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Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring

With current killer app Gears of War not even out worldwide yet, Microsoft is paying its studios well to keep attention going their way this month it seems. Possibly stealing quite some thunder from their competitor’s new console releases, Bungie has announced an open beta for Halo 3 this spring, and 360-exclusive downloadable content for its ever popular predecessor Halo 2.

Select Xbox Live, game away…

Celebrating the Halo franchise’s 5th birthday, TeamXbox got the exclusive until a mere few minutes ago on the press release:

On the fifth anniversary of the release of the landmark Xbox® video game “Halo®,” Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie Studios today celebrated the milestone by announcing an exclusive hands-on experience with “Halo 3,” one of the industry’s most anticipated sequels. The Xbox Live® multiplayer public beta, which is a pre-release version of the multiplayer experience of “Halo 3,” is scheduled for availability in spring 2007 exclusively on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system.

In addition, Microsoft and Bungie confirmed today that consumers will be able to experience the “Halo” universe this holiday season through a one-time airing of a stirring, 60-second “Halo 3” teaser ad. And finally it was announced that the new, premium downloadable content for “Halo 2,” exclusive to Xbox 360, is scheduled for release in spring 2007.

The Halo 3 teaser will be broadcast on December 4, one time only, on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.” The following exclusive new screenshot was also released:

Halo fans in the world rejoice, and keep honing those Halo 2 skills for this public beta, no payment mentioned thank god but who knows what might happen. Now open your bets on whether the start of this beta will by any chance coincide with the European release of a certain other console. 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring newsvine:Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring furl:Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring reddit:Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring fark:Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring Y!:Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring gamegrep:Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring

50 comments on 'Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta coming this Spring'

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Comment by Son Of LA on 2006-11-15 11:22:28 | Reply

this is it..after 5years we hear was suppose to be a huge thing..bungie bullshitted us all

I think many people will disagree with you on that :)

Haha this is about as big as it gets for Halo fans I’d reckon.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-11-15 20:21:26 | Reply

this is lame.

i say this might suk to gears of war and assassins creed(no offense halo fans) but u kno there always a slight chance…haven’t seen a gameplay picture yet from microsoft so if they don’t come up with sumthing im sticken whith these 2 sick ass games

Comment by rylan on 2007-09-25 01:10:24 | Reply

dude you know what this is the best game to ever come out like wtf man

Comment by JC on 2006-11-15 11:22:44 | Reply

That’s nice.. a press release on its birthday !
No really, it would have been nicer if the beta was released instead of getting some info.

Seeing as GoW was just released, and it’s yet to be released in parts of the world (where’s my copy darn it .. pc world uk hurry up lazy @sses !), that might not be the best idea..

Comment by Son Of LA on 2006-11-15 11:30:26 | Reply

yes im a halo fan too but just to announce it..cmoon thats not good enough for 5 YEARS!
least they could put something in marketplace and not just say that WAIT FOR YEAR etc..

its good news but cmoon..think..5years and we get this??

It’s the fifth birthday of the game, not the fifth birthday of the announcement for this announcement. Bungie said Friday that they were going to announce something BIG today and they did, it’s not like they’ve been hyping this announcement since 2001.

Comment by Sean on 2006-11-15 12:12:33 | Reply

People just aren’t grateful these days.

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-11-15 11:37:33 | Reply

i think it’s a pretty cool announcement - sure, it would have been nice if something was released on marketplace, but the day is still young

I was looking forward to the new maps for Halo 2 until I read the word “premimum content” - I don’t play Halo 2 enough to warrent that

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-11-15 11:39:21 | Reply

sorry i mean’t new content for Halo 2 - not new maps (even though thats prob what it is)

Comment by NOrderOnlyCHAOS on 2006-11-15 12:11:49 | Reply

5th BDAY!.. i was at least expecting a new gamer pic or theme for 10000 mps!!!!!!!!!!….

Cool. I hope more studios do this with up-coming games. Maybe now when it’s officially realeased it won’t have to have a patch to fix multiplayer :-)

Comment by El $corpio on 2006-11-15 12:12:30 | Reply

yay! H3 demo for all, w00t!

Comment by Sam Jackson on 2006-11-15 12:25:57 | Reply

It better have bots.

Comment by DrDeath 013 on 2006-11-15 12:51:37 | Reply

It will not have bots.

Comment by NOrderOnlyCHAOS on 2006-11-15 15:38:47 | Reply

i’d love to see enemy off the single player missions, grunts, elites etc, etc, loaded onto the mP maps for practice…

not MC bots running around.. but practice, or GRAW style co-op on the MP maps would be sweet!!!!!!!!

Comment by deadly straw on 2006-12-07 03:19:39 | Reply

bots are gay it will ruen the game

Comment by Hologuts on 2006-11-15 12:27:39 | Reply

So, what they are saying is they are releasing a demo. Why bull it up so much, it’s going to be a demo, nothing more nothing less. Wow, I seem to be somewhat underawed after playing Halo 2 single player. You remember the one. Where you are tied to a piece of string and led all the way to the end. Similar to all those old (and now on cod3) channeled games. Still, at least COD 3 is also bringing back the old button bashing nonsense from eighties gaming.


