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Microsoft may exceed sales forecast of 10M 360s

In a recent interview with, the vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division of Microsoft Corp. Peter Moore said that Microsoft may exceed their sales forecast of 10 million Xbox 360 consoles before Christmas 2006.

“They key is we’re in stock, we’re available, we’re delivering well to retail,” Moore said. “Certainly the consumer is recognizing the fact that we have a great price point as well as 160 games available and that flies in the face of our competition.

In the interview Peter Moore also said that they came off a very strong Thanksgiving holiday. However, when asked he refused to comment on a new forecast. If Microsoft does happen to sell more then 10M consoles before Christmas, then I think it would fair to say that they will have unlocked an achievement worth an infinitive amount of gamerpoints.

It’s possible that one of the reasons why more 360s then expected have been sold is that Microsoft released the Xbox 360 a full year before the PS3 and Wii in the USA and people decided not to wait for Sony or Nintendo’s next-gen console. Another possible reason is that some people in America couldn’t get the console their children wanted and because of that they decided to avoid total disappointment on Christmas day and bought an Xbox 360 instead.

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32 comments on 'Microsoft may exceed sales forecast of 10M 360s'

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Comment by BadIronTree on 2006-12-07 15:34:15 | Reply

lol on the photo

I know lol, I can’t see the timeline!

Comment by Chris on 2006-12-07 16:16:00 | Reply

LOL go microsoft go!!!!

Serves sony right for all teh bashing and having nothing to show for it.

As for that image that image seems to not take into the account the fact the 360 will become cheaper lots faster than the ps3… and will have pretty much the same games…. i mean when the prices shift and the ps3 is 400$ and the 360 is 150-200$…. its not gonna be pretty for sony lol

Comment by Kevin_NL on 2006-12-07 16:29:34 | Reply

Hmmm, i don’t ever think ps3 is gonna sell more than the wii, also, the wii has already sold much more units than the ps3.
so it’s a bit of a fake forecast

If you are referring to the forecast in the picture, then I’d like to inform you that that graph was probably made prior to the PS3 and Wii’s launch.

The Wii has much more units available at launch too. Also, that graph shows the Wii taking an initial lead actually :)

Also, the time frame is 2006-2010. If you look just below the achievement, you’ll see 2010 sticking out: a sign that the end of the graph represents an estimated sales figures.

Comment by Chris on 2006-12-07 16:43:56 | Reply

the issue with the wii sales is they will taper off… its a glorified gamecube with a cool new remote… once the initial hype of it dies down it wont have much staying power for longterm sales…

people are already complaining it looks too last-gen… people are very simple… there eyes judge first

Comment by Tom on 2006-12-07 17:23:30 | Reply

None of that will matter as long as ppl have fun , sure the hardcore gamers judge with their eyes , but the normal run of the mill dads/families wont care as long its enjoyable/affordable.

Comment by Blunted on 2006-12-07 18:02:55 | Reply

“its a glorified gamecube with a cool new remote”

Hmmm, you could say the DS is just a GBA with a touch screen, and we all know how it’s performing, don’t we? ;)

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-12-07 23:38:08 | Reply

The only difference is:

A handheld is a whole lot different then a console. I mean, on those little screens I don’t need high def graphics. I need good gameplay to kill the time.

On my home big HDTV I want next gen graphics in HD quality, no last gen SD stuff.

The Wii is for fungaming, some beer and laughs, childeren and grandparents that don’t know how to handle the original consolecontrollers.

360 is for real gaming, great graphics, hours and hours of intensive online gaming

Comment by OGC SnakeEyes on 2006-12-07 16:45:58 | Reply

Uh…how about people bought the 360 becuz its a superior system. The B$3 sucks ass for reasons im not gonna waist my time listing becuase ive done it sooo many times before. Sony’s death will be slow and agonizing…

Could be true, sitting around 8mill sold today. This link shows rough console sold data.

