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Video Game Decency Act of 2007

We’re only three months into 2007, and we already have a new piece of videogame legislation making its way through congress. After failing to get the Video Game decency act of 2006 passed in the wake of Hot Coffee, Representative Fred Upton(R-Michigan) is back with his new and improved version of the bill.

Upton had this to say in response to last years scandal and his new bill, which aims to give the FTC more power in punishing companies that hide rating altering content from the ESRB.

I would’ve liked to have thought that [Take-Two and Rockstar] would’ve been fined for millions of dollars for the trash they put out across this country

Upton hopes that the bill will succeed where so many other video game bills have failed. The bill would make it illegal hide game content from the ESRB that may give the game a more restrictive rating. One of the positive aspects of the bill is that it doesn’t attempt to interfere with the ESRB’s authority, but rather it tries to give the Federal Trade Commission the power to fine people who are not fully open with the ESRB. If a company was found hiding content, under the new bill it would have this deemed an “unfair and deceptive practice”, which the FTC is set up to prevent. Violence is the new porn when it comes to censorship by the US government. Given time, you can be sure that overly concerned parents will find some other scapegoat to focus their attention on.

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16 comments on 'Video Game Decency Act of 2007'

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Ahh.. “decency” acts are always fun laws. They are curiously drafted to circumvent freedom of expression. I just have to ask this Upton guy one thing: “Why is violence in video games OK and hidden sex games ‘trash’”? Sex is good, death is bad. Make love not war. Need anymore? And yes, I’m a republican.

Comment by Arian on 2007-03-23 21:54:14 | Reply

Don’t they have better things to concern themselves with than with vidoegames?

Granted, some of these games are not for children, so where’s the parent’s responsibility? Why don’t they make a law to blame the parents for for crap moral upbringing of the child, as opposed to videogames, tv, and the media?

BTW, San Andreas was already rated M, which is 17+, Adults Only is 18+, wow, that’s so stupid. It was banned in Michigan for three months or so because of it’s AO rating.

Comment by MTDEWM4N on 2007-03-23 22:42:02 | Reply

They are angry at RockStar when they didn’t hide a thing from the ERSB, They can’t help it if someone makes a sex hack.

Comment by detroit adam on 2007-03-24 01:39:22 | Reply

cool my tax dollars at work what a bunch of assholes

Comment by detroit adam on 2007-03-24 01:40:10 | Reply

we need better parenting not these stupid laws

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-03-24 01:55:08 | Reply

oh f@ck off with “decency”…I mean what is this crap about…

They’re trying to say that Rockstar purposly “hid” the minigame from the ESRB, perhaps but the rating companies would find out anyway

Comment by Yoshima31ite on 2007-03-24 04:43:18 | Reply

bunch of retarted politicions wasting my good tax dollars by hindering my fun. What a load of shit!! These old bastards should find something better to do. Get with the times old timers sex and violence sells get used to it cause there’s nothing you can do about it.

Comment by wulves on 2007-03-24 05:43:59 | Reply

So if “violence is the new porn”… Then the “War on Terror” has been the longest overseas orgy in history!!

Think about it…

Comment by Pedle Zelnip on 2007-03-24 08:08:11 | Reply

Hmm, why is it a problem if a company which is found to mislead the “industry police” gets fined/penalized for doing so? I’m not a huge fan of game regulation, but I don’t see the harm in adding some “bite” to penalties for misleading the ESRB.

Comment by Wet Vein on 2007-03-24 18:03:38 | Reply

I don’t think violence is the new porn. Deep down this is still about porn/nudity. Of all the things you can do in GTA…. it’s a blowjob that fueled this fire.

And let’s face it….. until kids played GTA they hadn’t seen a blowjob before.

Exactly. No one cared about the carjacking. The kids - the ones with the Action Replay codes, natch - were seeing beige-colored polygons so something had to be done.

well its the parents fault the game has a High rating in england it was an 18 its up to them to say no to their child if they actually imposed these thing i.e. ms blocking 18 rated from acc of children under 18 no problem or try and enforce it, but also in england u can have a child get a blowjob by 16 but can by porn how does that work….

*can’t buy porn*

Comment by Yoshima31ite on 2007-03-24 22:22:18 | Reply

The problem is that right now in this counrty there are way more important things that the stupid politicians should be spending our money on.

By the way, the game was rated M for mature so it’s completely the parents faults for buying their kids the game in the first place!!!

Comment by BruNasty on 2007-03-26 11:49:23 | Reply

Thanks a bunch Michigan for electing this asshole.

Comment by dark-piro on 2007-04-25 19:49:09 | Reply

it’s a good thing that in the future more gamers will be able to vote. that will probably keep people like this in line.

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