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Review: Prince of Persia Classic

Prince of Persia Classic enters the world of Xbox Live Arcade as a souped-up retro title. Despite retro titles usually asking for 400 MS Points, PoP developer Gameloft has been cheeky enough to charge 800 MS Points instead. Is it justified? Or is this another retro game that should be left to rot on the servers?

While the Sultan is out of the country waging wars, Grand Vizier Jaffar takes over control in Persia. The problem is that Jaffar really wants to get into the pants of the Sultan’s daughter to become the new ruler, but unfortunately for him, she’s in love with someone else so she refuses to marry him. Evil Jaffar doesn’t take rejection very well and he leaves her with a choice, she can either marry him or die. To make things worse, she has only one hour to decide. That someone else she’s in love with is you, but unfortunately Jaffar’s henchman have thrown you in the dungeon so you’re not really in the position to stop him, or are you? Apparently this dungeon is a very dangerous maze with all kinds of traps and enemies, but luckily for you there’s also an exit. Your objective is to reach the exit, kill Jaffar, rescue the princess and live happily ever after.

A couple of things have changed since the original version of the game, most noticeably are of course the graphics. The development team delivered some fine work, the new 3D engine makes sure that the game has up to date graphics despite the fact that this is an old-fashioned platform game. Apart from the graphics, a few new unlockable game modes have been added which are quite self-explanatory. The normal mode is the regular game mode where the main objective is to naturally play level after level until the end is reached. There are also Time Attack and Survival modes. In time attack, the objective is to try and finish the game as quickly as possible, which is especially suitable for leaderboard comparison. The Survival mode is by far the toughest. Only one life is available, and it is a mad dash to reach the end in under an hour. If such a feat is achieved, the prize is a very kind 25 Gamerscore Points. There is also the oppurtunity to attempt to set a time record for each level contained within normal mode, which turns out to be quite fun since a ghost image of the last run made can be enabled, allowing players to see if they have fallen behind.

The levels have remained the same in terms of layout compared to the ‘89 version, but the combat system has changed quite a bit. After a sword has been found in the first 14 levels, it allows for players to battle on a more level playing field against a variety of different guards. Some of them are quite easy to chop down, but others carry a shield and can be quite a pain in the ass. Attack moves and defence moves need to be timed properly to kill the guards, especially later on in the game. If the Prince is hit, it’s not too big a deal since there are potions scattered throughout the dugeon that will either heal the Prince or extend the life bar.

It’s very unfortunate that the game has very little replay value, the newly added game modes won’t entertain most people very long. You keep running around in the same levels and it’s always the same path that leads to the exit. Admittedly this isn’t really the fault of the developers, it’s just a game mechanic from almost 20 years ago. Even if you do manage to get stuck, there’s always the sparkling little butterfly flying around that shows where to go next. The butterfly can be turned off though, allowing dead ends to be explored which might even reveal a hidden potion. Another feature that makes the game easier is the addition of checkpoints, meaning death isn’t the end, as the prince will just be warped back to the last checkpoint. Upon respawn, full health is granted, but lost time is gone forever.

Most of the Achievements for this game are pretty standard, and at least 10 out of 12 won’t give the feeling that anything has been achieved. For example, one of the Achievements is that you need to collect your sword, but in order to complete the first level, a sword is required so that’s not really a big accomplishment. Completing the game within the hour is an accomplishment on the other hand, especially if you haven’t played the game before and have no idea of the layout of the levels. Jumping around and avoiding the traps isn’t that hard, but the combat system takes some getting used to, and the game doesn’t really explain how the fighting mechanic work exactly, so it’s up to the player to experiment; some trial and error is needed to fully comprehend it.

The platform elements in the game are pretty straightforward and perhaps even repetitive, but due to the time pressure they’re always a challenge. Simple things such as crossing chasms or avoiding deadly spikes can be your downfall if moving too quickly, but there’s little choice if racing against the clock. Without spoiling too much, there are a couple of surprising elements in the game which make it a little more interesting and entertaining, but even that won’t change the fact that the storyline is as thin as a thread. The difficulty of the game builds up nicely up until a point where it doesn’t really get much tougher anymore. Enemies reach their maximum skill level and the acrobatics you have to perform don’t get any harder. Depending on how many health bar potions the player has found, the mini-bosses and Jaffar himself are very doable.

