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Shadowrun patch is less than exciting

Some of you may know that Shadowrun was patched yesterday, yet the reasons may not be so clear. The reasons are not all that exciting, but after the jump you can find out exactly what it has done to the shooter.

Chances are most of you won’t notice any difference, as patch number one is not a big one. Vista changes are included below too, just so people know.


  • Addressed a problem with viewing Shadowrun in the Games Explorer on the Vista versions for Portugal and Finland.
  • Fixed an issue involving removing the controller while playing on Vista.
  • If you lose your connection to LIVE while playing on Vista, the UI behaves correctly now.


  • Fixed a hard lock that can occur when a player signs out of a profile on 360.
  • Fixed a hard lock that can occur after starting a bot match in Chapter 4 of the training.
  • Fixed an issue that affected voice-over in the Italian 360 version.


  • Fixed a small memory leak that could affect performance and stability in some situations.

As with everything released though, there are a few problems. Not with the game (although lag still persists) but the actual downloading of the patch. FASA are looking into it, but they recommend doing the following:

  • Open 360 Dashboard
  • Navigate to System Blade
  • Navigate to Network Settings
  • Select Test Xbox Live Connection

If it all goes OK then log in to Live again and it should work. If the test fails then that is your problem, but if the patch still doesn’t work then the Maintenance fix to clear the cache supposedly helps, but don’t forget Microsoft do not recommend that. As a quick reminder: Press Y on either the HDD or a MU and then press X, X, LB, RB, X, X. Once you do this a blade will pop up saying: “This will perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices. Do you want to continue?” Then you simply pick the yes option. It clears out a load of other stuff too, such as all other downloaded patches, but they can be re-downloaded. Use at your own risk though.

FASA do promise a more meatier patch is coming soon though. They plan to address some of the more known issues such as connectivity time in the next patch, but full details will be released closer to the release.

Keep your eye on the official forums for more information in the coming weeks. patch is less than exciting newsvine:Shadowrun patch is less than exciting furl:Shadowrun patch is less than exciting reddit:Shadowrun patch is less than exciting fark:Shadowrun patch is less than exciting Y!:Shadowrun patch is less than exciting gamegrep:Shadowrun patch is less than exciting

70 comments on 'Shadowrun patch is less than exciting'

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Comment by HoLyWooD444 on 2007-06-23 04:21:44 | Reply

it took me about ten tries to get the update to download but it finally worked . can’t tell the difference though

Comment by UKJAY on 2007-06-23 04:39:12 | Reply

everyone buy shadowrun it’s great…if you have the Vista version, add me so I can kill you 100 times…

Comment by Razorlution on 2007-06-23 05:42:17 | Reply


Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-23 08:38:24 | Reply

Hmm, unlike you guys to post about minor patches like this o_o.

Comment by Wet Vein on 2007-06-23 08:44:48 | Reply

I gotta go with a Meh also. I tried the demo…. it seemed fun at first… I loved gliding around…..and teleporting….. but when I tried a real game it just didn’t feel right.
They should have delayed it …. and included a decent single player….. and some polish.

*nice job on the climbing a ladder animation… they should be ashamed of themselves. - It’s good for a laugh I guess.

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-06-23 15:29:31 | Reply

“but when I tried a real game I SUCKED”

There, fixed.

And if you’re seriously complaining about a ladder animation you really need to get a life, or a girlfriend, or a farm animal… whatever you’re into.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-23 19:18:21 | Reply

kid, piss poor animation just goes to show how lazy the devs got. they ran out of time and money, and they released a game that basically sucks. i even have it, and i would love to say it is great, but without a single player campaign, and due to the fact that it has a thimbleful of maps, i have to say, this is a thirty dollar game, and you are a complete dipshit for trying to defend it. i would wish you luck getting yourself a girlfriend, but i bet you will have more luck with the farm animal. enjoy.

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-23 19:33:10 | Reply

Lol you don’t know anythign do you, the reason there is no ladder animation is because it would take away from the gameplay..>

How are you supposed to shoot your gun at someone, use magic and technology, all the while keeping both hands on the ladder? Lmao think a little bit.

They could have easily made a ladder animation, all the while making you a sitting duck while climbing it.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 06:05:51 | Reply


Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 06:16:48 | Reply

sorry, let me be more clear. it is useless to spew back exactly what you read from the microsoft corporate boxtop. what would you do if your character floated along on the ground in the same position with no animation, and the devs ASSURED you that was necessary in order for them to be prepared for magic and weapon animations. climbing a ladder is not an extremely complicated act, and it has been widely accepted to use a primitive mechanical animation in just about every game. this lacks even that. it is just a glaring example of a monumental forest fire of a lack of quality control being pissed on by one skinny p.r. guy. don’t believe everything they tell you. the bottom line is it is right in your face, and it looks like shit. unfortunately, this is the smallest of many shortcomings in this game. i was just slamming kid shit shack for his unnecessarily malicious slam of someone’s opinion. the game disappointed the hell out of me though.

