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Xbox360 shortages come to an end

Peter Moore corporate, the vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division of Microsoft Corp (that’s a mouthfull), spoke about some of the issues with the Xbox360 during his DICE session. He had some official numbers about Xbox Live, it’s currently being used by 54% of the Xbox360 owners versus 10% of the original Xbox. But what’s even more important for some of you unlucky people, the Xbox360 shortages may finally come to an end!

Regarding shortages, he said, “Within the next four to six weeks, anybody will be able to walk into a store and buy an Xbox 360.” shortages come to an end newsvine:Xbox360 shortages come to an end furl:Xbox360 shortages come to an end reddit:Xbox360 shortages come to an end fark:Xbox360 shortages come to an end Y!:Xbox360 shortages come to an end gamegrep:Xbox360 shortages come to an end

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Comment by Scott on 2006-02-11 05:39:29 | Reply


Comment by arc on 2006-02-11 06:51:33 | Reply

sucks for the people who acctually had to wait this long hahah at least tho people can experiance some n ew games

Third production facility finally went live it seems :)

Comment by Moi on 2006-02-12 02:11:31 | Reply

I can already find one at any store I go to nearby, but I’m not planning to buy one until the PS3 and Rev are released.

yes now i can spend almost $1000 for a professional cd scratcher..and and cd “burner/smoker”

Comment by ahsan on 2006-02-12 02:36:46 | Reply

You’re clearly a PS3 fanbitch. Enjoy paying $1000 for a Blu-Ray DVD player in…oh that’s right. You have no idea when it’s coming out. You RPG playing b*tch.

Comment by Guy on 2006-02-12 02:38:44 | Reply

Well who gives a fuck what you’re not planning to buy.


Yeah consoles are for poor kids, ill keep my $10000s worth of pc anyday.

Comment by Charles on 2006-02-12 04:58:13 | Reply



Comment by Chris on 2006-02-12 06:20:23 | Reply

Man, $10,000 for a pc? Sucks for you.

To little to late…………..

Does anyone really want an Xbox 360? Seriously.

Wait it out, what do you have to play on 360?

Wait for a price drop, or a redesign or something.

Comment by alex on 2006-02-12 08:03:39 | Reply

I was thinking about buying one, but since all the mass shortage and quite a few unhappy customers and such, Microsoft probably won’t be recieving excess of 500 dollars from me (well, for the 360 that is). Not to mention rabid Fanboys/girls give a very bad name for their console.

Good news indeed. Let’s see if it comes true.

Comment by jeff on 2006-02-12 08:37:55 | Reply

i had no problem finding one two weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Unreal graphics, and gameplay. All you haters should try one out.

yes it’s expensive. yes it’s microsoft. yes, you’ll go to hell for buying it. yes it’s the devil. i don’t care. microsoft makes good consoles, i don’t care what you say. i don’t believe in hell. i am the devil. amped three is the most entertaining THING i have ever done. all snowboarding and the fact i loved amp two aside. amped three rocks. and need for speed is nice too. and on and on. component video rules. 1080i rules. dolby… rules. yes you can get HD on anything recent… but the 360 does bring more than a cable to the table. silence haters. go play your broke ass PSone. i hope you enjoy 1982.

Comment by Someone on 2006-02-12 09:48:37 | Reply

Is it just be or is it strange that the shortage ended shortly after xmas. I guess microsoft wanted more money from all those crazy holiday shopers.

Comment by Chris on 2006-02-12 13:22:06 | Reply

They had to lower their Console output expectations, which isn’t a good thing for shareholders.

That’s why i don’t buy into the bullshit that Microsoft for some reason held back consoles from people. You wouldn’t say you sold a million less to look good, would you?

[…] Official statment from Peter Moore.â??Within the next four to six weeks, anybody will be able to walk into a store and buy an Xbox 360.â??read more | digg story […]

Comment by Jus on 2006-02-12 15:07:38 | Reply

All you 360 haters are good for a laugh. CLEARLY you have never played one hooked up to a big screen HDTV.. Even the game with the worst graphics on 360 craps all over ANYTHING PS2 could put out. Don’t be mad while us 360 owners are experiencing Next-Generation gaming while the only thing you PS fanboys can do is come here and bash the 360 since you guys are still stuck with those crappy graphics and the dreams of a system that promises to cost a fortune. Don’t hate people.

