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Thompson to Midway: “cease and desist immediately”

Playstatic user Jack Thompson, a lawyer from Florida who became fairly well known last year during the GTA: San Andreas “scandal”, has requested that the developer of Mortal Komat: Armageddon, Midway Games, “…cease and desist immediately from the distribution of this game…”.

Finish Him!

“It has today come to my attention that the newly recently Mortal Kombat: Armageddon contains an unauthorized commercial exploitation of my name, photograph, image, and likeness within the game.”
“You are commanded to cease and desist immediately [emphasis Thompson’s] from the distribution of this game because of this unauthorized, illegal content…”

The above is what Thompson had to say to Midway Games. This all came about after a character of Jack Thompson was made using the character creation tool in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and was posted online for everyone to create and use in the game. While some people might consider this an honour, Jack doesn’t seem too keen on the idea.

What are your views on Jack Thompson, and how he was a part of the GTA: San Andreas case? Would do you think about him working on getting some controversial games such as Bully (Canis Canem Edit) considered “harmful to minors by law”? Do you think he was right in going about that, or do you love Bully too much to care what he thinks? Let us know in the comments section.

Many thanks to IMI for submitting this via the News Submit! to Midway:  newsvine:Thompson to Midway:  furl:Thompson to Midway:  reddit:Thompson to Midway:  fark:Thompson to Midway:  Y!:Thompson to Midway:  gamegrep:Thompson to Midway:

38 comments on 'Thompson to Midway: “cease and desist immediately”'

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Best Kreate-a-fghter EVER!

Comment by Matt0817 on 2006-10-29 20:50:33 | Reply

that guy is such a douche. period.

That is something that Sony, Nintendo, PC and Xbox followers can all relate to. Jack Thompson is the highest rated Douche Bag, of all time.

The fanboy wars can go on forever but no one will like Jackie.

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-10-29 20:53:39 | Reply

you can’t sue a company for something that someone else has created within the game - that wouldbe like Marvel suing THQ for being able to create Spider-man in one of the Smackdown games

Comment by Aift on 2006-10-29 20:56:43 | Reply

Screw him, he has a shitty point of view.

Midway isn’t doing anything illegal, Midway didn’t create that player, a consumer did. Fuck Jack Thompson!

Comment by Deadly Warrior on 2006-10-29 21:06:53 | Reply


Comment by zleet on 2006-10-29 21:17:40 | Reply

Is not the point of the character creation tool to create any character you want. In theory you could make it look like anyone.
Is Jack Thompson going to sue the Sims creators or WWE wrestling games because they allow character creation, will he fuck.

Any excuse to get his name in the headlines.

Firstly, no he won’t take any action like this against the Sims developers or the WWE developers (who are actually in trouble at the moment as it is) because he hasn’t been made into either of those games.

And secondly, you’re right, man. As the saying goes: “Any publicity is good publicity”.

Comment by thw on 2006-10-29 22:29:56 | Reply

Every gamer hates you.

Comment by Rusty on 2006-10-29 22:31:41 | Reply

People should start creating Jack Thompsons in every possible video game and put the screenshots up online. Then he would have to “take legal action” against a smorgasbord of publishers.

Comment by Crownjo on 2006-10-31 11:00:40 | Reply

already did…..

Comment by Colby on 2006-10-29 23:24:39 | Reply

I should make a donkey character and name it Jack Thompson lmao!

Personally I don’t think it is anybody’s business what games I am allowed to play or not play. Me and my parents can sort that out just fine without “Jackass Thompsons” help.

Comment by itsgreen on 2006-10-30 01:50:51 | Reply

haha, I think he should sue the crayon people… i just drew a picture of him…

Maybe you could scan it in and post a link to it here. We’d be delighted to see it.

Comment by Colby on 2006-10-30 03:08:35 | Reply

I think I am going to go sue his parents and the doctor that delivered him lol.

Comment by Darkhosis on 2006-10-30 06:53:08 | Reply

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon-=-=-
Added achievement worth 1000000 GP
Successfully sue Jack(ass)Thompson for being retarded.

Comment by Old Bidde on 2006-10-30 10:54:43 | Reply

You’re all looking at this the wrong way. The industry needs Jack Thompson because he IS a retard.

If you had someone with the same agenda who actually knew what they were talking about and didn’t come across as a baffoon, then we’d be in serious trouble.

damn i gone sue ALI G because his nickname looks to familiar to mine.. lol

Comment by Hologuts on 2006-10-30 15:29:52 | Reply


Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-30 16:09:39 | Reply

Ali G. Character of Sash Baron Cohen who also plays the part of Borat who is busilly ripping the pish out of America in his new movie.

