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Review: The Darkness

For the past decade, the use of comic books to create film and video games has become a growing trend: Spider-man, Batman, and even Superman have been reincarnated into modern works of art. Lesser known cult-classics, too, have graced cinemas and interactive platforms across the world. The Darkness, one of such titles, has been released to mainstream audiences as a next-generation game on the Xbox 360. Just like its patriarchal comic-form, the game combines unique action with an immersive, gritty atmosphere to tell an emotional, supernatural tale of the modern mob.

The Darkness for Xbox 360

Enter Jackie Estacado, an “earner” for the Franchetti family and bonafide mobster. Paulie Franchetti, Jackie’s adoptive guardian, runs the family with an iron fist and uses his contemporary business methods to rule the New York under-city: drug running, weapon smuggling, and trades with dirty cops are all common practices to Paulie. Thus, the Don sits upon a throne plagued by bad reputation, seen as such by both the traditional mob and Jackie alike. As the story begins, Jackie awakens to a high-speed chase, where he and two of his partners in crime are pursued by an entire police force. Next, picture a devastating car wreck: Jackie’s pals are both dead with the fat, fuming Paulie suspecting him of betrayal as a result. As you’d expect with any mob tale, a hit is called on Estacado, with those that he loves also fearing for their lives. But in Jackie’s case, the story isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s his twenty-first birthday, and as an unexpected gift from the underworld, his body is invaded by a demonic entity known as “The Darkness.” The parasite uses Jackie as a host to build its strength; in return, it allows Jackie to manipulate its abilities to take down the corrupt Franchetti family. As Jackie travels the slums of the city in search of Paulie, he also learns of the secrets behind The Darkness and its bewildering history that spans much of the Estacado ancestry.

When playing as Jackie, one can destroy the opposition with the use of either standard weaponry or dark powers. Munitions range from shotguns to assault rifles, with the addition of several different types of handguns. With an arsenal of this variety, Jackie can also make use of special abilities, such as handgun dual-wielding and executions or melee attacks. When near an enemy, a simple press of the right trigger will execute a devastating burst of firepower into the victim’s heart, legs, or mouth (yes, the discharge fires through the enemy’s head). Standard gunfights, at first, may take time to adapt to, as the degree to which one configures the sensitivity can improve or falter one’s accuracy. However, the controls quickly become second nature as the story accelerates.

The Darkness for Xbox 360

As the game progresses, Jackie can utilize new demonic powers: the tentacles, demon arm, darkness guns, and black hole. When used in conjunction with standard weaponry, Jackie can unleash deadly combos that sometimes make combat too simple. The difficulty can change quickly, however, as dozens of henchman will fire upon you at once, making use of their surprisingly good AI to try to out-perform Estacado. To use these abilities, The Darkness must first accumulate energy by staying in dark shadows: light areas, obviously, drain its energy quickly. While shooting or gashing out every light in clear site may seem repetitive, it actually adds an unexpected layer of depth to the gameplay: one must not only rely on staying in cover and maneuvering throughout the environment, but also using stealth tactics to surprise the opponent. The Darkness’ tentacles can help to strengthen the stealth fundamental. With enough energy, the player can slither the tentacle within reach, avoiding lit areas to uncover enemy positions and even launch surprise attacks. Though the tentacle should be used often, its controls can sometimes be bothersome. When sneaking to and fro, the tentacle can occasionally get stuck between corpses, and can also disorient the player when gliding on ceilings and building walls. With a little practice, one can get a grasp on the ability, but with a little more polish, Starbreeze could have avoided this tiny flaw. As if its four abilities weren’t enough, The Darkness can also summon four different types of darklings that can either attack Jackie’s opposition or help him complete his objectives with less effort. For instance, the Lightkiller can not only shock a lone foe, but also defuse any light bulbs in the vicinity. These creatures spawn from hellish holes that appear around the city: one light-sensitive creature can be beckoned from each. The darklings, unfortunately, are often only a commodity to assist Jackie- it’s too bad they aren’t required for puzzles or other gameplay elements throughout the game.

