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Review: Gears of War

November 12th, 2006. Emergence Day. With the Xbox 360’s launch almost a year behind us already, many criticisms have been heard about the next-generation games not making a huge difference compared to the more recent offerings for the older platforms. Sure, we were getting some more physics and some extra pixel shaders, but where were the games that could really shock you? The real revolutions? The wait was mainly on for Gears of War, the 360-exclusive flagship game for the all-new Unreal Engine 3, from industry veterans Epic Games. Can it live up to a year of ever higher mounting hype or does it turn out to be just another next-gen game with slightly more polished graphics?

Apart from a great marketing instrument to keep millions of gamers looking out towards November 12th 2006, Emergence Day or E-Day was also the day that the peaceful lives of those living on the planet Sera was severely disturbed. As the ground burst open spontaneously in every major city, soldiers of the subterranean Locust Horde poured out slaughtering everything in their way. Humanity scrambled for defense, and eventually the few survivors found themselves cornered on Jacinto plateau, on solid granite that the Locust couldn’t tunnel. Marcus Fenix, once a famous war hero, was imprisoned after defying orders in a vain attempt to save his own father. His 40 year sentence is suddenly cut short though as the Horde overruns the Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary, and former squad mate Dominic Santiago rescues Marcus from certain death.

As you take control of Marcus after Dominic has given him his uniform and equipment, you follow your buddy outside into the prison. And I’ll be very honest, this is where my jaw started dropping, and it didn’t show any intention of return to its regular position again until an awful lot of drool had dripped from it quite some time later. Forget publishers and developers spicing up their press release screenshots with some quick Photoshop sessions, everything you ever saw on Xboxic or other websites from Gears is real, and will be rendered real time on your very own 360. Without a single framedrop, even more shockingly. I tried more or less everything to convince the game to drop a frame, including bringing as much geometry on screen as possible combined with explosions and multiple enemies, but I failed miserably. Surprisingly the only times you wonder whether you just missed a frame are in the engine-rendered cutscenes, but on deeper inspection I think even those were just my imagination hoping to find a flaw.

As you progress through the game’s five Acts, prepare to get some painful jaws as Epic didn’t just make the first few scenes pretty for the shock effect, and the stunned impression will be a familiar sight to the rest of the household for a while. Whether it’s the dynamic lighting in the dusk, crazy realistic night time rain in the woods, the beautifully detailed Roman/Greek architecture or hellish looking abandoned landscapes: this game redefines the meaning of “good graphics” permanently, and makes sure it includes a near total lack of popup and ridiculously detailed textures for every single part of the game.

Now we all know that good graphics are just one thing, and that the most beautiful looking game can still suck. Thankfully, Epic also knows that, and made sure that all of the game’s atmosphere is supported by masterfully composed interactive orchestra music, dynamically adapting to changes in storyline and combat situations. The sound effects and voice acting are of the same high quality, and made my neighbors incredibly happy as I saw no reason at all to mute my surround set during nightly sessions. Visitors had no objection to just sitting down and watch the show as a non-stop action movie that just fits together like a jigsaw. To which I might add that there are indeed no noticeable loading times, except relatively short ones when reloading a checkpoint.

With graphics and sound being of the highest possible quality, what could still spoil the game was if it sucked in the gameplay department. Epic went for a relatively risky single-button control system, in which the green A handles most of your character’s moves. From taking cover to running, from SWAT turns to jumping over obstacles, it’s all one button. Initially, it felt kind of awkward, and especially the running sometimes ended up with me taking cover behind a wall I certainly didn’t want to take cover at. These frustrations were of short duration though, and it quickly became an intuitive solution to many problems. The reloading also takes some practice. The right bumper triggers a reload, but it’s quite slow normally. By timing a second bumper press correctly you can perform an active reload, possibly up to twice as fast as normally. Fail the attempt, and it will be slower as before. Time it perfectly though, and your bullets will do extra damage. Although I had my doubts about this system beforehand, it does actually help you feel more in control of the gunning as you become “mechanically involved” with the reloading procedure, and your character feels less of a robot capable of perfect moves all the time. Even though some elements take some getting used to, the game will be totally in your control before long.

