edge and it being easier to code for but Sony may still be able to catch up. But when he questioned is Sony would even launch in Japan just made me think he was retarded. I don’t think Sony would be dumb enough to eliminate a huge market like that and lose out on so many sales.

Also, we credited you on our site for the story. Thanks again guys!


Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-03 16:55:03 | Reply

But they have already shown their unwillingness to include europe with the rest of the games market by releasing in Japan and the US in November then holding until March for Europe.

So I don’t really see this being that unbelieveable.

They are selling out in Japan and the US they only have say another 500,000 units to sell why start up the new marketing campaign in Europe when you can just ship them to the US and Japan and make sales off the back of the current marketing campaign. Really isn’t that far fetched and makes economic sense.

Comment by dodgyd55 on 2006-10-03 18:10:00 | Reply

nicely put Kmach Quote”

Not only have developers had more time, and help thanks to tools such as XNA, but when it comes to gaming the 360 does have more horsepower. I know it is hard to believe but when you look up what expert programmers have to say that’s what you will find. The AMD GPU is more advanced in the 360 and the general processing power (needed for gaming, not multimedia processing) is 4-6x more powerful than the PS3’s. MS made an intelligent system with components that help show off each others strengths, unlike Sony who put together a bunch of powerful hardware that will never be realized.

Additionally, the 360’s open 512mb memory versus the alloted 256mb in the PS3 allows the possibility of 512mb of textures on the screen at once versus the maximum of 256mb of textures for the PS3. I know it doesn’t sound right and it goes against everything everyone has been told so far but do some research and you will find that it is true.
Comment by anonymous on 2006-10-03 02:18:56 | Reply ” Quote

not may people understand this most people just say oh but look how powerfull the cell chip is without understanding thet the 360’s cpu was made to work with its graphics properly

Comment by lans on 2006-10-03 20:10:17 | Reply

hey xbox only uses DVD9 with 1080p games!
meaning game sizes will get alot better!

at least sony improvises!
50GB discs, real psp connectivity…etc
less is not more!
xbox people lie like hell, at the South African launch a kid asked a Microsoft exec which console is better the Microsoft exec replied, “We have more games!” wtf!!! all you xbox fanboys are full of bs,
no offence they just launched the xbox 360 in South Africa, and to be honest, regardless of the 360’s suppossed power many games don’t look that much better than a ps2, xbox lies too much, first they say you dont need blue ray then they make an hd-dvd add one, Microsoft say 1080p games are impractical and impossible yet they now support HDMI output and 1080p wtf? What if ihave a core xbox 360?
Kameo looks like dogcrap, Burnout, looks as good as a ps2, Oblivion looks better on a pc, Call of duty 2 is jaggy, Fear looks better on a pc.

The Xbox 360 power unit as big as a brick! no one told me how hot this stupid thing got!

bash the ps3 all you want, but you aint fooling me, the xbox 360 is all bs, smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-04 10:34:47 | Reply


Comment by Alpine on 2006-10-03 21:20:02 | Reply

I dont know if I are going for the 360:s They say that 360 is next gen? but isn’t the ps3 next gen with the blueray? In that case… it means that the ps3 games is
much bigger, and still have memory to the details.. I don’t think that the 360 is better, and not faster to. Ps3: 9 cores sound’s great!
But is it worth to buy the 360?

Can anybody answer that?

Comment by thekkeffect on 2006-10-03 23:27:49 | Reply

they are almost identical in power…but the 360 is cheaper….if ur trying to save 100 or 200 bux….then go for the 360…if not then go for the ps3…..not that hard to decide….depends on the games though….they are both next gen….double layer dvd, and blu ray are next gen….so i say the 360 is worth buying….just look at all the games coming out this fall!…that should convince u to buy one…