Comment by Stephen on 2006-02-12 15:40:34 | Reply

A wiseman once said “You can wrap up a piece of shit in a nice fancy box, put ribbons and pretty decorations all over it, but when you open it up, you still have a piece of shit no matter how you decorate it.” My 360 has been collecting dust on my floor for 2 months while my Xbox is still hooked up and I am enjoying NEW RELEASES, something that the 360 completely forgot about doing. And yes I do have a nice HDTV and surround sound, but all the sports games are just downsizes in gameplay and an update in graphics, the other titles can be played on a PC or are just another rehash (If I see another WW2 shooter I am going to poke a developer’s eye out, along with anyone who makes any more urban racing games). The only game worth playing on the 360 is Condemned, and that is 6 hours long. Don’t waste your money on this thing and buy into this shortage bullcrap. Microsoft has been storing these things in their warehouse since day 1 just to create consumer hype for a lack of good games. Save your money and wait to see what the competitors will make, or if Microsoft will actually have anyhting good on their console besides Elder Scrolls 4.

Comment by Jus on 2006-02-12 16:24:07 | Reply

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the art of devloping games, but it takes time, especially with a new platform.

Tell me the console launch that gave us a huge variety of GREAT games?? Your answer is not a single one. Each console launch had one or two standouts, but no huge library to choose from off the bat.

You want great games, but aren’t willing to wait for them to be created? Come on now boy, learn a little bit about the industry.

[…] read more | digg story […]

Comment by Frank on 2006-02-12 22:20:08 | Reply


If you hate your 360 so much, put it on ebay before the shortage ends. You might actually make a profit on it. But I do agree with what you say. There is absolutely no reason for me to get a 360, at least not until I happen to suddenly get rich and buy an HDTV. Even then, there is nothing really compelling about it, though there may be a reason in the forseeable future. You know, when Halo 3 comes out. But hey, Halo was an awesome game, and Halo 2 had terrific multiplayer (sadly, nothing else), but I still never got an Xbox. I’m a casual gamer, I don’t need to have every system or every game (which is a good thing, as I’m not rich). Yeah, Dick was right, consoles are for poor kids, so viva la REVOLUTION.

“Microsoft has been storing these things in their warehouse since day 1 just to create consumer hype for a lack of good games”

Haha in the same warehouse as Yeti, Santa Claus, the Loch Ness monster, Elvis, Tupac and others right? Oh and ‘lack of good games’, don’t make me laugh. The console’s only on the market for 3 months, there are like 5 class-A titles and alot of great mid-range games. One of the better launch-lineups to date, go ahead and lookup the PS2 launch-lineup for example. :)

“Yeah consoles are for poor kids, ill keep my $10000s worth of pc anyday.”

Why are you replying on a console-site then? (sarcasm, hopefully)

Comment by HULK on 2006-02-12 23:23:51 | Reply

360 hasn’t had a new game since Dec. The system is a joke. Overheats, scratches CDs.

How sad when the most popular game on the 360 is Geometry Wars.

Dead or Alive 4 and Ridge Racer are new for us euro’s. Full Auto, Ghost Recon:AW and Oblivion are coming out very soon, mine does not overheat and does not scratch disks and I don’t know anybody who had that problem. Geometry Wars is NOT the most popular game AFAIK and even if it was, it’s a really great game, esp. for its price. If you hate this ‘joke system’ so much, buy a PS2/NGC/PC or whatever and stop trolling on Xbox sites, it won’t get you anywhere.

Comment by arc on 2006-02-13 04:01:38 | Reply

Im a die hard ps2 fan and i cant wait for ps3 i bought 360 b/c i needed something new so far i like it havent touched my ps2 and i think 360 is amazing..and to ever said their 360 is collecting dust and they are playing the reg xbox is a peice of shit and must be retarted because most new releases if not all u can play on 360 with better graphics n sound(RETARD!). havent had a problem with my360 it yet being i got 360 b4 it came out i think it was worth it but if i didnt have one by now im not too sure if i would get one because of the lack of games..i would just wait till a price drop or somehting.

10000$ for a pc hahahahahah most rediculous think you can get the best of every component and put it together for less then 5000 fuckin newb

Comment by DigitalMafia on 2006-02-13 08:36:45 | Reply

I really wanted one of these bad (Unlike some fan boys -on either side-I have both ps2 and xbox (hacked-XBMC simply rules-period) and will buy both new consoles…Although I would like to give the proverbial finger to MS for making X-Mas a little less fun and creating wealth for asshat ebay sellers by not buying one…I will end up buying one (Oblivion is reason enough)-4-6 weeks…have to wait n see on that one.