Similar to other titles such as the original Deus Ex and The Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness takes place in a small, yet incredibly deep environment that has the ability to immerse the player incredibly well. Though there are only several different locations, Starbreeze riddles each with an unparalleled amount of detail. The subway station, an area of little interest in other games, can keep players captivated for a long time in The Darkness: various NPC’s can assign sub-quests and offer unique entertainment: an old, crazy man may waddle around the terminal denouncing passages from the Bible, or street performers can begin breakdancing upon donation. Even the inclusion of the full movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as other shows and vintage reels that play throughout several scenes help create a frightening and believable atmosphere. The portrayal of the city also adds to the game’s gritty ambience- muggers and crazy hobos can elicit emotions of sadness and hatred. Because of such details, more than any title in recent memory, The Darkness is able to evoke feelings within the player, not only towards the main character, but also to his friends and foes. The fantastic storytelling, as well as the incredibly mature and gory style, helps establish Jackie’s character, making him perhaps the most badass protagonist of the next-generation.

The Darkness for Xbox 360

In development only for next-generation consoles, Starbreeze was sure to take advantage of the Xbox 360’s technological prowess. Incredibly detailed textures exist throughout the entire game in addition to advanced lighting effects and realistic character models. The textures, such as those evident in the subway station, use a startling amount of anisotropic filtering to enhance depth perception and sharpness of various surfaces. All of the characters throughout the game show a great deal of polish, ranging from their believable animations to their tattered apparel. Sometimes, as with many games, the character models don’t look as pretty when viewed from small distances: during a few cutscenes, facial shadowing and textures seem less lifelike due to their close proximity. In the Xbox 360 version, a motion blur exists during Jackie’s movements- an addition absent in the PS3 version. The motion blur, as well as several other effect filters, contribute to the environment with cinema-like outcomes. The Darkness excels greatly in its graphical engine, despite the occasional framerate setback during flashy sequences; likewise, the title’s soundtrack and audio work rest among the greatest in the genre. Due to its excessive violence and dark themes, one would expect songs in The Darkness to revolve around similar themes. However, in addition to its heavy rock and booming electronic tracks, several lighter scores exist and help to supplement the story’s emotional moments. The characters that make up the story come to life with phenomenal voice acting- some of the best witnessed in any first person shooter- and fit each persona perfectly.

A vast majority of the resources needed to develop The Darkness went towards the game’s single player mode; as a result, the multiplayer lacks a strong foundation that is necessary to keep players interested after their first few matches. Players can control a human or Darkness form- the “on-the-fly” switching function allows one to switch between classes instantly. Quick rounds and swift firefights result, and one’s ability to predict the opposition’s next move can dramatically alter the outcome of the round. Deathmatch, capture the flag, and survival variations can support up to 8 players, yet frequently conjure an impacting amount of lag, further deterring from the multiplayer experience. This, combined with the lackluster, linear map design, make the addition of an online mode seem unsuited for such a well-developed title- it’s inclusion in the title leads one to believe that single player was the sole intention for the game.

The Darkness for Xbox 360

Some may criticize the longevity of The Darkness due to its semi-short story and obsolete multiplayer mode; however, though single player will likely last the average gamer 10-12 hours, the story seems much longer. The events throughout the story, in addition to the evolution of each character, will enthrall the player more than most recent titles of greater length- this is quite a feat. Starbreeze has managed to transform a relatively unknown comic world into an engrossing, character-driven fantasy packed to the brim with action, gore, and detail. Though several minor flaws exist throughout the game, a small amount of patience will likely render them trivial. With production values to marvel and extra content to indulge, the tale of Jackie Estacado is not one to miss.

Final Score: 9 out of 10 - Very Good (How do we rate games?) The Darkness newsvine:Review: The Darkness furl:Review: The Darkness reddit:Review: The Darkness fark:Review: The Darkness Y!:Review: The Darkness gamegrep:Review: The Darkness

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Comment by Wet Vein on 2007-07-03 05:21:35 | Reply

I picked this up last friday…. About 20 mins into the game it froze. I tried it several (about 7) times, but it froze at pretty much the same part every time. (in a graveyard, with guys hopping over the wall)

I hope It’s the disc… I’m returning it tomorrow….. but what little I played I enjoyed.

