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GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state

Not Germany this time, and not a rating board either. Nope, the Governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua has stated that all copies of the game are to be seized, after the storyline of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 depicts the Mexicans in a bad light, and features the rather controversial US/Mexican border.

The game came under heavy fire just recently from Juarez Mayor HĂ©ctor MurguĂ­a Lardizábal, who believes that games of GR:AW 2’s nature “divide the good will of the residents of American and Mexican cities”. Let’s not forget that the game is fiction, ay?

Hearing such wise words, Governor Jose Reyes Baeza Terraces acted and has ordered that all copies of the game are to be seized in the Chihuahuan state. It seems a bit extreme to go as far as to seize all copies of the game. It’s not like Germany ban all World War II games because they see their own people being portrayed in a bad light. But alas, if you’re in Mexico, you might want to give up your copy before it gets taken from you by Government officials. 2 a big no-no in Mexican state newsvine:GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state furl:GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state reddit:GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state fark:GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state Y!:GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state gamegrep:GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state

37 comments on 'GR:AW 2 a big no-no in Mexican state'

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Comment by kevin bryson(caboos) on 2007-03-25 21:02:45 | Reply

lol people take things way to seriously

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-03-25 21:03:08 | Reply

damn this is just as stupid as making Call of Duty 2 get an 18 certificate (in Germany)…but doesn’t affect as many people, not too many gamers in Mexico I guess

It actually doesn’t depict all Mexicans as bad. Just the ones hiding nukes in supermarkets.

Comment by piet_piraat on 2007-03-26 09:49:29 | Reply

Haha, I actually laughed out loud because of you :D

Comment by Karl on 2007-03-25 21:18:33 | Reply

Bad German WWII analogy, the Germans WERE bad back then and deserved to portrayed as they were. There’s no proof that Mexicans are hiding nukes with which they plan to blow up the US.

On a side note, the game is great I just completed it. :)

Comment by Veritas on 2007-03-25 22:14:42 | Reply

The Nazis were “bad”, not the Germans.

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-03-26 10:48:44 | Reply

yeah not all Germans were Nazis, most actually just joined in but hated doing it

Comment by cgRid3r on 2007-03-26 14:31:53 | Reply

Lot of gray area there.


Comment by steliosco on 2007-03-25 21:34:55 | Reply

Sometime someone should make a game with evil americans i want to see their reactions and the judge the rest world.

Comment by J1980 on 2007-03-25 21:40:15 | Reply

Free Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman you mexican bastards

Comment by Karlos Antiqueros on 2007-03-25 21:41:23 | Reply

that would be pretty cool tho, a game where ur Iraqi n u have to kill all invading americans any way u can…pretty good idea there, lets see how long til that one gets banned.

Comment by The Exciter on 2007-03-25 21:54:43 | Reply

It’ll be immoral, as it is a sensitivity issue.

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-03-26 10:49:18 | Reply

nobody would be happy with that, most games are either fiction or set a while back

Dunno if you’re being sarcastic, but it happened actually and it did get banned ;)

Wasn’t that the game made from the same engine as CS, like a mod or something?

Yep, Iranian government funded it too.

Comment by Colby on 2007-03-25 21:55:01 | Reply

Meh whatever. Their loss.

Comment by zarbor on 2007-03-25 22:19:19 | Reply

What I don’t understand is why UBISOFT isnt responding to this stupid situation. That dumb Mexican dude is bringing more bad attention to his country than the game. If the fool had actually played the game he would realize that Mexican soldiers work with the US soldiers to get rid of the Mexican terrorist in the game. Someone need to slap this dude with a burrito.

Comment by quintessential on 2007-03-25 23:03:42 | Reply

consider it done

I think a taco hits harder than a burrito actually.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-03-26 13:39:38 | Reply

Depends on th filling.

I think you could concentrate the packing more in a burrito giving it greater weight when filled.

However the crispy texture of the taco may crack on contact and you could get the satisfying scenario of some sharp taco shards entering into the guys optical orbit.


Comment by Colby on 2007-03-26 01:36:50 | Reply

Can’t we use Guacamole or something? Wouldn’t want to waste a good Burrito. :)

Yo quiero tu madre.

Comment by nofear360 on 2007-03-26 00:05:18 | Reply

Y yo quiero tu hermana lol :P

Comment by Colby on 2007-03-26 01:39:50 | Reply

Yo quiero tu Hermana y tu mama y tu Perro. :o

Comment by idkwhothis is on 2007-03-25 23:46:43 | Reply

Thats why this increases the fun of the game. I get to kill people who are represented by retards

Comment by Farstarbuck on 2007-03-25 23:49:42 | Reply

Wasnt the game made by the French, but yet the poor americans get flammed for it.

Comment by Dex73 on 2007-03-26 07:06:46 | Reply

“It’s not like Germany ban all World War II games because they see their own people being portrayed in a bad light.”

Interesting conclusion, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with seeing oneself in a bad light.
It’s just that the use of nazi symbols is prohibited by german law. As a result, we germans get WWII related games, but without the nazi symbols.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-03-26 13:42:29 | Reply

Learn something new everyday.

But thought they have a habit of making blood green?

So you get world WWII games with aliens which show no apparant affiliation to any political party?

Wow, vauge games.

Comment by Dex73 on 2007-03-26 16:56:50 | Reply

Green blood is a different story. To bypass the very strict Youth Protection Act in germany, some game publishers started to bend game stories in a way that your opponents became robots or cyborgs. Apparently this won’t work with WWII games, so the game developers are forced to show less blood or even no blood at all, depending on the desired rating.

As a conclusion, we get WWII games with allies and axis powers, but with less blood and no nazi symbols.

Pretty stupid, isn’t it?

Comment by Chris on 2007-03-26 10:28:56 | Reply

quintessential…Who are you? and why is your name the thing stupid people call me when they dont read my gamertag properly? WHO ARE YOU?!

Comment by CleanSweep31 on 2007-03-26 14:32:46 | Reply

Now if it was a new UBI Soft BORDER PATROL game that had you hunting illegals crossing the Rio Grand… a sniper level on the Arizona border… a FPS level in California raiding a sweatshop Rainbow style… a level in Wyoming getting intelligence from migrant sugar beat farmers in the Splinter Cell Style … you could even have a level flying a patrol plane over the Canadian and US border! Now then, then I could understand a little more hostility towards a video game!

Comment by cgRid3r on 2007-03-26 14:35:59 | Reply

thats genius…

Comment by hero on 2007-03-26 14:58:17 | Reply

i like nutts

Comment by FrekldThunder on 2007-03-26 15:42:13 | Reply

Actually, the US/Mexican border is not “controversial”. I think few could deny that there really is a border there.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-03-26 16:50:11 | Reply

There is a fence isn’t there?

Does that count?

If so the next time some little shit crosses the border in my back garden I surely have the authority to shoot him dead being that he is crossing the border illegaly.

Comment by Juan on 2007-03-28 00:07:54 | Reply

Seriously, if a game came out portraying homosexuals in an awful light, would not the game be banned?

I understand their is deep under belly of gamers who believe the “games is art” but not everyone adheres to that belief. So when a game so that characterizes a small mexican city as being terrorist rebels they are naturally going to be abhored by that notion.

There is a lack of cultural sensitivity in games, maybe there should not be, but it is quiet obvious if a group of people are insulted they will do whatever means they can to abolish it.

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