Comment by adam on 2006-02-13 15:09:44 | Reply

I truly don’t understand why everyone is drooling over the 360. I have one, it hasn’t been touched since I got it. Sure it might look nice, but lets be honest, the games are terrible. Heck Quake 4 has huge frame rate issues. The games look jaggy on my TV (a 54″ DLP HDTV). Don’t bother buying one till the real “next gen” games come along. This current crop is laughable at best not matter what people are claiming.

You should know better than buying Quake 4 on the 360, everyone already knows that Q4 was the worst game of the lineup and a very bad example of the 360’s capabilities

[…] XBOX 360 shortage over. According to MS, within the next 6-8 weeks anyone will be able to walk in to any store and pick up a 360. Question is, does anyone care anymore? There still aren’t any 360 exclusive games that are super great except PGR3. Maybe in a few months when the good games start flowing… […]

Comment by Eric on 2006-02-13 18:27:17 | Reply

I’m not sure the 54% of XBox 360 Live users is an accurate picture when compared to the original XBox. Because of the shortages, many hopeful 360 users that are not hard-core gamers, and therefore less likely to be Live users, haven’t been able to get their hands on a 360. I am a perfect example. I will not use the Live, and haven’t yet been able to get the 360 Premium. A more accurate comparison of %s will be once the 360’s supply issues are worked out and it’s on the market a bit.

Comment by Jamie on 2006-02-13 20:20:02 | Reply

I used to be a big fan of the Xbox but after having the first one for 4 years I realize how stupid you would have to be to buy the 2nd version.




360 will finally start getting good games just as MS starts hyping the 3rd Xbox.

That is what they do.

Well it’s good to see Microsoft, stop the shortages. But i kind of saw this coming, as soon as the Playstation son 3 start hyping up, Microsoft all of sudden has a ton of Xbox360’s. Although i got my XBox360 on launch date, it’s messed up because people were waiting forever and Microsoft was just playing to another “bussiness plan”. I would hate to be one of those people.

-To Stephen

It takes time to make a game for a system thats hardware isn’t understood. And a new dev tool, they don’t have much training with Microsofts no dev tool, so it is going to take some time to make a well-made videogame.

-To Josh

CD scratcher? I havent heard of that problem yet. I have only heard of the overheating issue. the can you complain about 360 costing nearly $1,000.00 when Playstation 3 is set to price over $500.00. You are such a fanboy and a hipocrit.

Comment by jc on 2006-02-14 03:07:24 | Reply

Yeah, I finally got an Xbox360 core (the last one they had at my local gamestop last week). The dude there said they are receiving about 20 boxes a week now (half core and half premium).

with an 56″ dlp theres quite a few jaggies. Still looks pretty amazing though. I heard the game devs arent using the antialiasing capabilities quite right yet. The next batch of games should look better.

Still, everything looks and plays amazing. Launch titles are pretty awesome (Kameo, Madden 06, and NFS). The only game I didnt realy like was PGR, but thats just my personal tastes I guess. I like to see damage on cars. Looking forward to Burnout Revolution.

So many good games coming in the next couple months. Fight Night demo is incredible. Oblivion videos are awesome looking. I dont think PS3 will have even half as many cool games (will definately get one though).

Those of you who think that Microsoft conspired to keep the Xbox 360’s out of your sausage-fingered hands need to take off your tinfoil hats and re-join reality. Do you realize how much more money would be in Microsoft’s pocket had they been able to manage the demand during the holidays. Instead opportunistic people on EBay made a killing on people who just couldn’t wait.

It is more likely that Microsoft released the console before production was ready to meet holiday demand. If you know anything about marketing and product releases, sometimes the tail wags the dog.

I still don’t have a 360. I am going to wait until I can buy one without getting violated anally by some retailer wanting to sell me a $700-$900 “bundle”.