Comment by Genius on 2006-10-04 05:06:14 | Reply

My main problem with sony is that they always promise to do this and that, but they never deliver strongly. Eyetoy, network card, hard drive, 4D, emotion engine??? Okay, so… Eyetoy? Is MS headed down the same path (no release totemball)? Network card… yeah, so we could use it with all of 4 (exaggeration) games! Harddrive, for linux and FF… what? The only thing that sony delivered on PS2 was DVD playback, but xbox had that too. Makes you wonder what future promises are going to fall through. Free online gaming relies on dev support last time I checked. So if devs are already having pain coding the game, why would they go through the trouble to set up servs, monitor for cheats, and maintain the hardware/bandwidth when they can have MS do it for them? The motion controller relies on devs for games to support it. BTW, the rumble is not availible because of a lawsuit against sony. Yeah, it might be true that rumble disrupts the motion sensors, but do you think they would put any effort into fixing it? They’ve already spent enough money, plus this way they can brag on battery life.

As far as the size of the discs, it’s all about compression and procedural generation (Oblivion). Yeah, it might take a little more time to write the code and all, but it also makes for less work on game art, object placement, etc… and the extra time they saved when making the game for the 360 can be used to write better code for these. Maybe it will even help keep out more bugs.

Comment by TOM CLANCY on 2006-10-07 05:12:04 | Reply

yep his rightt 360 will be better than crap ass sony ps3 and ye the devolpers like 2 work on the 360 than any other consoles x360 rulzzzz

Comment by TOM CLANCY on 2006-10-07 05:26:23 | Reply

mannn some u guys dont know wat u talkin about the 360 has 3 cores runin each 3.2ghz and the 360 gpu is more powerfull than the ati X1900XTX and the ps3 gpu is a little less powerfull than the nvidia 7800GTX most of u know that x1900xtx card shits on the 78000GTX so comparing the x360 gpu its way more powerfull than 2X 6800 ULRA’S IN SLI COMBO

Comment by speedy_man on 2007-04-19 03:58:46 | Reply

oi you people are dumb
1. the ps3 is much better then xbox 360
2. the 360 over heats (heaps) friend had a 360 and it overheated 3 times so he have to go back and get 3 new ones!!!
4 ps3 is fast, sexier, much better graphics and can boot Linux what more could you want

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-04-19 15:40:28 | Reply

First off you are dumb.

Reason like anyone wants to know your opinion on thread that is half a year old. But probably doing it to try and get a rise out of people but look? it ain’t really worked, I only replied because I am a stubborn cunt and wanted to make you out to be the slavering spastic little fuck you quite clearly are.

Lets take a look at your points.

1. Oh well , if you said it it must be true, not like you need to back up your opinion with anything like maybe, sales figures, available titles (software), prices, hardware, online service, movement of exclusive titles to cross platform titles (almost all coming from PS to the Xbox, not the other way round). I could go on but clearly your opinion on this should be taken as gospel as you do seem so well educated on the subject.

2. Well mines was a launch console and ain’t overheated once, but hey again what could I possibly know compared to your massive insight into the facts and of course there has been no problems with the PS3, no dodgy batches of machines were issued. I could of sworn while playing my friends PS3 that on touching it my skin almost stuck to the plastic and would have left me with severe scarring if left for another moment, but hey thats only my personal experience.

3. Your friend had a 360 and it overheated three times you say, I have to disagree with this point, but only because I don’t believe you have any friends and your parents probably regret not drowning you at birth after beating you within an inch of your life.

4 If I want to surf the net, well i’ll do that on the laptop. A console is for playing games, movies, web browsing, playing music are all gimicks and don’t really sell a console to me, but hey guess I must be different to eveyone else. The PS3 is fast, well to determine what your definition of fast is we will need a comparison and fast at what folding protiens for the good of the scientific community? It’s sexy? well in the same way a poor woman tarted up in shiny black PVC is sexy, but ultimitly you wil realise she is dirty and you have been used. I would agree it is the sexiest model of the Lean Mean Grilling Machine I have seen, but just don’t like the other colour schemes they come in, they all look a bit cheap.

And finally to answer your last point.

Q The PS3 has much better graphics?

A GoW.

Thank you for sharing your input. Now do everyone concerned a favour and forget how to breath please.

Comment by speedy_man2 on 2007-04-19 15:31:39 | Reply

what more could i want?

an xbox360 AND a wedge of notes in my pocket will do me nicely…

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