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Timeshift revamped

After having its released pushed back last year with the game a mere seven bugs from being completed, Timeshift has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. While the basic premise, an FPS with time control abilities, remains the same, just about everything else has been changed. Can an extra year make a difference?

In short, yes it can make a huge difference. This is a new screenshot of the game courtesy of IGN.

And this is what the game looked like last year.

Character models have been bumped from 2,500 polygons to 5 million polygons, and the colorful world of the original build has been replaced with a dark, gritty environment that is becoming so popular in modern FPS games. The gameplay is also being tweaked, and players will no longer have the ability to choose which time related ability they use. Now the AI will decide whether you need to stop, slow or rewind time for you. This change stems from playtests of the game where players relied solely on the time stopping ability, and neglected the other two, and then couldn’t figure out how to get past obstacles that required the use of the other timeshifting powers. Look for more info on Timeshift as the Sierra Spring Event continues. revamped newsvine:Timeshift revamped furl:Timeshift revamped reddit:Timeshift revamped fark:Timeshift revamped Y!:Timeshift revamped gamegrep:Timeshift revamped

16 comments on 'Timeshift revamped'

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Comment by trj156 on 2007-04-11 03:22:47 | Reply

honestly, i preferred the original graphics in the old demo. i’m getting tired of this hardcore, dark look, you can still have blood AND colorful environments. the game, imo, only needed a more stable frame rate and a little improvement to the controls and it could’ve been fun.

Comment by Veritas on 2007-04-11 19:15:08 | Reply

Are you kidding me? The last version looked like a ridiculous original Xbox budget game.

Comment by trj156 on 2007-04-12 03:32:19 | Reply

it reminded me of timesplitters, simplistic graphics but solid gameplay. notice i said REMINDED which is why i said it could’ve been fun.

Comment by HEAVENLYFOUR on 2007-04-11 04:12:35 | Reply

this shits gonna be off the hook !

Comment by cypher skills on 2007-04-11 04:47:33 | Reply

thank god that game wasnt released as it was. However i dont get why they had to go all gritty on us. Looks like a new FEAR from that pic.

Comment by kevin bryson on 2007-04-11 04:52:45 | Reply

i love being in control of time i really think that was a bad choice

Comment by Jasonic on 2007-04-11 05:52:44 | Reply

They changed the whole game because when they released the demo last year, Everyone had the same re-action: Are you f@cking kidding me?
The game looked like a N64 title and played like a SNES title.
If they would have kept things the way they were, This game would have come and gone faster than Malice for the xbox.
Fortunately, Someone up in the ranks saw this and did something about it.
Anything they did to change this game was for the better. Without a doubt.
Was it enough to make this a fun, Playable game?
Lets hope so…

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-04-11 10:13:14 | Reply

it’s an interesting concept but they really needed more time

Comment by BruNasty on 2007-04-11 11:57:14 | Reply

Maybe they can “Shift time”…??? :)

kinda reminds me of how much they changed dark sector i really liked the idea of the original don’t like the look of how it is now… this game I’m unsure about again like the idea but i dunno have to play a demo or something…

Comment by honus on 2007-04-11 15:47:39 | Reply

Oh great, a game with a little more challenge than shoot-everything-that-moves has to get dumbed down because the play testers are too stupid to figure out when to use with of 3 powers. What is the point of having 3 if the computer just picks the right one for you?

Comment by Tristan on 2007-04-11 19:24:55 | Reply

I guess that oxm demo is going to be a collectors item of a game that never was.

Comment by trj156 on 2007-04-12 03:32:56 | Reply

hell yeah and i am a proud owner!!

Comment by trj156 on 2007-04-12 03:33:40 | Reply

i also have the demo for the original xbox game “red star” that never came out because acclaim exploded or fell in a large pit or something

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