Comment by Nate on 2006-02-16 22:38:31 | Reply

Wow where do i start with all of you? First of all Xbox is the best system for graphics. Ps2 is good with alot of games to play in volume. But pumping out a Rachet sequel every 3 months and all the Quirky nip jap games does nothing for the american gamer. The 360 and xbox 1 is the best console for the U.S. They put out games we want and the tight gameplay we now come to expect. And nex-gen dont get me started. 360 is awesome. I will admit is was a Ps2 fanboy I have now seen the light and the power of the xbox and xbox live. It doesent even compare. When i recived my xbox 1 1/2 years ago I was competly blown away and still am. My ps2 and all my games were sold a week later. I will never look back. Ps2 fanboys you know your system sucks come to our side. Nothing you can say will convince a xbox gamer your system is better no game or graphics can convince me. In closing get a life and get laid (it will reduce your fanboy stress) oh and learn to spell.

Comment by Ahinjel on 2006-02-18 21:13:04 | Reply

Any real gamer isn’t going to care what console it is. Games are about one thing…immersion. Eye candy, hype, and applications don’t make good games. It’s rather hilarious to see the constant squabbling back and forth btwn MS “fanboi’s” and PS “fanboi’s”. I plan on getting both(still waiting to get ahold of a 360 here in Chlt. NC)and enjoying both equally as I have done w/both consoles previously thus far. I’m disappointed in MS for not thinking ahead regaurding the high demand the 360 was going to present, espically during the Xmas holidays. Add the fact that there are still only a limited amount of games out 2mths later, and its pretty clear(at least IMO)that the only thing MS was worrying about was pushing out a product for the Xmas frenzy. Hopefully Sony will take note of the mistakes that were made and capitalize on them w/their launch. Till then…I’ll keep looking for a 360 =(.

Absolute and utter Bullcrap! All the Stores in my area are completely sold out.. have been sold out for weeks.

When I can walk into a store and SEE them on the shelf… I will believe this… but right now… Moore is just talking out his butt!

Comment by phycohallic007 on 2006-02-19 05:30:40 | Reply

YAYYYYYY microsoft u never ses to imaze me

now only one thing to do

Comment by phycohallic007 on 2006-02-19 05:31:13 | Reply


Comment by xdatsmex on 2006-02-19 15:37:13 | Reply

i would rather wait for PS3 for come out since its definit gnna be better or wait till the price drops.

Comment by dic on 2006-02-20 20:06:16 | Reply

Wow what a bunch of idiots.

FIrst of all Xbox is not the best system for graphics. Matter of fact many of the new PS2 games look as good or better than many Xbox games. To be honest, Black looks better on PS2 than on Xbox and is considered the best looking FPS on a console. RE4 still looks better than any current gen game and it is on GC not the Xflop.

Xbox360 is pretty unimpressive, with very few games out for it. Heck, some of the games are nothing but Xbox ports rendered in a higher resolution. Gun, and Tony Hawk are good examples of this. PS3 should be out in the next 6 months with far better graphics, Blue Ray, and full backwards compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games.

Comment by yomoaski on 2006-02-20 20:25:02 | Reply

[modbreak: profanity removed]

There are some things that simply cannot be argued. The technical specs of the XBox are superior to PS2. I could list 50 games that look better on the XBox than they do on PlayStation.
Do you think that the XBox couldn’t handle RE4? If it were on that platform it would look better than it does on PS2. Its also a game that was released on the GameCube and the visuals on that system are better than they are on PS2.

Aside from the ports, there are games on X360 that look phenomenal. PGR3 and Condemned are two of the best examples. There is no way any current-gen system could produce graphics that good.

I’m not sure how much you follow games, but there are a TON of great ones being released in the next month for the 360. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Fight Night Round 3, and Elder Scrolls will all be out very soon. Your point of no good games being available is plain ignorant.

I just feel bad you are stuck with shitty PS2 graphics while I’m playing my 360 games on my bigscreen HDTV.

Comment by dic on 2006-02-20 22:40:52 | Reply

[modbreak: profanity removed]


Fact: PS2 has a higher pixel fillrate and framebuffer bandwidth than both Xbox and GC.

I don’t care if 90% of games on Xbox look better than most games on PS2. The fact is, the Xbox is NOT superior in hardware to the PS2 in all areas. Namely, as I just pointed out, pixel fillrate. So what does pixel fillrate and framebuffer bandwidth do? Well, it makes games like Black and Burnout Revenge have better special effects like motion blur and particles.

DId I say Xbox couldn’t handle RE4? NO I DID NOT!!!