So after all these paragraphs of praise, one might be getting the impression that this game is perfect. Well, sorry to be the one to break it: it’s not. Graphically and musically impressive, check. Incredibly playable, check. Finished the campaign on regular difficulty in 10 hours including lots of mucking around and cigarettes, check. Whoops? Yes, an average gamer could finish the single player campaign in about 8 hours I’d say. He’d also restart it immediately on hardcore difficulty, and then on insane, because the game is so damn good. So yes, the campaign is relatively short, but rather that than a 16-hour game of which half the game wasn’t finished or up to the same quality. The amount of details and sheer superiority crammed in that 8 hour game is stellar, and provides ample replayability in coop and harder modes. Speaking of harder modes, the difficulty level of the game is far from consistent all the way through. While most sections were a breeze on casual, some just seemed unproportionally difficult. Similarly, a hardcore coop session with a fellow reviewer this afternoon had us trying the same section over 25 times before we decided we sucked. The rest of the act so far had been a walk in the park for the two of us.

Continuing on the downsides, the game definitely has some glitches that could use some ironing. During my review sessions I’ve had to reload a checkpoint twice because a scripted event didn’t occur, blocking further progress because a door didn’t open. Notably both were during coop sessions, which could indicate that Dominic being at unexpected locations, or even the other end of the building in one extreme case, potentially wasn’t calculated in all situations. My 360 also froze once during the game, but I’m more than willing to attribute that to the Fall Update since, like most of the rest of the world, I’ve been experiencing the occasional freezing myself in random games.

After all the mentions of coop gaming above, I do have to emphasize that the coop is one of the really cool elements of the game. All the time you have at least your buddy Dom around, and you can just invite a friend in whenever you want, who will then seamlessly take over his role from the CPU. Truly great, and a feature I hope to see in more games in the future. Not that you really need the human assistance, because the Artificial Intelligence in the game is usually fine for both your squad mates and the Locust attackers, who rarely just sit and take damage but perform flanking maneuvers and actually change positions tactically when they discover you’ve got a clear shot at them. Just do mind that CPU Dom does like to die a lot, especially on harder difficulty levels. It’s also possible to play split-screen on the same 360, and unlike many other games it seems no sacrifices were made in making sure both halves get impressed with the game’s presentation.

Speaking of sacrifices in the graphical department, for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter it was known that it used a toned-down engine in the multiplayer modes because the developer claimed it helped them improve the framerate. Mental note to Ubi developers: call Epic’s programmers. Playing the 4 vs. 4 modes in Gears of War I noticed no slowdowns or cut down elements, the action just seems to have all the detail in there you know and love from the single player campaign. The 10 maps are also varied and detailed, which kind of makes up for the fact that only 3 multiplayer modes were included. Luckily, they’re well executed, with heaps of replayability, and Epic is working on DLC for the game already, and perhaps even a team ranking system. I did have regular problems getting into online games, but I’m fairly sure this had more to do with me being one of the few European players at the time than the game actually having problems. When I did get into games I didn’t have problems with lag or anything, despite my WiFi connection playing with American hosts.

In the end, Gears is great and there’s no doubting it. Despite me dedicating two extensive paragraphs to the less-than-superior stuff, without even mentioning the occasional cheesy dialogue and the quite predictable story, the single impression that I’ve consistently had about this game since I put the disc in my 360 was one of total and absolute awe and shock. Gears of War doesn’t just raise the bar for what we expect from next-gen games, it doubles its height. And for that quantum leap I can only award our highest grade.

Final Score: 10 out of 10 - Excellent (how do we rank games?) Gears of War newsvine:Review: Gears of War furl:Review: Gears of War reddit:Review: Gears of War fark:Review: Gears of War Y!:Review: Gears of War gamegrep:Review: Gears of War

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Great review. It makes me want to play it.

….wait….. :-P

Comment by Voyager2k on 2006-11-13 03:04:52 | Reply

The stuff with scripted events not finishing properly happens in single player A LOT too.

Usually happens when some Locust get stuck behind walls and your squad ends up shooting at walls until you restart. I had that happen a lot :(

It also happens a lot when you are just with Dom and have to do something so he would continue to follow you. Sometimes he’d just stand somewhere and not move anymore. The section with the propane tanks is a nice example where you can get Dom stuck pretty easy simply by not walking up to the tanks and shoot them straight and close range.

Ranks #2 on my list of GoW-problems right after “cover accidents”.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-11-13 03:14:55 | Reply

the online is major-ly screwed up, i have an extremely hard time connecting to any game, and my NAT is open and everything. other than that this is definitely my favorite game for 360.

I’m very curious about whether this is structural. Regrettably impossible for me to check of course since there’s less than 50 people in my geographical vicinity with the game currently.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-11-13 03:35:42 | Reply

what was the update for as soon as it was released? any details on that?