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 09:25:32 | Reply

Lol the difference between floating on the ground and floating up a ladder is that the ladder has a reason.

I challenge you to make a ladder animation, all the while being able to shoot behind you, use magic and technology, while keeping the gameplay all the same. Don’t tell me to stick new arms backwards.

Their point for the ladder animation is VERY valid, I think people like you just don’t have a big enough mind to rap your head around that.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 09:57:08 | Reply

jesus christ! are you REALLY this imbecilic? why would you buy such a blatantly false corporate line! you are a complete fanboy! careful not to prematurely ejaculate all over your ten year old ass while playing this completely mediocre game!

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 18:57:57 | Reply

Wow you need to grow up!

Look at the facts. I could care less what the Game Developers said. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. YOU CAN’T DO IT PROPERLY.

It’s right there in you face. It’s not because the Devs said it, it’s because it’s TRUE.

Comment by Veritas on 2007-06-25 18:02:48 | Reply

He’s just angry that he didn’t think things through before he tried arguing with you.

I don’t think any of the CoD games has a ladder animation, either.

Comment by davidsafc on 2007-06-25 18:52:50 | Reply

Mu your a total idiot. Just because you are too dense to undersand this game doesn’t give you permission to come onto here and cry because you are no good at it. I find that generally people who bring up such stupid crap about this game are the ones with sub-100 IQ’s and are the ones who don’t have any grasp on tactics or team awareness in a game whatsoever. Go and play a shotty fest on gears of war or something.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 20:26:50 | Reply

my skill level has nothing to do with this. i suck at the game, yeah, because i have found no reason to invest the amount of time that would be necessary to be good at it. i played the absolute hell out of the beta and enjoyed it, but the game has not improved at all, and i have only a few more maps available. the point is, the game has THREE modes, nine maps and offers no incentive to play other than becoming familiar with the races magic and tech. this falls pretty damn short of an acceptable level of content. and the ladder thing really has nothing to do with anything. it looks like shit yeah, but the point is, treyarch and infinity ward never claimed including a ladder animation was impossible without ruining gameplay. almost every absolute is bullshit. saying something like this is “impossible” had to be called out, because it is a very despicable form of consumer manipulation. they ran out of time and money, and were unable to give this game the final coat of polish it deserved. the fact that it has half the content, and they have doubled their consumer base with vista for the SAME price as games including the same amount of mp content with a single player campaign is lame. i believe this game lacks value, that does not make me an idiot. i defended myself against an onslaught of attacks from fanboys on this idiotic topic. maybe lacking in judgment, but it doesn’t make me necessarily stupid. please, for the love of god, let me not like this game you raving collection of assholes!

Comment by Veritas on 2007-06-25 22:30:16 | Reply

I do think there’s a lack of content, and that’s why if I buy the game, it will be on eBay or used from somewhere. I agree with you there. I think for what the game has, though, it’s polished. I haven’t seen any kind of official word about the ladder animation thing, but honestly, you don’t think it would look just a little ridiculous to see a character’s legs stuck in a climbing animation while the top half of the body was using magic with the left hand and carrying a gun with the right? If you want to complain about character models, go look at Oblivion. As far as these ones are concerned, the ladder thing is the only “mistake” I’ve seen.

Comment by davidsafc on 2007-06-25 22:48:27 | Reply

Im sorry Mu but who is the one posting worthless comments on things like “ladder animation” about a game that you don’t even like, just to stir up shit? None of us want to know or care about your opinion. I think that you will find that you are the asshole.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 23:09:15 | Reply

the comment was posted by wet vein dipfuck. i was simply voicing my support. whether or not you think that is useful info is not my concern. the ladder comment has made it into every review and forum on the topic of shadowrun. it is cogent. just because you think this one tiny error is getting too much press doesn’t take away from the fact that people have noticed it and want to voice their opinion on it. it is glaring. whether you agree that it was “impossible” to include an animation or not is not the point. the point is, this is not the incorrect place to discuss it.

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-06-25 23:15:54 | Reply

So Halo, the Xbox’s best fucking game, sucked now…??? Don’t worry about a fucking ladder climbing animation, there’s a lot more shit to complain about in this game, that’s not fucking one of them!

