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Halo 3 ViDoc “Et Tu, Brute?” now available

Great news for all the Halo fans again! It seems YLA G’s rumor was partially true, the new Halo trailer is available on the marketplace right now. At least if you live in the right place. It’s NOT available in the following country’s: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic Of, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan. If you live in one of these places, don’t worry, we’ve got an internet link right here!

Halo 3

In the second Bungie “Vidoc” we take a long hard look at the ferocious new antagonist for Master Chief, the Brute. Now that a tentative alliance has formed between Humans and Elites, the fighting focus of Halo 3 switches to the monstrous Brutes. These tenacious foes have improved graphically with the advent of the Halo 3 engine and the power of the Xbox 360, but more importantly, their tactics, weapons, vehicles and AI have all followed suit, making the Brutes the worthiest opponents the Chief has ever faced. See how the designers, artists and programmers set about the herculean task of replacing a fan favorite – the mighty Elite – with an unforgettably ferocious adversary. See how Brutes behave in packs and as individuals with brilliant new animation and AI. Take a first look at the new Brute graphics, weapon and armor designs and finally, get the first ever public glimpse at Halo’s legendary Campaign.

So what is this about? Well, it’s an exactly 7 minute (coincidence? UNLIKELY! For everyone who knows Bungie’s affection with the number seven) documentary about the Halo brutes. It has some Halo 2 gameplay footage, you see some behind the scenes of the Halo 3 modeling process, and off course a lot of halo 3 footage! The Halo 3 footage is not completely textured everywhere, but it’s definitely in-game! And it’s full of clues again, like a character dual wielding swords. Plus you get a lot of info straight from the devs.

The marketplace download weighs 336.07MB for the 720P version and 96.70MB for the 480P version.

Halo 3

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28 comments on 'Halo 3 ViDoc “Et Tu, Brute?” now available'

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Comment by geekinabox on 2006-12-20 14:55:54 | Reply


One of the game-footage screens shows 4 grenade indicators: frag & plasma (of course), spike (presumably), and an unknown forth (shield grenade from the MNF trailer?)

Et tu? = And You? (For the non Frenchies.)

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-12-20 15:18:38 | Reply

The more non-frenchies the better in my book.

Comment by mass9 on 2006-12-20 15:39:11 | Reply

you’re an idiot. plain and simple, and your comment shows it.

The_Glovner is right this time.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-12-20 17:45:43 | Reply

No my comment shows I ain’t a fan of the French.

Your flawed logic shows you to be the idiot.

Fuck off now, ya bore me.

Comment by geekinabox on 2006-12-20 15:23:10 | Reply

Et tu, Brute? ….

“And you” is techinically correct, but the more popular traslation is “You, too?” or “Even you?” …

The line’s from Julius Ceaser, and the “expression has come to mean ultimate betrayal by one’s closest friend(s)” (thanks, Wikipedia)

Comment by Ninjer on 2006-12-20 15:16:43 | Reply

The trailer is available in The Netherlands too.

Did I say it wasn’t available there then?

Comment by Ninjer on 2006-12-20 16:08:01 | Reply

Sorry, I must have mis-read the NOT. :)

Comment by Terry on 2006-12-20 15:20:43 | Reply

In my book et tu is latin.

Comment by Drawback on 2006-12-20 15:30:29 | Reply

The title should be: Es-tu Brute? (Are you Brute?)

As Et tu, Brute? means absolutely nothing…

Comment by Studley on 2006-12-20 15:35:22 | Reply

…unless you know Latin, or history, or Shakespeare

Comment by InsaneBastard on 2006-12-20 15:41:48 | Reply

touché ;)

It’s latin Drawback, and if you were thinking about spanish, it doesn’t make any sense in that language either. You missed twice :)

Comment by geekinabox on 2006-12-20 15:48:04 | Reply

- it’s latin
- it’s shakespeare (from Julius Ceasar)
- it means “You, too, Brutus” ? when Brutus betrays Ceasar …

Case closed … so how ’bout that video ?

Oops, I seemed to of started off a little war

man that video was a let down…. that was pathetic

Comment by TheCommenter on 2006-12-20 16:36:40 | Reply

finally some gameplay footage..i liked just add the hud..

Comment by Sacrelicious on 2006-12-20 17:04:50 | Reply

You can see the HUD at around the 1:53 mark, it is visible when the Bungie guy is adjusting what looks like in-game geometry. You can see that there are 4 grenade types: Plasma, Frag, Spike and… probably the shield grenade from the TV commercial.

Comment by geekinabox on 2006-12-20 17:27:02 | Reply

Yeah … I mentioned that in the 1st post/comment. Bungie has refused to confirm that the shield ‘thing’ is indeed a grenade, but it seems like a strong possibility. Otherwise, we’re forced to speculate on yet other grenade type (smoke grenade? … nah, that’s been done. Naked Cortana hologram grenade? now that might be an effective weapon/distraction)

Comment by AugustusBot on 2006-12-20 17:13:49 | Reply

what’s an elite? we formed an alliance w/ old halo bad guys? explain this to someone who’s never played halo ;)?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2006-12-20 17:47:59 | Reply

The ones that ain’t the Brutes and have mouths like the beastie fi Predetor.

Elites and Brutes are the main bad guys of the Covonent (aliens). In Halo 2, a racial Civil War is started between the two. I won’t say we formed an alliance with the Elites, but in the end of HAlo 2 a small group of Elites gave the some Humans a helping hand in stoping some Brutes. Think of it like the Russians were on the German side in WWII, but Germany betrayed them and the Russians switched to help the USA. Kinda like that.

-Thats one thing I am afraid of with Halo 3 is that it will be to confusing. There are like 5 different sides fighting each other and to someone who has never played Halo, will be confused.

Comment by geekinabox on 2006-12-20 17:17:05 | Reply

graphically the vid didn’t wow me as much as I hoped. The characeter models and lighting were impressive; the environments were not.

Nonetheless, Bungie prepared us for this when they said”

“There are no finished graphics in the documentary, and everything you see is a work in progress”
- and -
“You’ll see what amounts in a way to the first glimpse at Campaign content, but don’t get too excited. Everything you see here is a work in progress, and I’m afraid you won’t be seeing anything like finished graphics…”

… so stay tuned. It’ll prb never be as outright gorgeous as GoW, but it will definitely get for next-genny as things progress.


Comment by dabombar-z on 2006-12-20 22:39:36 | Reply

I know that the video is just an indication but they should have learned from Too Human. Don’t show us an unfinished or half way done game especially after that bomb trailer.
If anything they should have shown this first and the trailer second. The animation looks like Halo 2 and the graphics are good but not what many of us had hoped. Still early but this is an early letdown. Get it together Bungie.

Comment by Tucky on 2006-12-20 23:28:59 | Reply

looked pretty poor tbh, graphics werent anythin either. never like halo tho so i dont really care

Comment by Carl on 2006-12-21 02:31:19 | Reply

For everyone who is dissapointed about the graphics, bungie has said that the gameplay videos that they have provided are months old. I trust bungie, with all the money that they make, will be able to give us the eye candy that we wanted. Come on, this game is the most important game for the xbox 360. It will meet, or even surpass our expectations.

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