Nope, no idea.

Comment by Voyager2k on 2006-11-13 12:49:24 | Reply

So far no title could convince me to buy a gold subscription for my GT’s. If I had one I’d get stuck in a few nice covers for you and let you chainsaw me for the hell of it :) At least there should not be any connection issues between you and me.

I actually did play GoW again for a bit last night to see if some bugs can be replicated at diffrent points in the game and I am proud to say that I am now somewhat of an expert in the field of messing up the AI (squad and enemy) :)

Comment by Guy on 2006-11-13 07:19:31 | Reply

I’ve notice if you do say that Quick Ranked option, and it presents you with 5 results (when u press refresh), you should connect to them as soon as possible, and you’ll be fine. You’ll see it says 1/8 players, but as soon as you join, there will be probably 4, and then 8 is filled up within seconds. So most of these connection problem seem to be where it “tells” you it couldn’t connect, when in reality, its just full.

I’d say when I connect to a game that has 1/8 players, it fails maybe.. 5-10% of the time. Don’t worry, the game will fill up ;).

Comment by CleanSweep31 on 2006-11-13 03:16:18 | Reply

Humm … Maybe I should buy it anyhow.

Comment by mu on 2006-11-13 03:42:31 | Reply

great review curry. yeah i did have one scripted door refuse to open, but fortunately the game is such a pleasure to play that getting back to it was no problem.
playing through on hardcore i did notice the friendly ai dropping in quality a little, but the enemy ai was getting so good, it was hard not to get impressed. as soon as i learned dom would respawn at the end of every battle, i completely stopped worrying about him though, basically playing the game as a single player. co op mode is phenomenal though. playing through the campaign with a friend is beyond compare. i also pray developers take note. anyway, thanks for the review, and anybody who hasn’t yet, GET GEARS!

- mu

Comment by mu on 2006-11-13 03:44:44 | Reply

p.s. i have had NO trouble at all with multi player. i am in san francisci though, so there are tons of fools to house.

- mu

Comment by trj156 on 2006-11-13 03:51:34 | Reply

i am on the east coast of the us and have constant problems

Comment by DasBoot71 on 2006-11-13 03:58:28 | Reply

Excellent review. This game gets an 11 for fun factor. My only complaint is the online lobby - it is clunky and slow. Not easy to find games and your friends. No clan support.

Comment by Hoffer on 2006-11-13 04:51:46 | Reply

It is a great game. Very deserving of a 10 out of 10.

Comment by bob marketfresh on 2006-11-13 05:48:29 | Reply

No trouble with multiplayer either over here, although I only just got my copy and there was an update so maby that fixed something.

anyways if one game deserves 10/10 this is it… F-ing amazing on an HD tv.

Comment by BikeRanger on 2006-11-13 06:13:11 | Reply

The stuff with scripted events not finishing properly happens in single player A LOT too. Usually happens when some Locust get stuck behind walls and your squad ends up shooting at walls until you restart.

This happened to me twice, but the “fall in” command (LB+Y) brought the squad together and the game worked normally from there.

Comment by mu on 2006-11-13 07:32:54 | Reply

nice tip.

- mu

Comment by Voyager2k on 2006-11-13 13:01:16 | Reply

That only worked once for me and in that case it wasn’t really a script/ai problem but more of a blocking/pathing problem.

love that game. i’m ON THE EAST COAST and i have network problems with it as well. namely quick match. constantly get “lost connection to host” usually get 3 or 4 before one works. once a game connects, i have no lag though. had a glitch twice when i was chainsawing someone and then i froze up and couldn’t move. the game continues until someone kills me.

Comment by son of la on 2006-11-13 08:35:41 | Reply

as i read these problems..i think HYPE has something to do with to get 10/10
yes i got the game already but it just dont get the give it 8.5 .
why? look at the problems.. and too much hype over nothing…

Comment by Evan on 2006-11-13 08:55:12 | Reply

Have you played it yet?

If not I can tell you this I have played it two times through and am gonna do it again. I only had 1 chainsaw problem in a co-op match but that was easily fixed by letting me die then getting revived. But the Pro’s in this game by Far out weigh the cons. I give it 10/10.

Comment by Evan on 2006-11-13 08:56:04 | Reply

oops you have played it. my bad

Despite its relatively minor problems the game is undeniably a quantum leap. You say “Look at the problems”, I say “which problems?”. The odd scripting problem, which also occurred in just about every other title on every other platform? The minor problems getting into a multiplayer game? That’s happened to most popular games, and is frequently more due to network congestion because of sudden post-release game popularity than anything else.

