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CoD3 maps back up and playable

If, like many, you bought the new Call of Duty 3 maps last week, only to be horrified that you had effectively poured some MS Points down a drain, then you will be pleased to know the maps are back up on the Marketplace and running smoothly. If you did buy them, then worry not as the drain has coughed up your Points, and you don’t need to re-purchase the download, as many feared you would.

From the forums:

Hi Call of Duty 3 fans:

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the issue surrounding the Valor map pack. We are happy to announce that we have resolved it, and that the map pack is now fully available for download over Xbox Live Marketplace. We have also released a Title Update which, in addition to addressing the map pack, also remedies key issues regarding Ranked Lobbies and Ranked Matches that some users have experienced.

If you downloaded the Map Pack on January 18, please download the new Title Update which resolves these issues. If for any reason you deleted the Valor Map Pack after your purchase, you are entitled to re-download it without charge.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and look forward to playing you in the new maps!

– Call of Duty team

Has anyone tested the new update yet? Is it actually possible to get into ranked again now (since I couldn’t even after the original update)? Let us know in the comments below, it will be interesting to see.

For those that missed it first time around, here are the details again:

  • Name: Call of Duty 3 Valor Map Pack
  • Price: 800 Points
  • NOT Available in: All Xbox Live regions
  • Dash Details: Five all-new Call of Duty 3 multiplayer maps for online, split-screen, and System Link play! Battle it out in abandoned prison camp in Stalag 23. Engage in epic house-to-house fighting in a rural French village in La Bourgade. Navigate the battered warehouses and naval machinery of an oceanfront shipyard in Ironclad. Launch an all-out assault across a battleground choke point in The Crossing. Take cover in the thick trees and overgrowth of a mountaintop listening post in Wildwood.

(This was from Major Nelson last week; I presume he meant the maps were available in all regions, as opposed to not. As it turned out, he was right, since they wouldn’t work anywhere!)

Let us know also how these maps compare to the originals; do you prefer them, or do you just play Call of Duty 2 anyway? maps back up and playable newsvine:CoD3 maps back up and playable furl:CoD3 maps back up and playable reddit:CoD3 maps back up and playable fark:CoD3 maps back up and playable Y!:CoD3 maps back up and playable gamegrep:CoD3 maps back up and playable

17 comments on 'CoD3 maps back up and playable'

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Comment by George Podge on 2007-01-29 17:01:59 | Reply

certainly better than the original set of maps, quite like them.

Comment by Karel_ende on 2007-01-29 17:02:15 | Reply

NOT Available in: All Xbox Live regions


I’ve clarified that; thanks for the pointer!

Comment by J1980 on 2007-01-29 17:30:44 | Reply

yeah you dont get booted out in rank match, plus theres no waiting around for people to join - you can 14 in a room now very quickly and as of yet Ive not been kicked out - it works a LOT better…new maps are way better than originals except for ironclad - i hate iron clad



Be Ready!

Comment by HellsAss on 2007-01-29 18:12:32 | Reply

This Chaos War?

Comment by zAlphaOmega on 2007-01-29 18:16:14 | Reply

These new maps are AMAZING!!

But NOT playable in RANKED matches because not everyone has them (yet?).

The maps are working here in ranked matches and they are very nice. I quite like them.

Comment by Cubjag on 2007-01-29 18:23:32 | Reply

The maps do work in Ranked but only if everyone in the room has them.

Comment by zAlphaOmega on 2007-01-29 18:45:56 | Reply

i tried for a couple hours last night to get a good ranked game on the new maps…but not everyone bought them:

“10 bucks? fuk that, dude” is what i heard when asking if everyone had the new maps.

Comment by vandenbond on 2007-01-29 18:27:52 | Reply

The maps are gorgeous. Very good sized maps and perfect lay outs too. Had a lot of fun playing ranked yesterday..the prison camp map is amazing and so is the wildwood map…wide open high grass battle field…very cool.

Comment by toyota4x4 on 2007-01-29 18:32:53 | Reply

i really like the new maps. way better than the original ones. my favorite right now is ironclad…why doesnt anybody else like that map??

Comment by RK1 Uncle Pantz on 2007-01-29 20:50:11 | Reply

I downloaded but haven’t played them yet. How do the dynamic maps work out? Have you guys noticed the size of the map changing based on how many players there are?

Pretty cool maps. Most of ‘em are for long range, but fun all together :) 800 MP is a lot, but I soo love this game (if it’s working)

Comment by J1980 on 2007-01-30 01:32:36 | Reply

ironclad to me is very dull and plain looking

Comment by PJ on 2007-01-30 14:32:10 | Reply

These new maps are great. I’m enjoying them very much. Well worth 800 points($10).

Comment by HELP ME on 2007-04-16 20:13:04 | Reply

Is there anyplace where i can download xbox live content on the net? for free?

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