However, you do know that the PS2 port of RE4 was made in under 8 months right? Capcom spent about 4 years on the GC version and Capcom isn’t very good at programming the PS2. Try to compare God of War to Onimusha 3/4. You fucking can’t because God of War shits all over it. Hell, God of War shits on most Xbox games. Ever played Soul Calibur 3? It looks better in many ways than DOAU does on Xbox. Both games were made by top developers of each console and there is not a clear winner in graphics between the two games. SC3 has in game motion blur, self shaded characters, complex particle fur rendering, and a host of other framebuffer and pixel fillrate effects like heat magnification the Xbox would choke on. (All at 60fps in 480p 16:9) That said, there are better texture effects in DOAU and more polys, but no fur shading, no self shading, no particle effects, and no motion blur. Only DOA4 on the X360 even attempted motion blur. Wanna know why? I’ll tell you why, because PS2 has a 48GB/s framebuffer and the Xbox only has a 6.5GB/s framebuffer. To do motion blur on Xbox it must re-draw polygons, PS2 doesn’t need to do that since it has such a fast framebuffer. Xbox360 does have a much faster framebuffer than the PS2 so it can afford to have in game motion blur.

Seriously, you fucking idiots that don’t know anything about video game devlopement or hardware need to just STFU and go home.

Ever seen procedural rendering on Xbox?
Haha, if you do it will be some half assed ugly game. Certianly not near the level of something like Jak 3 or Ratchet Deadlocked. Both of those games use very complex meshes, procedural animation, and procedural rendering. All three of those things are better performed on the PS2’s VU’s than either GC or Xbox. Wanna know why? You guessed it, I’ll fucking tell you why.
Because the VU’s in the PS2 are pure 128bit, in that they can do a much better job at polygon transformations than either Xbox or GC. Neither the GC nor the Xbox have a 128bit chip in them period nor do they have 6.2 Gflops CPU’s. The only thing either of them have that offer that kind of high manipulation are pixel shaders. Which is one area that PS2 does a pretty poor job at. Yeah, PS2 sucks at textures and pixel shader effects, that is why you don’t see normal mapping on PS2. It doesn’t mean the console is inferior or less powerful, it just means in those two key areas it suffers. But as you can see, it excels in other areas.

Comment by dic on 2006-02-20 22:46:44 | Reply

Soul Calibur 3 even has better breast physics.

Comment by mmmhmmm on 2006-02-20 23:54:55 | Reply

dude im not sure how long it took you to type that….but my advice would be to get a girlfriend and learn as much about fucking as you do about video games.

personally i could give a fuck about all your nerd talk. you made my point for me. 90% of XBox games look better than PS2.

since you know so much about video games, you should know that NO console launches with a large amount of spectacular titles. it takes developers time to make the great games which we will be seeing very shortly.

you know that your comments about the 360 having no good games was ignorant.

I removed some uncalled for profanities and unargumented fanboy bullcrap from these comments. Please keep discussions clear and proper: we don’t mind some f-words flying around but make sure it serves a purpose.

Comment by Nate on 2006-02-21 17:21:26 | Reply

Re4? soul calibur 3? god of war? Haaaaaa. If loving games like Call of duty and PGR3 is wrong i dont want to be right. Get real ps2 fans you all sound like mommas boys to me. You know you are wrong but not man enough to admit it. 360 will be in stores and we will all partake in the glowing joy that is Microsoft. Good games are coming soon. And what is this? Ps3 retailing for $900.00? Good luck with that. In closing eat shit and go back to your basements.

Comment by Mouthless on 2006-02-23 01:25:46 | Reply

How Can Anyone say Xbox 360 Sucks? I ‘ve Played Call Of Duty 2
And that game Blew Me Away! Just Because All You Ps Fan people
Are jealous that Xbox Is Better in every way Than That Piece Of Crap Ps2! I don’t Know If Ps3 Will Or Not Be Better Than Xbox 360 but
I hope they both start to rock!

P.S WHoever is spending 10,000 on a P.C is a dum shit

Comment by Said on 2006-02-23 01:30:40 | Reply

I agree That Xbox 360 Is A little Slow Now But It will pick up!
And if Ps3 is 900$ OMG Nobody But Really Rich People Will Buy It But I’d Have to see how great it would be for my 900$

I just Happy That Microsoft Finally Is Bringing The Xbox’s
Out Of There Warhouse ;)

Comment by ydydyjdydtydtydjmh on 2006-02-24 22:06:09 | Reply

I think if you like a lot of japanese games and have a lot of $ you should get a ps3 if not you should go 360. By the way i think all of the playstation consols are a piece of crap.