Comment by STEVE on 2006-10-30 15:53:35 | Reply

Yeah let’s create him and then kill the fucker!!!!!

You can’t sue midway for this! Check out the case between marvel and city of heroes. This will go no where and jack thompson just made this a headline. With all the publicity he pulls toward the game industry and how poorly he tries to fight against it he probably is being paid by some industry insiders :P.

Comment by the truth be told on 2006-10-31 07:45:17 | Reply

MY Dog’s name is Jak Thompson - and when he takes a Dump I call them Legal Actions - I guess it is fitting - cause my dog has to crap every Day - It’s kind of the looser life Mr. Thompson Has. R U gonna sue me or send me a C & D and tell me to change my Dog’s name.

Hey Jack - Do you drink? I would love to buy you a Wiskey and a beer - get you a bit loose and shove my joystiq (not my penis - a real M$ Forcefeedback Pro) up your tight ass and show you what it is like to get Fucked by Gamers. It would be quite poetic becuase the Game industry get molested by you every day. DO me a favor and find a new cause.

Comment by Chruz on 2006-10-31 08:39:54 | Reply

I’m still waiting for the create a fatality feature, Jack writes you a letter, then you get served, the letter gets published…BAM! The letter is so distressing the public outrage alone kills. Now that could be some ‘newly recently’ amazing shit.

Hmm.. Comercialized Exploitation?

Jack has become a public figure to some extent so wouldn’t those laws based on that apply now?

3. Right of Publicity. Most states now have laws that protect living celebrities, and in some states, recently dead celebrities like Elvis Presley, from the commercial exploitation of his or her name, likeness, or persona. News stories, biographies, and fiction, however, are protected by the First Amendment. To the extent you portray a celebrity in such works without defaming him or his family — and it is absolutely clear your work is fiction, news, or biography — you need not seek the celebrities’ permission.

I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but I would think that would apply to digital media as well. Its clear that its fiction, and I don’t nesecarily see anything defaming about it. I could be completely off base tho.. :/

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-10-31 15:01:08 | Reply

But there is no commercial exploitation by Midway in this case.

They provided a character creation tool, someone used it then posted the results for all to enjoy so if anyone is responsible for commercial exploitation it’s the person who created the character not Midway (to which they could argue it’s not an exact copy and it’s of another person called Jack Thompson).

Just like if someone runs you down in a car, the person driving the car is responsible not the car manufacturer.

Comment by Jeff on 2006-10-31 11:28:01 | Reply

I hope TT goes through with their lawsuit and sues that asshole…..Why does he have a vendetta against TT? Why is he not suing every other maker of an M rated game? He’s just a Pompus asshole that needs to be silenced.

Comment by Cat on 2006-10-31 14:24:31 | Reply

Wow this looks like a great game! I think I’ll go out and buy it!

WEWT! Thanks to his publicity, otherwise I never knew about this game.

Comment by Jay on 2006-10-31 17:17:40 | Reply

Who the hell is Jack Thompson to create our moral laws and ethics? Why is he the one to set standards? Honestly, to me he’s just another person that needs to get his ass kicked.

Comment by Vdor103 on 2006-10-31 18:21:50 | Reply

HAHAH…lets get a site together and fill it with screens & footage of ‘Jack Thompson’ create-a-characters (from Tiger Woods to WoW). That would be hilarious.

Comment by Brian Emenaker on 2006-10-31 18:55:18 | Reply

Hey Jack, you’re a lawyer, therefore, you know that PARODY’s are protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This is user created content, not Midway’s. Therefore, PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Scorpion on 2006-10-31 19:18:33 | Reply

Views on Jack Thompson.. hmmm.. oh I know..
FINISH HIM!!!! Hahahaha.

Comment by BillHicks on 2006-11-01 16:07:04 | Reply

Will somebody frame this guy for a sexual offense already?

Does this guy even know what video games are?
Anybody whose ever played a videogame knows Jack Thompson is full of shit.
I’ve played every violent game out there and i’ve never killed anyone or had the urge to commit a violent crime

Comment by Jasmine on 2007-04-14 15:46:29 | Reply

mortal kombat lives on despite this man. MORTAL KOMBAT DIEHARD!

Comment by videogamerkm on 2007-07-03 01:57:32 | Reply

I recently got Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

It is a kickass game. Jack Thompson can go stick his C & D up his…his…words cannot describe the pain i wish him to endure. actually, i think i’m going to perform a fatality on him when i get back home :P DIE!!! YOUR SMALL BRAINED HEAD IS MINE!!! HYA!!!

Scorpion is the best =D

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