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Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer?

Apparently three new Xbox 360 titles were just added to BlockBuster’s database and they’re rather interesting ones too. We just got three juicy cellphone pics of what appears to be BlockBuster’s register computer, showing off three titles that were previously exclusive to other platforms. According to BlockBuster’s database we’ll see ‘Beautiful Katamari’, ‘Warhammer: Mark of Chaos’ and ‘Ace Combat 6′ on the Xbox 360 sometime in the future.

Warhammer: Mark of ChaosBeautiful KatamariAce Combat 6

What’s interesting is that all these titles are published by Namco and Namco is supporting Microsoft’s next-gen platform more and more since it’s launch. The amount of Namco games on the original Xbox might have been pathetic, the amount of 360 titles from the Japanese publishing house has already outnumbered the Xbox releases. Namco is fully supporting the Xbox Live Arcade with titles such as Dig Dug, Galaga and Pac Man and even their biggest title Tekken has been rumored to come to the 360. Some shady cellphone pics of BlockBuster’s register are far from a plausible source but the fact that these are all Namco titles makes it all the more believable. Keep a close eye on Xboxic as soon as we hear anything from any of these titles, especially Beautiful Katmari. We love Katamari!

Thanks for taking the pics and submitting them Firebranded! to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer? newsvine:Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer? furl:Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer? reddit:Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer? fark:Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer? Y!:Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer? gamegrep:Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer?

24 comments on 'Welcome to the Xbox family Katamari, Ace Combat and Warhammer?'

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Blockbuster, not best buy?

Shit you’re right, the submit only had BB in it, thanks. Fixed.

Comment by Nekro on 2007-03-16 15:13:21 | Reply

Oh man, if Katamari is on the 360, I will be so happy. Please be true.

Comment by Number13 on 2007-03-16 15:28:30 | Reply

Bugger Tekken, we want SOUL CALIBUR!!!


please be true :(

Comment by Laxofit on 2007-03-16 17:39:41 | Reply

Namco released something like 20 titels on the original Xbox - I would not call that pathetic…

They did Soul Calibur II, Breakdown and Dead To Rights I and II. Nothing of significance besides that AFAIK. This time around they have Ridge Racer 6, a ton of Arcade support and a good amount of upcoming titles. Namco’s Xbox support is nothing compared to their 360 support so far.

Comment by Colby on 2007-03-16 19:04:34 | Reply

HELL YES!!!!!!!!! I just got through posting in another thread about how I would like to see an Ace Combat style game!!! Even better to get the real deal!!!!! That just made my day :)!!!

Comment by Colby on 2007-03-16 19:07:24 | Reply

BTW if this turns out to be not true a kitten might die from me unleashing my anger…So be true or a poor kitten gets it.

Comment by OLethalOShadowO on 2007-03-17 00:37:44 | Reply

now all we need the next Soul Caliber, or even the first one on XBLA, i would go crazier than Worm Man if that ever happens…

Comment by xYouGot0wnedx on 2007-03-18 07:37:57 | Reply

Katamari FTW.

Ace Combat is Only for PlayStation’s Consoles!!!
Not for Micro$soft xbox360…

Hey I remember when Armored Core was only on Sony consoles, and when VF5 was a PS3 exclusive, and when Mercenaries 2 was a PS3 exclusive. The only thing I can see being only for Playstation’s consoles now is the free screwing that comes with it in the place of an HDMI cable.

Comment by Sean on 2007-03-18 19:42:15 | Reply

and when assassins creed was a PS3 exclusive. And when the PS3 was the only console capable of 1080p.


Comment by Sean on 2007-03-18 19:43:58 | Reply

… and GTA.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-03-20 16:49:47 | Reply

And Devil May Cry.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-03-20 16:55:23 | Reply

And Gears of War.

Oh, hold on that is an exclusive, just it’s exclusive on the 360 (and soon to be PC).

Comment by Lone Goat on 2008-03-25 03:02:38 | Reply

Btw: it’s already out on pc

Comment by PS3 Fanboy on 2007-03-18 16:30:17 | Reply

Your All Playstation game suck ups

Comment by Ghost on 2007-03-20 11:47:03 | Reply

Thats business man, I hope this is true, save me a lot of money if this is true with Ace being on 360.

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