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Halo 3 coming fall 2007

The word is finally out, though we and many of you have predicted it before. Bungie used wallpapers and banners in their weekly update to announce that Halo 3 will arrive in fall of this year. For Xbox 360 gamers, fall just can’t get anything better with the release of great titles including Half-Life 2, GTA IV and now officially Halo 3.

There it says it: Halo 3 arriving fall 2007! The release of this ‘teaser pic’ is the beginning of the Halo 3 marketing campaign. If you remember the Halo 2 marketing campaign, you’ll remember a series of pictures used over and over again. With Halo 3 they created a brand new identity to be used for marketing and box art. This first bit of art can also be downloaded as a wallpaper for your PC or Xbox 360 (you can upload it through Windows Media Connect).

Wallpaper preview

Wallpaper sized horizontal treatment 1024×768
Wallpaper sized horizontal treatment 1280×768
Wallpaper sized horizontal treatment 1280×1024
Wallpaper sized horizontal treatment 1600×1200

In their weekly update bungie also placed an overview of the current control scheme, as we will probably see it in the Beta…

Multiplayer Control Scheme as of 3:43pm Today (subject to change).

Left and right sticks:
Movement and look. Just like H2.

Click left and right sticks: Crouch and zoom – just like H2, although there is a “toggle crouch” option, so that you can stay crouched until you click the stick again.

A: Jump

B: Melee attack. Note: B may also be used to activate a subtle, but nifty context-sensitive feature.

Y: Switch to next weapon.

X: Activate mysterious new feature which on the cool scale falls somewhere between “crouch” and “activate Fantanas on speed dial.”

LT: Toss grenade.

RT: Shoot weapon.

LB: Cycle grenade type (you have at least three types of grenade now, so they must be cycled rather than switched).

RB: Pick up weapon/activate stuff/reload/use turrets and so on.

Note: If you hold LB while standing over a dual wieldable weapon, you’ll pick it up in your left hand – a huge improvement over the “Y” button in Halo 2. This doesn’t affect grenade cycling, because you can still tap LB to cycle grenades, but you can’t toss ‘em while dual wielding anyway. So it’s moot. After about ten minutes of play, it feels incredibly natural, with the lone downside that you have trouble adjusting when you go back to Halo 2. But more vitally, LB reloads the weapon in your left hand, individually when you’re dual-wielding.

BACK: Calls up the Multiplayer “player menu” – where you can mute jerks, see gamer data and so on. The back button is useful, but tough to press in really hectic action, since it’s so close to the Guide button.

START: Pause menu (which is translucent so you can adjust controls without losing track of what’s on screen) and one or two other significant goodies we haven’t revealed yet. From here you can also end or quit a game, naturally.

D-PAD: Used for sweet circular fighting game moves. No wait, my bad - it is currently used to activate team chat, but that’s very provisional. This is being given a lot of care and attention and is tied to other matters, such as your default settings and how team chat and proximity voice work. You’d be amazed how much testing and thought goes into this stuff.

They point out this stuff is not final and that it could change at any time (in fact, it could be changed already). Since the Beta FAQ this week, there has been a lot of talking going on about the mysterious X button. Although it’ll probably be sprinting or shield grenade, it’s still kept a secret for the moment…

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Comment by worm man on 2007-02-17 17:39:04 | Reply


Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2007-02-17 17:51:52 | Reply

Yeah it can.

When you smoked some more weed it does

Comment by Kate Loire on 2007-02-18 00:16:10 | Reply

^ Hero

Comment by coojo on 2007-02-18 09:38:45 | Reply

no one cares about fuckin worms- wii out

I try not to want this game, but I give up. It looks as good as Halo 1.

Comment by Derka on 2007-02-17 18:15:39 | Reply

Campaign, not campain

Comment by Tucky on 2007-02-17 18:37:51 | Reply

oi worm man, ever thought of stopping being a cunt? just a sugestion of course

Comment by Willllll on 2007-02-17 19:04:58 | Reply

am i the only one with an xbox 360 that doesnt give a shit about halo ?

Comment by Tucky on 2007-02-17 21:55:35 | Reply

no, i dont either

Comment by JaneDoe79 on 2007-02-17 19:20:02 | Reply

No you are not. I will prob by it but its not on my 10 most wanted list.

Comment by trj156 on 2007-02-17 21:23:25 | Reply

there arent even 10 games i want,im way too picky

The “X” button will most likely be used to run faster. The shield grenade will probably be a regular grenade in which u can carry, but will probably be like a special weapon, like how the sword is used.

Comment by ExpandedFlame on 2007-02-17 22:55:34 | Reply

No, it activates something, that would seriously be a waste of a button..

boy aren’t you a halo hopeful… man your stupid… you would like for it to open your sears catalog and jerk you off too but that ain’t going to happen dumbass…

Comment by Savyer on 2007-02-17 19:55:46 | Reply

i think the x button will be a record button. i remember reading somewhere that you will be able to record multiplayer to show off later, but i could be wrong.

Comment by trj156 on 2007-02-17 21:23:49 | Reply

that would be the biggest waste of a button

Comment by George Podge on 2007-02-17 20:03:02 | Reply

am i the only one with an xbox 360 that doesnt give a shit about halo ?
nope I couldn’t give a toss either.

i hope they make the button lay 100% customable

Man, Halo is so good.

Comment by Vasu on 2007-02-18 01:08:25 | Reply

Why do I have a feeling it will be released in november like the previous two games. I see a henna tatto coming again

Comment by R3CO on 2007-02-18 01:18:25 | Reply

Im so over halo, i played that thing to death online, so untill i play the beta and it actually comes out i dont give a rats about his game. This Game better slap me in the face with how “great” its meant to be

Comment by OHT 47 on 2007-02-18 02:37:33 | Reply

halo is the best game.can’t wait for the to play the halo beta.

Comment by OHT 47 on 2007-02-18 02:44:52 | Reply

HALO is the best, cant’t wait to play halo 3, >>>>++++++(((((((())))))))>>>(((((((()))))))

The “X” button will most likely be used to run faster. The shield grenade will probably be a regular grenade in which u can carry, but will probably be like a special weapon, like how the sword is used.

Comment by Brunasty on 2007-02-18 07:38:47 | Reply

I think the X button will be for a crouch-dash a-la the “roadie-run” in GoW. Or it could be that everytime you hit the X button it decreases WormDouche’s little chance of getting ass

Comment by Ninjer on 2007-02-18 11:28:19 | Reply

I think the Fall 2007 is the BETA release date :P

Comment by TwoSilverClowns on 2007-02-18 15:14:40 | Reply

lol Yeah I cant wait for this game, but I wonder were the reload button went?

Comment by Str1cKen on 2007-02-19 23:42:33 | Reply

the bumpers, individually reloading each dual wielded weapon

Comment by coojo on 2007-02-18 18:34:19 | Reply

yea they mean fall 2008 probly thats probly a demo release or the real beta :)

Comment by Im not a fat yank on 2007-02-18 18:35:26 | Reply

Whens is “FALL 2007″?

Comment by im not a fat yank on 2007-02-19 18:10:01 | Reply


Comment by III FLEX III on 2007-02-18 18:36:24 | Reply


Comment by A Guess on 2007-02-19 01:35:21 | Reply

My guess for the X button will be to activate the power ups (Over shield, active cameo, and the bubble shield will be a power up, not a grenade) you pick up. instead of them just automatically activating when you walk over them.

Comment by bob on 2007-02-19 15:13:27 | Reply

Yah, I like the vague “fall” release. Like that wasn’t all ready assumed.

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