It can’t be ignored that Prince of Persia’s replay value is pretty low, but the time spent with the game is great fun. Learning the game, completing the regular mode and then doing some of the other game modes should keep you busy for a few hours, but then that’s pretty much it. Prince of Persia probably has some of the best graphics to date on the Arcade, it can even match some retail titles which is a truly great accomplishment of the developers with only 50MB available. Is it worth the 800 MS Points? Definitely, the few cons of the game don’t weigh up against the solid gameplay and good looking graphics. Prince of Persia is an example of how all retro games should be redone.

Final Score: 8 out of 10 – Good (How do we rate games?) Prince of Persia Classic newsvine:Review: Prince of Persia Classic furl:Review: Prince of Persia Classic reddit:Review: Prince of Persia Classic fark:Review: Prince of Persia Classic Y!:Review: Prince of Persia Classic gamegrep:Review: Prince of Persia Classic

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Comment by Mike X Rated on 2007-06-14 21:00:46 | Reply

Good Review!

Comment by ghost on 2007-06-14 21:10:00 | Reply

xbla needs more of this kind.

Comment by SneakySnake on 2007-06-14 21:27:02 | Reply

i was impressed by the updated version, but i wasnt compelled enough by the demo to pay the full 800 for it. i was however seduced into paying for pacman c.e. last night but that has already been worth every penny. i sweared more times in couple hours than some people probably do in their entire lives.

Comment by Wirbowsky on 2007-06-15 09:28:19 | Reply


Comment by Worms on 2007-06-14 21:32:50 | Reply

I don’t think I’d pay $10 for this but it is a good remake. It sparked found memories of the original Prince of Persia and it plays well and looks good. Pacman CE is getting close to getting my $10 I keep playing the demo.

Where’s a Catan review, one of you guys can surely play a few games of it and give a review of one of the best XBLA games.

No we don’t have manpower to review every game out there. It’s old now, why bother spending time that we can better spend elsewhere.

Catan would be best reviewed by a connoisseur of board games as well.

Besides, if you like Catan, why do you need the opinion of anyone else here?

Comment by Worms on 2007-06-15 19:09:44 | Reply

So I can flame them if I don’t agree ;)

Comment by Chris B on 2007-06-14 21:41:40 | Reply

This isn’t the right place for the post, but I couldn’t find a better place to get the attention:

Today they told me at my gameshop that Colin Mcrae is delayed untill first week of July because they are changing the cover for EA. They usually aren’t wrong, and heard it from the salesman.

I thought it would ship tomorrow???

Uh, June 19th US and June 22nd Europe to the best of our knowledge.

And do use our forums for offtopic questions :)

Comment by Scott on 2007-06-14 23:58:46 | Reply

june 15th for europe

In that case some people forgot to update some press information ;)

Have you got forums for this? :) Didn’t know that…

Will look into it for the next post that will be off-topic!

Keep up the good work people!

Comment by StGermain on 2007-06-14 23:10:24 | Reply

It looks good and plays fine but replay value is what kept me from buying it at 800 points… if it ever drops to 400 i’ll buy it.

Comment by mass9 on 2007-06-15 06:06:00 | Reply

nothing drops on the marketplace.

MS would be smart to do that though….
however, I’m not going to hold breath.

The GRAW1 map pack’s price halved ;)

Comment by tom on 2007-06-14 23:56:29 | Reply

pacman ce still owns.. =)

Comment by TMD on 2007-06-15 01:08:46 | Reply

Most. Frustrating. Game. Ever! :)

I don’t think I’ve ever sworn at any game more than this one…controls are very, very touchy. (not sure if that’s by design or just how it turned out, but it does get annoying quickly)

Comment by Worms on 2007-06-15 19:10:55 | Reply

They always were really touchy and the game was always frustrating hehe

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-06-15 18:07:34 | Reply

if there were some different modes it’d be perfect value for money

Comment by Veritas on 2007-06-16 05:27:04 | Reply

Good memories of this game, though I sucked at it when I was little. I still have the SNES version.

Comment by Kahel on 2008-05-14 14:22:44 | Reply

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Comment by jeram on 2008-06-19 10:31:06 | Reply

is there a pc version?

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Comment by Remik on 2008-11-13 11:53:29 | Reply

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