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Gears gets past Halo 2

It finally happened this week, Gears of War has bypassed Halo 2 on the Xbox Live most played games list. This is the first time since the release of Halo 2 that another game is on top. Also keep in mind that Halo is an original Xbox game, which has now been overrun by a 360 game, which was also just released 1 day ago in Europe.

Gears vs Halo - Gears on top, at least for the moment…

Xbox 360 Games

This week Last week Move Game title
1 1 Same Gears of War
2 9 Up Call of Duty 3
3 New New Contra
4 2 Down Call of Duty 2
5 5 Same Madden NFL 07
7 New New Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Demo
8 3 Down Splinter Cell Double Agent
9 6 Down Ghost Recon 3
10 4 Down Need for Speed™ Carbon

Original Xbox Games

This week Last week Move Game title
1 1 Same Halo 2
2 2 Same Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
3 3 Same Madden NFL 07
4 4 Same Counter-Strike
5 5 Same Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow
6 6 Same Star Wars: Battlefront 2
7 New New Call of Duty 3
8 7 Down Forza Motorsport
9 New New Call of Duty 2
10 10 Same Rainbow Six 3
If you combine the lists, Gears would be above Halo.

I’m curious what we’ll see in the near future. Will the Gears community stick with the game, as the current Halo 2 community did? I can imagine that Halo 2 players with a 360 were busy with Gears the past week, but they will return to Halo once they’re done with it. Besides that, we also have a new Halo 2 Multiplayer mappack on the way early 2007, to kick Gears away from the #1 spot. On the other hand, downloadable content, maps and improvements are also on it’s way to Gears. Who will win? Tell us what you think.

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47 comments on 'Gears gets past Halo 2'

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Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 17:39:46 | Reply

The Halo 2 link, has nothing to do with a Halo 2 Multiplayer Map-pack. It’s linked to the story about Halo 3 Beta that is being released Spring ‘07.

Comment by newmodel on 2006-11-18 17:46:24 | Reply

Maybe you should read a bit closer.

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 17:56:38 | Reply

Well there is a map-pack, but its Exclusive to 360 owners… I have a few friends that still have the original Xbox and play Halo 2, and they are left out.

Comment by El $corpio on 2006-11-18 17:56:13 | Reply

wow I wondered when it would happen, it wasn’t a question of “if” ;)

I hope they’ll be able to keep it that way by bringing new maps, gameplay types etc…maybe I’ll be able to get into a match easily in GoW. I give up in DoA4, I don’t get in a match for ages

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 18:09:52 | Reply

Yeah I know. I can’t wait until they release the patch to fix the matchmaking, I have a hard time finding a match that I can complete. I either can’t get a connection to the host, or get dropped after a round or two :( :(

Comment by El $corpio on 2006-11-18 22:22:05 | Reply

Yeah I tried getting in a match several times and I always (apart from once) got a connection error.
I did manage to host a game and invite ppl though.

The same happens as in the SC:DA multiplayer demo

Comment by Cool Britannia on 2006-11-18 18:03:49 | Reply

some people are questioning these stats….

Comment by Peewee on 2006-11-18 18:40:51 | Reply

The guy who questioned the stats already said he made an calculation error.

Comment by Carabus on 2006-11-18 18:07:29 | Reply


It’s just a matter of time before Epic is bought by Microsoft now ;)

Don’t you mean EA?

Comment by RECK1N on 2006-11-18 18:39:46 | Reply

If only I had my 360.. :( its in TX getting “repaired” so I havent even gotten to enjoy GoW yet. I have been playin lots of Halo 2 however. I did notice the drop in players, especially today matchmaking is taking a little longer to get players in.

Comment by kissmygritz on 2006-11-18 19:14:58 | Reply

Halo 2’s time has run its course, Gears is ushering in a new era. Alot of my friends are starting to take notice of Gears, they all want to come over and check it out after I’ve been babbling about it for a year.

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 19:46:22 | Reply

I know what you mean. What’s especially cool is how they can jump right into a Campaign game almost seemlessly.

Comment by t on 2006-11-18 19:52:35 | Reply

please buy Epic… i cant stand seeing Unreal Tourny on PS3!

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 20:38:15 | Reply

I really doubt UT would be PS3 Exclusive. If anything they would probably release it for both 360 and PS3. I would be very very displeased if they made it a PS Exclusive. I might cry if they did.

I can’t play Halo after playing so much GoW. Halo seems like a kid’s game now…and it’s last gen. It has run its course. It held the top for two years…and in Video Game years, that’s a long time. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen!

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 20:39:34 | Reply

I can’t say that I won’t play Halo after playing GoW. A lot of my friends still have just an original Xbox, and play Halo, so I play with them. But I play Gears a LOT more than I play Halo.

