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New Viral Marketing site appears in a Haze

Viral Marketing: is it really that effective? No-one really knows what the site is about, there’s very little to do with the game that the site is meant to be about, and it’s pretty obvious that the site is fake and that it is there for other purposes. Any information always has to be deciphered in some way, then when you realise what it is, it turns out to not be as important as you’d hoped anyway. Welcome with open arms then a site for the upcoming game from Timesplitters creators Free Radical, named Haze.

The site is set up with Mantel Global Industries in mind. Seemingly innocent, this is the only reference to the game thus far (the company the lead character works for). There is an annoying clip of a guy waffling on about some stuff which is set to a loop, so you might want to hit the sound button to “Off” after the first run through. The guy is actually the same guy who features in the trailer over on the official site.

There is a fair bit to read on the site, such as financial information from 2031. It doesn’t really prove or reveal anything as of yet (not to this writer anyway), and there is a ‘Career’ heading, but all subsequent subheadings are ‘Restricted’ at this moment in time. Presumably these will be revealed as the months roll on.

All in all, it seems a bit of strange one. However, having spent a couple of hundred words on the site, it seems Viral Marketing is indeed effective. It’s got Xboxic talking!

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13 comments on 'New Viral Marketing site appears in a Haze'

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Comment by anonymous on 2007-04-20 12:53:38 | Reply

who cares if they took down a C&C story and didn’t say….bigger things in the world

Comment by OGC SnakeEyes on 2007-04-20 13:00:17 | Reply

you guys are real upset about this little mistake. yall treatin xboxic like its your mother who lied to you about who your pops really is. The fact of the matter is, Xboxic is a reliable source for info on all things Xbox. Not to mention that it seems like these guys are workin on shifts 24 hours a day to bring us news. This site is always dropin new shit. Even if it may be mundane at times. And theyre doin it for FREE. So, in conclusion, SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!

Comment by arjun712 on 2007-04-20 17:28:55 | Reply

im sorry does this really have anything 2 do with haze??

Comment by Sean on 2007-04-21 12:05:23 | Reply

uhm… where exactly is this viral marketing site? You just link to the official site…

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