That Gears has some problems is a fact, but the same goes for the fact that all games have at least minor problems when released (not just 360-games too of course) and that the game itself is LEAPS beyond anything else in the market.

Comment by Phantom on 2006-11-13 11:18:51 | Reply

Any problems at all means the game isn’t worthy of a 10.
What are you going to award a game that’s as good as GoW but doesn’t have any problems whatsoever? Eleven out of ten?
Because if you do that your GoW review doesn’t tell the full story, does it?
Two games, both score 10. Except one’s buggy and the other isn’t.
When you review something you don’t just take into account the past and the current for context, you also have to take into account the future. You have to ask yourself, “could this game have been better?”. The answer is obviously yes, because of the bugs.

Phantom.. Have you read how games get ranked here? And I quote “10. Excellent: As close to perfection as can currently be. It may be surpassed by later products, but at the time of writing it was king of the hill. Spend your dough now.”
So if a game comes out which is as good or better it deservers a 10 also ’cause it will be as close to perfection at that point in time. It’s not that hard to understand ;)

As Cage points out, we don’t reserve 10 for perfection on purpose because it would mean we can’t even use the highest grade. A 10 means “excellent”, and that’s exactly what Gears is.

Actually a game of comparable quality could get an 8 or 9 in a year from now, because Gears simply set the standards and we keep expecting improvement :)

To quote the rest of the scoring guide linked behind the score:

Note that we do not reserve the highest mark for ‘perfection’. Perfection doesn’t exist, and especially in fast-moving technology a perfect product may already be surpassed next week. We can rate 10, and it would mean there’s no better product on the market in its niche at that very moment. We could very well give another 10 the month after to another product that is just slightly better again.

Comment by Phantom on 2006-11-13 12:24:52 | Reply

Didn’t read the scoring link. It properly covers your arse on the 10 issue.
At some point it might be worth revisiting some of the games you review since your system can become dated for anybody using archived reviews. Not a major deal though.

Shouldn’t every review be placed in its proper timeframe? I’ve been gaming for 20 years now, and I most certainly remember games like Eye of the Beholder, Robocod and Sensible Soccer getting 90+ scores. Are those still relevant? If not, why would a year old Xbox 360 review still matter?

For example, we gave GRAW a 9 back in March. Were it released 3 months after Gears I’m not exactly sure it would’ve still earned that grade. But in March it most certainly did.

Comment by HiTek on 2006-11-13 09:11:41 | Reply

The fall update you was talking about Curry, I’ve had similar problems with games/demo’s crashing out of the blue for no apparent reason since downloading the fall update for my 360, hope MS are aware of this an are working on a fix to stop this, I doubt them glitches were down to GOW - after experiencing similar problems with all my games since the update.

Yes I’ve also experienced a number of freezes since the fall update, all on random games, so that’s why I don’t attribute it to Gears. I am actually collecting “evidence” on the freezing stuff.

Comment by Voyager2k on 2006-11-13 13:05:41 | Reply

My 360 never crashed, not once. Dunno what you ppl are doing to your consoles to crash or kill them :) Are you blocking the air in/outtakes somehow or blocked the airflow inside by some mods ?

nah man it just freezes for some messed up reason also when u push xbox live button it freezes but sumtimes u just have to wait.(Get the intercooler it is worth getting cause if u don’t you can cook eggs on it its only a tiny bit louder if u put it right way(it makes dif. sounds) its cold as ice.)

Comment by Carabus on 2006-11-13 09:53:29 | Reply

I can’t wait for this game

I want I want I want! Very nice review Curry, care to give up your copy of the game now? *wink wink*

Comment by mu on 2006-11-14 03:59:51 | Reply

vogayer2k seems to have an extra copy he’s not using. or is he busy hunting for glitches?

- mu

Comment by KNICKERSNOT on 2006-11-13 11:08:02 | Reply

i also am 1 of the lucky ones in europe playing the game and i agree with you curry.

take half life 1&2 and oblivion along with graw….. mix them up to make 1 big epic game…

your still NOWHERE near GEARS OF WAR.

Its not that good i hear you say…..

No its not.. ITS BETTER

Comment by Jasonic on 2006-11-13 11:18:06 | Reply

Minor bugs aside, This game is a true masterpiece and not to be missed by anyone who calls themselves a gamer. Or anyone else for that matter. Amazing stuff on and offline.
No multi play problems here..So far..
I agree with the 10/10.
To me, This is one game that lived up to the hype..And then some. IMO

Comment by Laban on 2006-11-13 12:42:14 | Reply

How is the sorround sound effects?