Comment by Deadly Warrior on 2006-11-18 20:32:14 | Reply


Comment by Son Of LA on 2006-11-18 20:58:09 | Reply


Comment by Norman Bates on 2006-11-18 21:07:51 | Reply

Soldout hahahahahaha that is by far the worst crap i have heard in a long time hahahahaha

btw halo is for kids and GoW is for 18+ gamers
so you might consider buying a 360 with GoW when you turn 18 kiddo

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 21:30:00 | Reply

I agree with you totally. Halo was geared more towards the younger crowd, while GoW is geared more towards the older crowd. There is no chainsaw, or curb stomping in Halo now is there?

Until HALO 3 comes out !

Comment by El $corpio on 2006-11-18 22:26:30 | Reply

I agree with that too.
I think the H3 public beta would be on top of all games if they tracked demos too

Halo 3 will probably stay the most played game on Live when it comes out, unless there’s a big surprise success game for 360 (Counter-Strike 360 :P)

I’ve never liked CS.

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-18 23:16:59 | Reply

Even when Counter-strike came out for original Xbox, it wasn’t that great of a game, and I don’t think it did anywhere close to good enough to warrant a sequel.

Comment by Scruffy Lefty on 2006-11-19 01:31:39 | Reply

There is still people playing CS on live as we speak

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-19 02:32:05 | Reply

I’m not denying people aren’t going to play it. That’s like any game, someone, somewhere will play it. I’m saying its just not as widely played as a lot of other games that were released for the original xbox.

Comment by mass9 on 2006-11-18 23:55:19 | Reply

Everone should just take a look at the great job Bungie did for matchmaking with H2. Thats a huge part of the reason why lots of peeps still play H2 over some other titles. It is quick, easy and convinient to get into a game with A PARTY and stay together from game to game. All these games out right now have serious MP issues. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to play in parties with our friends for games like GoW and COD3

/end rant

Comment by Mikeawesome on 2006-11-19 01:28:22 | Reply

Dude, Rainbow Six Vegas Multiplayer Demo will be on that list next week.

If it’s not, then I honestly don’t know what the fuck the rest of Xbox Live is doing, because it is amazing. It really brings back the feel of the Rainbow Six:3 and Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.

Comment by OGC SnakeEyes on 2006-11-19 03:42:08 | Reply

Achievment Unlocked
Description: Finally defeating the most overly hyped franchise in history. 10,000 G

Comment by another concerned individual on 2006-11-19 03:54:38 | Reply

cynicism ftw

Yay Gears!

Wow. About time halo 2 got knocked off, it has been on top for two years! Rainbow six 3 only had one year of live glory…

Anyway, Gears is an awesome game any way you slice it, and I hope we all get into it and enjoy it for what it is - A very well made game.

if epic is doin’what they always do with their multiplayers, they’ll surtanly win. new games modes maps and more ;) mutators ^^ And bug fixes. (and some small hope for deticaded X360 server mode(just like in Unrealchampionship 2(come on! makes this game backwards compatiable!!!)))

just lemme join GoW servers quicker (without 10x host disconnect before) and i’ll play all day!

Comment by frankie on 2006-11-20 06:14:36 | Reply

the only reason you people can’t get into a gow match os because your connections suck. I have top broadband, and I get a cannot connect to host message like once a night at most. Just get better broadband connection, and you will stop getting dropped from games.

Comment by PaulWillocks on 2006-11-20 09:56:55 | Reply

Shut up dumbass, Ive got one of the best connections there is and when trying to connect to a ‘RANKED’ multiplayer game I get a can not connect message 95% of the time. I can go to a ‘PLAYER’ match and get into a game 100% of the time, but yeah like you say our connections suck! dumb shit.

Comment by Logue on 2006-11-20 20:13:54 | Reply

I can play ANY other game, and never get dropped. This [i]only[/i] happens in GoW Ranked games.

Comment by thadude on 2006-11-29 03:23:48 | Reply

annnnnnd Halo 3 will take out Gow

Comment by deadly straw on 2006-12-07 03:07:45 | Reply

HALO 3 will own gow so bad it will make it look like harry potter GEARS is a very good game thou halo is just better

Comment by deadly straw on 2006-12-07 03:09:49 | Reply


Comment by random dude on 2006-12-07 19:44:33 | Reply

I think halo 3 when it comes out will rock hell yeah but at the moment the best game out there is gow but halo 3 will rock so much bete when it gos out.

Comment by random dude on 2006-12-07 19:50:29 | Reply

you no what i say is right halo is so much bete
and anyguy complains your fucking idiots

Comment by Lone goat on 2007-07-09 18:15:32 | Reply

if i could read that… i think i might feel pawnd….. never mind.

Comment by Halo Sucks on 2007-07-09 04:59:19 | Reply

Halo is the most overrated game of all time. In all honesty, probably the only reason it became popular at all is because it was a good game for the original XBox, which had nothing that was any good at all for the longest time…GoW is so much better, seriously, anyone not in kindergarten can see that

halo is ownage halo 3 will end the video game world i feel limited in how i can play in gears its good but not that good

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