Comment by Andy on 2006-12-07 17:20:23 | Reply

The PS3 will out sell the Wii and I think the 360 may strugle to stay ahead in the long term. It would have out-sold the Wii already if Sony had sorted their production issues out. The PS3 is and excellent piece of kit for the price. Just remember it’s a Blue-Ray DVD player (which retail for about £800) and a next-gen games console for £500. In a HD world, it’s all you really need under your telly (with the exception of Sky+ / Tivo)

Comment by attack11 on 2006-12-07 19:03:42 | Reply

i can’t follow that reasoning. it’s a gaming console first. if you buy it for movies; that’s great but you must know sony put the bluray player into the ps3 because if it fails (bluray) they’re seriously f’d and there is no other distrobution channel that’s working for em right now.

when it comes to format wars, hddvd/bluray use the same codecs, and wavelength for the laser so the only difference is the optics. with sony’s track record of prioritary formats; you gotta be real young to be hyped for bluray.

Comment by El $corpio on 2006-12-07 17:31:13 | Reply

MS said they’re trying to sell 10 mill before 207, not Christmas AFAIK

I think they can make it if there’s quite a significant boost or if we’ve just got wrong numbers on

Comment by Blunted on 2006-12-07 18:05:04 | Reply

Wasn’t it “the end of financial year 2006″, which if I remember correctly MS count as the end of May. isn’t really accurate, while it’s fun, it’s not reliable at all. They predict the future, and every few minutes they add a number based on what has been sold in the past, or something like that.

I wrote my own version of nexgenwars in 5 minutes last night: click.

Comment by TheCommenter on 2006-12-07 17:44:26 | Reply

good for MS..

also that achivment thing is funny..but it blocks the info..anywhere without achiv pic??

Comment by Dubblek24 on 2006-12-07 20:03:31 | Reply

MS will sell 10 mill.Because of HALO 3,HALO WARS,ETC…

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-12-07 20:43:20 | Reply

Those won’t be out this year.

And they will sell 10 million THIS year for sure

Comment by dabombarz on 2006-12-07 20:43:17 | Reply

Well, is it really an issue if MS sell 10 million or not. I’m not sure why this seems to be such a big deal that every site carry this story. Ok, I’ve heard that the first to 10 mil wins but I just don’t see that be the case this gen. The one with the “most best” games always win. If you can’t get developers to jump ship at 8 million, I’m not sure you will get them at 10.

yeah, whatever, to the ps3 fanboys. gta4 and just about everything elsebesides a few sony titles ae pretty much comming out for the 360 and its less! and really i dont think anyone really cares about hd movies right now. so many people bought so many dvds why go buy them again in hd? unless you like to spend money? besides xbox live alone offers more than sony wannabe service.


Comment by h on 2006-12-07 21:28:53 | Reply

ps3 wont even sell 1 million at the rate its going go wii and 360

Comment by Dubblek24 on 2006-12-07 22:14:59 | Reply

Bman487 said it all

Comment by Veritas on 2006-12-07 23:01:17 | Reply

“i dont think anyone really cares about hd movies right now. so many people bought so many dvds why go buy them again in hd? unless you like to spend money?”

People said the same thing with the tape casette->CD transition, and VCRs to DVDs. It’ll happen eventually. The market is already becoming diluted with HDTVs. That’s why the format shift is important: if the market shifts to HD-DVD/blu-ray, then that cuts off a major selling point of either of the consoles. That’s why it’s called “forecasting”.

Comment by BadIronTree on 2006-12-08 08:24:40 | Reply

Veritas history repeat it self but not always :)

Comment by Wet Vein on 2006-12-08 16:29:44 | Reply

I still have a beta max, and I love it. You know why? Because it’s way better and more powerful than a crappy VHS. So what if I have to watch “Willow” every night. (The only tape I have left that works) I love it! Sony rocks my nuts. Japanese workmanship is far superior, just go back in history… Japan always wins.

Comment by Savyer on 2006-12-08 17:39:40 | Reply

didnt sony loose WWII tous americans. history repeats itself than blu ray will go the way of the beta max, mini disc, and now the umd.

Comment by honkyjesus on 2006-12-08 18:35:31 | Reply

that graph is off in so many ways…

first off, the wii already has more than twice the amount of ps3’s sold, secondly ps3 isn’t in dead last

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