Comment by ydydyjdydtydtydjmh on 2006-02-24 22:09:16 | Reply

“But I’d Have to see how great it would be for my 900$”

Just check out . It has a ton of game previews for every consol.

Comment by ydydyjdydtydtydjmh on 2006-02-24 22:13:03 | Reply

I also agree with mouthless” I ‘ve Played Call Of Duty 2
And that game Blew Me Away!” I play that game at Best Buy(they have two xbox 360s set up so you could play the real game not just the demo) and that game is the coolest game ever!

Comment by Chris on 2006-02-26 23:30:02 | Reply

don’t waist your money with a 360, ps3 is gonna blow it out of the water. i have an xbox and i love the thing, never even got a shitty ps2, but the ps3 is gonna be better, so just fucking admit it. the only good games 360 is gonna have is halo3 and elder scrolls 4. and to all of you nieve dumbasses that don’t think microsoft was holding out on us, guess what, it was. i personally talked to someone that worked in one of the wharehouses and yes they are stockpiled up. is it really that hard to believe? bill gates is basically a fasciast anyway. so to all you dumb ass kids, stop crying and trying to make up stupid excuses as to why you were dumb enough to pay almost $1000 for jack shit. haha

Comment by hunterdth on 2006-02-28 02:37:44 | Reply

Chris said,

on February 26th, 2006 at 11:30 pm

don’t waist your money with a 360, ps3 is gonna blow it out of the water. i have an xbox and i love the thing, never even got a shitty ps2, but the ps3 is gonna be better, so just fucking admit it. the only good games 360 is gonna have is halo3 and elder scrolls 4. and to all of you nieve dumbasses that don’t think microsoft was holding out on us, guess what, it was. i personally talked to someone that worked in one of the wharehouses and yes they are stockpiled up. is it really that hard to believe? bill gates is basically a fasciast anyway. so to all you dumb ass kids, stop crying and trying to make up stupid excuses as to why you were dumb enough to pay almost $1000 for jack shit. haha

chris for your information by the looks of progress on the ps3
the ps3 wont be blowing anything out of the water yet at all and it seems the ps3 will drown in the water.Tell me how they gonna sell something which costs 800 bucks to make and sell it for around 400 to compete wit 360.As we can see sony has its own fiancial troubles and troubles with the actual development system which is 10x slower then what it should be.Chris before posting anything stupid as which u did, think about what u say u dirty fag.

Comment by jason Crossley on 2006-02-28 21:04:31 | Reply

every sony motherfucker out there name every good PS3 game that is not a sequel. Yeh in the the next 5 months frame city killer saints row ,dead rising , test drive unlimited, gears of war, lost oddesy, blue dragon , lost world, outfit, chrome hounds, and these are xbox 360 exclusive games like dead rising too human lost oddessy chrome hounds test drive unlimited gears of war these games will blow the graphics away from any ps3 launch game AND they are all new games not playsation sequels!!

PS3 is 50 mhz more the xbox 360, the xbox 1 was 90 mhz more than the ps2 and more people bought a ps2

When the PS3 comes out microsft will drop the prce of the 360 prob to about £150 ( the core well the ps3 will be like a core( just controller console powerpacks and cables)

buy the time ps3 games start too look better than future xbox 360 games the xbox 3 will be out so come on sony fans NAME EVERY NONE SEQUEL PS3 EXCLUSIVE WELL AWAITED GAMES THAT ARE COMING OUt THEN for the ps3 There is NONE idiots

fACE IT ps3 SUCKS the xbox 360 is getting an external HD-DVD drive and play a DVD in 480p its looks similar to a video in 1080 the difference between DVD and BLUEray will not be like the difference between video and DVD

face it the xbox 1 was 3 x the power of the gamecube yet most games look the same as the xbox and even better than xbox games too some

Face it microsft has won 360 rules they made a a cheap good looking sexy console good controller new games and sequels for hardcore and young gamers

The ps3 is only 2x the power of the PS3

buy the way im only 13 love microsft and nintendo and no even more than i have written to i could have written about 10 pages on why the xbox 360 will be more successful

[…] Posted XBOXINC by Rival24 on February 11th, 2006 at 2:16 […]

Comment by angry man on 2006-03-11 20:18:44 | Reply

HAHAHAHAHA lol i cant belive he said that my county hasent had a single xbox 360 since feb 11 LOL wow what a moron

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