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Video of Spring update in all its glory

A lot has been said and shown with regards to the Spring update, and here is another video. Posted on, the video reveals several new features that the Spring update will contain, and you get to see a lot of them in action, presented officially for the first time.

In the admittedly lengthy video (it runs for around 23 minutes), you get the chance to see how integration between Friends and MSN Friends is done, and what exactly they work with. Personally, the emphasis on Friends is a little much for my liking, but I’m sure many of you think the features are great. The apparently ugly new keyboard add-on is on show too, which is apparently set to change in appearance before the release in late Summer.

You also get the chance to see new changes to the Arcade section, with one new ability allowing you to download every single Arcade demo. With over 50 titles now, that’s about 1 GB of games. Probably more. Also on show is the funky new Blade, dedicated to the new-look Marketplace. It has been revamped, and now allows for easier navigation with cleaner looking menus, instead of the standard and boring words-in-a-column Marketplace we currently put up with. Now you see images, different backgrounds and so forth to make each category unique.

You can try the update for yourself on the 7th May. Not that you have any choice in the matter, since it’s compulsory and all, but from the video, it certainly seems to be something worth looking forward to.

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20 comments on 'Video of Spring update in all its glory'

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Comment by dark shady on 2007-04-13 03:04:33 | Reply

clan , clan ! , clan ????

oohh my . . .

Comment by My hairy growler on 2007-04-13 11:22:56 | Reply

“you get the chance to see how integration between Friends and MSN Friends is done, and what exactly they work with. Personally, the emphasis on Friends is a little much for my liking, but I’m sure many of you think the features are great.” That’s ok you can just go play gear(s) of war - it a frend free zone!!

Comment by Guy on 2007-04-13 03:14:58 | Reply

F-in-A, all people bitch about is clan support.. I hate clans.. they always just team up against of people randomly put together and are like “hahaha, we kicked your ass”

Big whoop. Makes things LESS fun if your then NOT in a clan if you ask me.

Comment by Andrew on 2007-04-13 03:44:57 | Reply

you dont have to be a **** cause you have no friends to be in a clan with

Comment by GT:Tha Aceman on 2007-04-13 03:49:43 | Reply

no andrew guy is right i was in many clans and all we did was say hahahah we fudged yall up and it got on my nerves so i turned into a solo gamer yo guy wuts your gamertag.

Comment by Guy on 2007-04-13 04:52:31 | Reply

It’s HellsAss

Comment by Karlos Antiqueros on 2007-04-13 04:26:10 | Reply

i was in a clan too but we dint do that, we played other clans n not just random ppl cuz our clan had some honor involved in our gaming. the other guys that team up against random ppl n brag are just losers that wish they had enuff skill n dignity to play someone who knows how to play on a team.

Comment by Guy on 2007-04-13 04:54:41 | Reply

Yah, not all are pricks that go against random people, but it games like Gears, thats how it works out. 4 ridiculously good people that work well as a team, versus 4 randomly placed people on the other team (where I am then) and it freaking sucks!

Comment by J1980 on 2007-04-13 18:09:45 | Reply

was you aUK Karlos ???

Comment by CleanSweep31 on 2007-04-13 04:28:59 | Reply

A group of my friends start a clan in just to keep people from asking us to join their clan … 8)

Comment by mass9 on 2007-04-13 05:10:40 | Reply

msn support, give me a break.
when I’m playing games I’m playing games. I don’t want ot talk to anyone unless they’re playing the game too.
And all this talk about being able to ‘chat’ with up to three people. Its bullshit! They’re refering to msn chatting. text msg-ing bullshit.

sorry, I don’t like to complain, but the only real f-ing thing they SHOULD include is VOICE CHAT with multiple people.


Comment by BruNasty on 2007-04-13 05:35:20 | Reply

Just to ease all of the “that keyboard is ugly” worries, The xbox live vision camera was originally designed to be real boxy and rather ugly, I don’t know if anyone remebers the pic the released mid-summer last year (it was in an OXM Mag) but it still will change. I’m not going to get it, cuz my wireless keyboard works fine, so this seems to be a waste of time if you ask me and I agree w/ Mass9 They really need to work on a group video chat.

Comment by Guy on 2007-04-13 08:08:19 | Reply

You mean this one?


yah, it was ugly

Comment by OGC SnakeEyes on 2007-04-13 05:38:57 | Reply

First of all, that keyboard is hot! Makes the contoller look like a sidekick: And you know us black poeple LOVE us some sidekicks ;). Second, if you really wanna play against an asshole clan, play against mine OGC is the greatest clan in the history of the world and we WILL beat your ass and make sure you know it !

Comment by chromium on 2007-04-13 05:49:01 | Reply

I don’t care about all this chat crap. What I want to know is have they fixed the horrible tearing when using a VGA cable?

Comment by Richard on 2007-04-13 10:05:52 | Reply

I just hope they fixed the drive speed going full all the time, should really become less noisy.

Oh and chromium, I had hardly noticeable tearing on my samsung lcd as well but a firmware update (for a justscan option, go figure) has fixed everything.

Comment by J1980 on 2007-04-13 18:11:06 | Reply

tearing?? I’ve used VGA for months and months…whats tearing?

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-04-13 18:17:10 | Reply

nice update but a few things are still being left out

I think the keyboard is just fine, why do ppl think it ugly

Comment by J1980 on 2007-04-13 21:51:22 | Reply

because it’s probably spanish

Comment by Pedle Zelnip on 2007-04-14 11:12:13 | Reply

I’m pretty stoked about this. Yeah the whole integerate Messenger contacts stuff seems kinda stupid, but everything else sounds really sweet. Lots of nice little touches (the new achievement popup, showing the name of the game in the drive, etc). The ability to press 1 button to get out of a deeply nested marketplace menu sounds awesome.

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