For perspective, consider that I have played this game in 1080i on 37″ LCD-TV with Ambilight, connected to a 800W 5.1 system. The sound and music are simply great, with the sound of the chainsaw bayonet slicing up Locust scum reigning supreme over anything you can compare it to :)

Comment by Voyager2k on 2006-11-13 13:22:37 | Reply

Whats really interesting is how ppl talk about the game. There are basically 2 groups arguing:

1) The fanboys, yes FANBOYS … 99%

2) ppl who didn’t get caught in the hype and don’t pray 5 times a day to the Epic God of Games CliffyB. Them who chose to see past the shiny bright light of hype

No matter where you go, you have a small minority pointing out the many problems of GoW (which are FACTS) and asking what’s so special about it. That group usually rates gow still very high (85%-90% even) but questions it’s status as “gamers heaven on earth”.

And then there is the large number of GoW fanboys who simply cannot tolerate any opinion diffrent from their own. Anyone questioning the game must perish, must be bashed, eliminated … EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! (if you get that reference).

It’s almost impossible to have a decent discussion about the game because the fanboys denie the facts and try anything to convince the other group of gamers of their own views and opinions. They don’t even listen and just make up excuses for anything brought into the argument.

GoW has significant problems in it’s gameplay, yet the majority of gamers simply denies it and says “it’s not so bad, all games have bugs” or “you get used to it”.

What the fucking hell ? Other games get ripped to pieces for bugs and we do pay for bugfree software after all. I EXPECT a game to be bugfree and I have ZERO tolerance for bugs if I have to pay an avg. of 60 Euros per game.

Accepting those bugs and problems as “normal” sends a very wrong message to developers and publishers about their QA efforts.

Fanboys defending a flawed product like GoW justify hyping a game to hell and back because they will tolerate lacking QA and just make excuses for bugs and problems.

Again, GoW is not a bad game. It’s presentation is excellent (but a bit boring after a while) and it certainly deserves high ratings. But in my opinion the vast majority of gamers highly overrates it currently because of the hype.

Once that is cooled down a bit and you can look back a few weeks you’ll probably realized that you were excited a bit too much :)

So am I a fanboy for recognizing the game’s immense superiority despite its small number of flaws? Is my review which clearly highlights those flaws a piece of fanboy material, because in the end I, as the reviewer, deem those flaws irrelevant to the fact that it is a great game you must own without any doubt?

Don’t count on me coming back on this grade in a few weeks… Before I received the review copy I was expecting a great game. I got more :)

Comment by Phantom on 2006-11-13 14:43:07 | Reply

He does have a point though.
Your review basically says, “the game has bugs, it doesn’t matter”.
Which is the same as saying, “Give us more buggy shit, we don’t care”.

No, I’m saying “this Ferrari has a few scratches in the bumper, which is a shame, but thank god those scratches do not affect the fact that it’s still the l33test car in town and will get you all the chicks.”

Comment by soul2soul on 2006-11-13 13:50:01 | Reply

Great score! F*ck the haters and complainers bububbubu

Comment by Lotus 111s on 2006-11-13 15:37:47 | Reply

I would love to be able to comment on the game but can’t until i get it. What i will say is that there has been many a top game released with bugs in it, i think we all should just accept that bugs are now part and parcel of modern day games(and old ones to be honest) and if they don’t fundamentally ruin a game then just play and enjoy. Now roll on Friday so i can finally play this damn game. ;)

Comment by Bill on 2006-11-13 16:33:02 | Reply

Amazing game, I give it a 10, and haven’t had any problems to speak of. It’s one of those games you can play over and over, because you can attack it from many different angles, and flanks while going through the game. It’s addicting, like Christmas coming early, and it really sucks you into the world!!

Comment by Bill on 2006-11-13 16:37:01 | Reply

PS. Voyager, dude you are on crack or something. This game is amazing, and whatever minor things that are happening which I haven’t noticed are irrelevent. I haven’t played a game in years that sucks you in, and makes you want to play it over and over again. It’s simply a great game. End of discussion, and it’s worth every dollar!

Comment by Dirty Duck on 2006-11-13 16:58:28 | Reply

Mine has arrived from the states today so when i get in from work today i know what i’ll be playing!!!