Comment by davidsafc on 2007-06-25 23:21:54 | Reply

No, this is not the place to discuss ladder animations, this is the place to discuss the new update for shadowrun. Idiots like you enflame me.
PS: Use capital letters at the start of your sentences you blithering imbecile.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-26 03:59:22 | Reply

i solved your acronym!
nice one, but you should go easier on yourself. nobody’s perfect!

Comment by davidsafc on 2007-06-26 13:46:43 | Reply

Yes i’m straight I do suck cunts. Are you gay or something? People who say that kinda stuff make me laugh. You’ve just made a total fool out of yourself buddy.
PS: It really stands for Sunderland Association Football Club you dumb fuck.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-26 21:47:19 | Reply

its an h dipshit.
there is a difference between eating out a pussy, and actually being one, but, enjoy you blissful ignorance, or whatever.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-26 22:41:36 | Reply

and i wasn’t asking you what you thought it stood for, i was telling you i figured it out.

The problem I have with people mentioning the money is that FASA never pretended to have a SP campaign anyway. You knew what that $60 was going to get you.

Twelve maps is also a decent amount to ship with. Ten is usually the average, and they are interesting enough to certainly keep me playing.

The animation point is moot because it is there to keep gameplay going. No-one would use ladders if they rendered you a sitting duck, and so everyone would run along the ground.

I urge you Mu to go back to the game and play it for what it is: a FPS with magical elements. It isn’t trying to be anything more. Personlly, Shadowrun is the most fun I’ve had on Live since I started my subscription in January ‘06 (can’t beat playing with mates).

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 06:04:59 | Reply

it isn’t trying to be anything more because there isn’t anything else there, and it just isnt even worth developing skills on. it has a VERY interesting mix of abilities and they could have been applied to an outstanding game. unfortunately, there is really nothing more fun to do than what you do in every game.
and if you really believe they couldn’t put in a decent ladder animation you are very very misinformed. it was just lazy and cheap, just like the rest of the game. i said it once, and i’ll say it again, this is a thirty dollar game, offering very little value for a sixty dollar package.

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 09:21:49 | Reply

Lol no, there was an official word. There was no possible way to put in a ladder animation without slowing down or ruining the gameplay.

Go look around the Shadowrun forums if you dont believe me. Search up “Ladder Animation”.

By the way, putting in a small ladder animation doesn’t cost as much as you are making it sound lmao. Stop pretending like you know what you are talking about.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 09:47:47 | Reply

read what you just wrote douchebag, laugh with me! (unless you are truly as stupid as you sound)

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 19:00:41 | Reply

I fail to see how proving you wrong is funny.

Insulting my in a comments forum with derogatory language isn’t showing you maturity, and I am about done with you.

It’s not easy proving a child wrong, they never give up, even when they see they are wrong…

Comment by MentalMaelsrtom on 2007-06-23 15:33:11 | Reply

yeah im all there with the “meh”

I find the game seriously a lot of fun… But you know… That’s just me. A guy who enjoys gaming.

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-23 19:34:44 | Reply

Agh no edit button:

So why the hell should you not be able to jump off the side of a ladder? Why should that slow down the gameplay?

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 07:08:46 | Reply


Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 09:27:58 | Reply

I hope you didn’t think I was bashing the game, because there is no way in hell you can make a ladder animation then jump off in the middle of it.

An animation would indeed ruin and slowdown gameplay.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 09:48:31 | Reply

wow, you are either very very naive or a complete dullard.

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 19:02:23 | Reply

Seriously , buddy, grow up.

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-06-25 16:48:51 | Reply

You’re talking to someone with the mentality and genitalia of a four year old. Just give up.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 17:09:53 | Reply

shit shack! you are the douchebag that started this whole thing with your snide comment! welcome back asshole!

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-06-27 05:08:22 | Reply

Wow, you spend a lot of time here for a game you dislike so much… those goats and emus must be faster than you thought… Don’t fret, you’ll catch one some day

Comment by mu on 2007-06-27 06:59:58 | Reply

pretty funny. emus. nice.

Comment by Andrew on 2007-06-23 20:47:48 | Reply

played the demo, thought it was utter trash, wont be getting it, i know one friend who already sold it back to gamestop

Comment by dbqpdb on 2007-06-23 22:12:19 | Reply

The game is great. Also the most fun I’ve had in a multiplayer game. The game is all about multiplayer. Don’t need the singleplayer.
Stop whining about animations.
60 dollars???? We sell it for 44.99 euros at the shop where I work. The price is just right.

Comment by newmodel on 2007-06-23 22:35:32 | Reply

In other news, Shadowrun game is less than finished.

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-06-24 00:25:53 | Reply

This game has got to have the most mixed reactions of any game. I like it, I wouldn’t buy it, but it definitely is a lot of fun. Don’t whine about the fucking ladder climbing, remember Halo 1? It’s definitely fun and unique, and I understand the attraction, it’s just not quite a purchase for me.