Comment by Sean on 2006-11-15 14:16:43 | Reply

It won’t just be any demo though, it’ll be a BUGGY demo! W00T!!!

(that, and any feedback about it will actually be considered, whereas other demos are just demos of finished products)

Comment by NOrderOnlyCHAOS on 2006-11-15 15:40:48 | Reply

Button Bashing!… = Wii controller madness!…

think why its in there in the first place! cross-platform game!

Comment by Voyager2k on 2006-11-15 13:03:43 | Reply

I am so excited.

Comment by steggles on 2006-11-15 13:22:09 | Reply

Hmmmm, when mates have birthdays, you usually give them stuff, they dont usually give you much, perhaps a piece of cake and some free beer.

Should’nt we be giving things to master chief? or have i gotten the whole present giving aspect of birthdays horribly wrong my entire life.

Comment by SilentAssassn87 on 2006-11-15 15:25:46 | Reply

LMAO… Good point. On the other hand, it would not have killed them to make a gamer pic with masterchief wearing a party hat or something…. or blowing out a candle…you know.

Comment by Sean on 2006-11-15 16:17:43 | Reply

Or even better - Mister Chief.

Comment by Kate Loire on 2006-11-16 21:25:08 | Reply

That.. would be good. I’d buy it straight off :P

I don’t even like Halo 2 but I’m excited for the beta.


Comment by AugustusBot on 2006-11-15 17:18:59 | Reply


halo is so overrated.

Comment by Hoffer on 2006-11-15 18:45:48 | Reply

This would be big news if the beta started next week. It not starting until the spring is not big news.

Also, I haven’t played Halo 2 multiplayer in months. I don’t care about new maps and I doubt it will get me back into the game.

Lastly, announcing a a trailer next month. Also not big news.

Comment by shadow000 on 2006-11-15 21:16:49 | Reply

by the way, you know that picture of the halo 3 UI is a fake right?

Comment by Ape Bape Stas on 2006-11-16 00:50:17 | Reply

cant wait for the maps. will probably get me involved for a little while anyway. But right now im back to being top 50 in assassination GoW.

Comment by Raaaaaaaab on 2006-11-16 01:09:58 | Reply

i dont think many of appreciate the sheer amount of work that goes into a game like Halo 3, stop whining and deal with the teaser trailer. anything else is surely a bonus…

Comment by JollyRoger on 2006-11-16 03:11:10 | Reply

on the pic of the halo3 menu, what is classic mode?

Comment by Creepy17 on 2006-11-18 18:45:32 | Reply

that picture is a fake, don’t make inquiries about content that doesn’t really exist.

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-11-16 10:27:27 | Reply

You guys know the teaser ad - I bet that that will reveal the release date - “Finish The Date A Year From Today” - This due to the fact that December 4th 2007 falls on a tuesday, the day most games in America are released :)

Comment by Creepy17 on 2006-11-18 18:46:56 | Reply

Dec 4th can’t possibly fall on a tuesday if it’s going to be on MONDAY NIGHT football in America.

Comment by Carl on 2006-11-16 12:54:33 | Reply

They wouldn’t want to release the beta demo now. They don’t have all the graphics and gameplay worked out enough to impress everybody as much as they would want to. If people got to play it now, it could change there mind about halo 3. They believe that hopefully by march, they will have some of their multiplayer maps fully next-gen halo material.

Comment by MentalMaelstrom on 2006-11-16 16:07:50 | Reply

whats the chances this beta is gonna cost?

Comment by AugustusBot on 2006-11-16 17:53:52 | Reply

99.9% likely. it’s Halo.

Comment by Nolan on 2007-02-11 03:25:42 | Reply

what is the classic mode?

Comment by Cannon Fodder / Birdy / Lliam (i m the 1 person) on 2007-04-18 04:50:39 | Reply

yer good question wat is classic mode and dose any 1 have any insite or information about the existance of ‘HALO’the movie

Comment by halofan on 2007-06-20 22:14:28 | Reply

i just cant wait for it to come out

Comment by HaloPwner on 2007-08-07 19:08:57 | Reply

the beta was KICK ASS…. which somewhat means the game will be even more kick ass….. i mean, come on, it’s feckin HALO

Comment by ray on 2007-09-24 20:42:48 | Reply

wassup your right the beta did kick some ass also it fucking comes out tommarrow bitches!!!!

Comment by pattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt on 2007-09-25 16:08:30 | Reply

OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT HALO 3 IS OUT!!! TOO Bad i don’t have an XbOx360… :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ): ): :( :( :(

i know i hate that i dont have a 360 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my neighbor has it so it’s ok

Comment by Lone Goat on 2007-09-25 17:58:48 | Reply

WTF This Story Is almost F@##$% a year old. stop commenting in it.

Comment by danuu is my live name on 2007-10-06 19:55:24 | Reply

i got halo 3 on midnight on the 25 it is so cool soon i will have unlocked all the things with my gp

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