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GH II: new DLC revealed?

The next wave of Downloadable Content is soon to arrive for Guitar Hero II, featuring three new packs each with three songs in each. This is all rumour at the moment, however it could well be true since the source informing HarmonixFans is the same guy who told them about the first wave of DLC.

The source is slightly more credible then, who says he got the information thanks to documents passed around Microsoft for certification. These documents contained the following:

Content Pack 1:

  • “Cowboys From Hell” - Pantera
  • “I Love Rock & Roll” - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • “Cochise” - Audioslave

Content Pack 2:

  • “Godzilla” - Blue Oyster Cult
  • “I Wanna Be Sedated” - The Ramones
  • “Sharp Dressed Man” - ZZ Top

Content Pack 3:

  • “Iron Man” - Black Sabbath
  • “Take Me Out” - Franz Ferdinand
  • “Smoke on the Water” - Deep Purple

Any of those tickle your fancy then? There’s certainly some good tracks in there, and ones that might be more worthy of a 500 MS Points price tag than those before it. Even then, will you be willing to pay for it? Hopefully RedOctane do the right thing and reduce the price point just a little.

This is still rumour for now, but there is a pretty solid basis for thinking that this is true.

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24 comments on 'GH II: new DLC revealed?'

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Comment by steven ratty on 2007-04-23 13:03:36 | Reply

there not making new content this is stuff they just left out of the game.

Comment by kevgallacher on 2007-04-23 18:26:22 | Reply

It’s not new or stuff they left out of the game, it’s the songs that where in the first game. There was 30 all in so 10 packs each at 500 points is 5000 points. Which is about £40.
So you are basically buying the first game in parts. It’s an old game though and it should be half that price. It would be better if there was a deal where you could get all the songs in one package.
The thing is though with time will these prices get cheaper or will it alway’s be this price.

Comment by noikz on 2007-04-23 13:07:40 | Reply

Riiiiip offfff. They can go swivel.

Comment by magnus on 2007-04-23 13:11:11 | Reply

Yess! Nice !! Can’t wait!

Comment by Pete on 2007-04-23 13:26:19 | Reply

F**k GH2, where is the CRACKDOWN DLC ?!?!?!?

You’re still playing that game? :P

Comment by gareth on 2007-04-23 17:35:10 | Reply

that game sucks repetative comes to mind

Comment by Pete on 2007-04-23 13:30:46 | Reply

no, thats why i want some DLC

Comment by Studley on 2007-04-23 13:31:12 | Reply

Haha, Doug’s gonna be majorly pissed…

I’ll be more selective from here on out… I’ll probably only buy Take Me Out, Godzilla, and I Love Rock And Roll’s packs.

There go another 500 points fella :P

Comment by Studley on 2007-04-23 15:45:21 | Reply

Oh hang on, the packs are 500 points EACH?! Now I understand why everyone’s screaming about the prices…

Yeah I was just about to comment. It’s like they read my post and decided to put the only songs I wanted in three different packs. It’s not like I needed that $18.75.


Pack 2 is all-around pretty sweet though. I forgot all about I Wanna Be Sedated.

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-04-23 14:04:28 | Reply

Cochise, I Love Rock and Roll, Godzilla, and all of Pack 3 are dominant.

Comment by mihran on 2007-04-23 15:41:54 | Reply

pack 3 FTW!!!!

Comment by Thryon on 2007-04-23 15:43:24 | Reply

nope…there will never ever be a 3 pack of songs worth 500MS points.

I’m so going to get pack #3. :)…but at what price?

Comment by kissmygritz on 2007-04-23 17:23:29 | Reply

Those songs sound great, but not worth 500 points. I didn’t buy the other packs and I won’t buy these. LOWER THE DAMN PRICE!

Comment by MartyMoose on 2007-04-23 21:36:55 | Reply

Round 2 of the price fight, Just don’t buy them and they will lower them. Don’t let them win.

Comment by Wet Vein on 2007-04-23 22:48:50 | Reply

Ok here’s the deal. If these come out at 500 pts…. Red Octane is basically saying F*ck You. You know they have heard the complaints. They have seen the posts…. they read the threads… they know that the majority of people believed the price to be too high, regardless of how much money they made.

Honestly, I don’t think its greed. I think its stupidity. If they would have cut the price in half, they probably would have sold three times as many…. and at the same time earned respect from the community. Instead they pissed everyone off….

RedOctane is like a horny teenager trying to get anal on a first date….. Slow down guys, how about a little lube first.

This man and his analogies win the Internet.

Comment by Jim on 2007-04-24 00:28:37 | Reply

I’m happy to buy the tracks at that price. I never got GH1 (don’t have a PS2) and here’s hoping more than a feeling is released soon. But here’s a question, are the songs exactly the same? I mean do downloaded songs from GH1 have the bass or rhythm guitar, and can they be used in practice mode? If so then maybe they can justify the price.

Comment by butthole on 2007-06-05 04:37:06 | Reply

gh 1 songs were good but for 40$ i also have gh1 for ps2 like a few others.

DONT LET THEM WIN (dont buy packs)

Comment by Maxxx1 on 2007-06-11 05:18:37 | Reply

Still waiting…………

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