Comment by StGermain on 2006-11-13 17:00:08 | Reply

How are the controls? I can handle the controls in the Lost Planet demo fine but have significantly more troubles getting around in Halo 2 coming from a long time mouse addiction :) How do they compare?

More intuitive than the Lost Planet demo imo :)

One thing really messed up is on multiplayer when u join a game half the time or 3-4 people can’t hear u. Oh yea the chainsaw makes you freeze in one place but u can still shoot just not move.(i have a problem joining games also.) I LOVE GEARS OF WAR!!!!! COME GET SOME

oh yea i don’t kno if i got the update i think i do… but if u want to play me this is my gamer tag so if u want to challenge me i will grenade stick u also i can only play on weekends all the time.(Play me only if your good cause lots of people suck)

Cod3 is not worth getting because gow owns it… in cod3 everything is to wierd cause in real war i don’t think guns are polished am i right??? and in cod3 it look like crap compared to this.. made me wast 60 bucks cod3 was way not worth the hype.Well if anybody hates gow SHAME ON U!!!!

Comment by mu on 2006-11-14 16:12:03 | Reply

“the guns aren’t polished?”

that is a VERY weird complaint. cod3 currently is awaiting a patch, but other than that, the game looks like it will be very good once it has been healed. currently, the online component has been shot in the foot, but when you do get in game, it is fun. the game might not be worth getting for multiplayer yet, but it certainly has potential. and the clean guns REALLY don’t bother me.

- mu

yea they don’t bother me but graphics between cod2 and cod3 are a bit different and i didn’t really like it…probably because i played gears of war first anyway gears of way kills call of duty 3

Comment by Tucky on 2006-11-14 16:59:03 | Reply

i cant wait to play it but i dont think any game should get 10/10 cos thats saying its perfect, all games can be improved therefore at best 9.9/10 cos as you read all the problems u realise they could be sorted thereofre improving the game, cant wait till i get it tho

Read the link behind the score. Since we refuse to use a more granular scale than plain 1 to 10: we - do - not - reserve - 10 - for - perfection - since - it - does- not - exist.

Comment by Tyler on 2006-11-14 18:39:17 | Reply

It’s an amazing game, worth every dollar. Anyone who owns a 360 should be buying this game. It is THE game, and lives up to the hype. I can’t stop playing the damn thing, it really sucks you in!

Comment by Nambo on 2006-11-14 22:30:41 | Reply

Can you have 3 players on co-op? What about two players split screen and one on Live?

no sorry nambo only two player co-op and two player on xbox live if u have another xbox live account

Yeah, I gotta get this!

Righto, I was skeptical as well about this a bit.

Then I played it. I have finished single player, player hours of co op and a whole evening of multiplayer on every map. My opinion? 10/10, awesome game. Pips Halo out of the top spot for me. Graphics are amazing, gameplay is fresh and the levels are really well designed. There are problems with it yes, but Halo had a few bugs (if anybody remebers) as do many games. I never came across a game breaking bug, in fact my only gripe is that in single player ‘dom’ gets himself killed far too often.

Still, this game is awesome. At least rent this baby, please!

PS: anybody with lag: make sure your not using wireless as this can SOMETIMES cause lag (did for me) and also make sure your the only person using your connection. Also, go for UNRANKED games if you want a secure connection. Follow these rules and online is a piece of warm tasty pie.

Comment by Daniel on 2006-11-20 17:58:01 | Reply

GOW is one of the best shooters to date. The graphics are amazing as you are immersed quickly into battle with many dangerous foes. This game has surprisingly surpassed the greatness that we have put onto “Halo 2″. This is the new generation of shooter where blindfire is needed but not over used and where co-op is avaible online and offline, so that you can harness your abilities with a close friend or even with a complete stranger. The $59.99 is worth it for this game because of a lot of replay value.

Comment by Daniel on 2007-07-10 13:44:55 | Reply

ye sure gears of war is ok but the glitches are *ucking terrible thats the reason i took my 360 back the Game and got my ps3 now im playing resistance finally dont have to pay £35 a year for online …..

Comment by Daniel on 2007-07-10 13:48:10 | Reply

Ye gears of war had the worst single player game but its ok online it would be better if it didnt laag and glitch so fucking much a meen a took ma 360 back and im now playing a good console wif a good game the ps3 free online unlike its unworthy rival the xbox 360 who wants to pay £35 a year anyway just to play online wif laag and glitches …. £425 for a ps3 isnt a lot compared to the £270 xbox 360

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-07-10 14:21:28 | Reply

Are you contridicting yourself?

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