Comment by FF on 2007-06-24 07:57:40 | Reply

“In other news, (insert 360 game here) is less than finished.”

Release it today, fix it tomorrow. Maybe. That’s the standard today. Get used to it.

Comment by UKJAY on 2007-06-24 17:33:51 | Reply

For those who don’t want to buy it because of no single player mode, and those who keep mentioning ladder animations or lack of…

YOUR LOSS !! - There is plenty of reasons and shit bits in many other games, but if all you can moan about is ladder animations then it’s just being picky…use the stairs instead.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 18:24:38 | Reply

there is certainly a lot more being bitched about. funny how you have blocked everything else you have heard out except for this crap with the ladder. there are THREE game modes. this game is like an empty super dome.

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 19:06:54 | Reply

Sounds lot like GoW when it came out too… 2 of which game modes were practically the exact same.

*cough* Gears of War, biotch *cough*

Comment by UKJAY on 2007-06-24 21:38:59 | Reply

thank heavens for consumer choice…some like it, some don’t. As with all games…

Comment by Razorlution on 2007-06-24 17:53:54 | Reply

Apparantly some of you didn’t see this….I said….Meh

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 18:12:59 | Reply


Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 19:14:39 | Reply


Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 21:09:49 | Reply

why would you third this after your infinite comments propping this game? do you know what you are even saying?

Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-06-24 19:15:23 | Reply

Third, I am done proving children wrong, it never ends.

I am done with this topic.

Comment by mu is a retard on 2007-06-24 20:49:07 | Reply

mu has proven his stupidity

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 01:34:40 | Reply

may i point out that this was your proof:

“Look at the facts. I could care less what the Game Developers said. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. ”

“it’s impossible” is not a fact when it comes to this situation. obviously.
it MAY have been impossible for them to do it with the time and money they had, but that doesn’t MEAN anything. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Comment by mu on 2007-06-24 21:08:22 | Reply

well then “slinger”, let me just get the last word in… asshole.

Comment by Warzun on 2007-06-24 21:40:02 | Reply

Let’s all make a list of things we don’t like and spend more time bitching about this list than doing the things we enjoy

Now jog on.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 00:26:52 | Reply

can’t play games all the time now can we? i just don’t enjoy being attacked for my opinion, and i have the time to defend myself. i did bash kid outhouse for bashing someone elses opinion, but i feel he was being unnecessarily belligerent. no one needs to be attacked for their opinions, unless we are attacking each other with our opinions of one another. opinions should be SHARED here, and people should be encouraged to talk smack about a certain aspect of a game they find disappointing without people crawling out of their troll houses to bash them because they happen to like it. just because a game sucks, does not mean someone somewhere may not like it, but information should be fucking shared, and this is one of many places to do it. unfortunately, mad gunslinger is in a huff about people not enjoying his new favorite game, and cannot bear to endure it. weak.

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 00:29:29 | Reply

oops, i meant:

“no one needs to be attacked for their opinions, ESPECIALLY if we are attacking each other with our opinions of one another.”


“just because a game sucks, does not mean someone somewhere may LIKE it.”

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 00:32:13 | Reply

shit, i guess i meant,
“just because a game sucks, doesn’t mean someone somewhere CAN’T like it.”

i guess. sorry.

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-06-27 05:11:06 | Reply

must be tough getting those comments straight when you’re so wrapped-up in yourself

Comment by mu on 2007-06-27 06:53:46 | Reply


Comment by Hoffer on 2007-06-25 00:47:51 | Reply

I’m playing this game on Vista and having a pretty good time. I’m schooling those fool Xbox 360 punks. :)

jk of course I love my Xbox 360.

Comment by Snake Himself on 2007-06-25 02:48:28 | Reply

Sunday night and I’m bored…just wanted to drop in a say: There is NO reason why there should be 48 (now 49) comments on this dumb ass article. Take that school girl back and forth shit to the forums where it belongs…

Comment by mu on 2007-06-25 03:01:26 | Reply

you’re the boss. no wait.

Played the beta. Thought it was a gimmicky bargain bin title then.

Now that it’s out, it’s a gimmicky bargain bin title, but ms doens’t realize this yet and is still trying to pass it off for a full price game.

Crappy patch to go with a crappy game. No thanks. This is no gears of war or rainbow 6, and thus I won’t EVER pay a premium for this kinda rushed “get it out the door” game. Lame.

Comment by Kaiser Soso on 2007-06-28 06:59:29 | Reply

Too bad they didn’t patch in some ladder animation! I can’t believe how wrong it looks. It’s very hard not to judge a book with such an ugly cover.

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