Anyone else experience any freezing?

Comment by Wet Vein on 2007-07-05 03:19:58 | Reply

Well it turns out it wasn’t the disc…. it’s my xbox. I didn’t get the 3 rings of death… but I can’t get my games to boot. Doh.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-07-05 14:31:21 | Reply

Clean the lens you dirty dirty boy.

Good thing you get a free repair now!

Comment by mu on 2007-07-09 03:36:28 | Reply

i believe that only covers issues involving the red rings.

Comment by mu on 2007-07-03 05:36:35 | Reply

there have been others complaining of freezing issues. i have had no problems though, so i don’t have any other info for you.
i whole heartedly agree about the single player, but i think that the inclusion of darklings in the MP add a much needed variation to the deathmatch/ctf games. i definitely recommend crawling around as a darkling for awhile before you give up on it completely. there is lag however. it is not constant, but when it rears its ugly ass, you know it.
anyway, the story is phenomenal, the characters are likable/hateable, and i haven’t enjoyed a game more in a long time. check it out if you can.

Comment by Hoffer on 2007-07-03 05:49:55 | Reply

I got this game Friday and just beat it about an hour ago on medium difficulty. It was a pretty fun game.

As to freezes, I only had one and it was tonight.

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-07-03 05:53:16 | Reply

I love this game. It sounded before like the Xboxic crew wasn’t too fond of it, at least prior to its release. Great review.

Comment by Eric on 2007-07-03 08:37:07 | Reply

This is the first true comic to game adaptation and its proof they are a perfect match. Mature lesser known comics would fail as films because of studio washout and censorship but the videogame audience will embrace these franchises because its an industry based on mature content. Hopefully the Darkness is an example of things to come, Starbreeze more than satisfied this fan of the Darkness which is saying a lot. Next comic as a perfect game: “DMZ”. If you have read it you know exactly what I am talking about.

was this based off a comic or more of a graphic novel type story cause ive nevr herd of it

Comment by jack on 2007-07-03 12:16:41 | Reply

This has to be the best story put together for a fps, the graphics are amazing, as Mu said, when lag shows its ass, its BAD. The controls are simple, the only thing is the multiplayer reminds me too much of CS… They need to slow the movement down a bit. If your ever playing shape shifters and ur in a real shit hole, turn into a darkling and jump high to a building wall, you’ll save you ass very quickly… which needs to be changed.

CTF- basically its who can dodge the most bullets while in darkling mode, play humans only for a more realistic fps, but other then that its a pretty good multi for me.

Got it thursday, completed the story on friday, amazing game, only its too short. but most games like this are. but still. LOVE IT

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-07-03 23:02:58 | Reply

Sounds like another Gears of War: A campaign that’s way too short, and online that is so laggy it’s completely unplayable. In other words– a total waste of money.

When will developers learn that a quality multiplayer component is the only thing that gives this game genre continuing value? Unless you’re an utter numbskull, how many times can you play through the same single-player campaign with the same shitty cpu opponents?

Lag? Gears? i very very rarely got lag back in my Gears days. Oh, and dont knock the darkness till you try it, may be short, but i was hooked to my 360 intill i finished it, i could have made it last longer, but i just had to finish it… really gets you into the story..

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-07-04 04:08:56 | Reply

Yeah, lag… or latency, I get those terms mixed up sometimes. Whatever it’s called, it’s a result of host-side hit detection, an atrocious design choice that results in perpetual bullet lag for anyone playing off host. That basically means it’s impossible for your shots NOT to lag if you don’t happen to be hosting the game. This programming also produces occasional instances of packet loss, where you may notice entire cartridges of shotgun pellets disappear upon firing and never reach their target. All this combines to transform the host of EVERY game, even hosts with negligible talent, into nearly indomitable killing machines. If you didn’t notice this then you were probably one of those douche-bags that only played online when you were hosting.

Comment by Kid Outhouse on 2007-07-04 04:14:05 | Reply

“Packet loss” may have been the wrong term to use there as well. What I’m trying to say is that your shot gets lost in transmission to the host, so that it never registers in the actual game. You pull the trigger, you see the animation, but the bullets don’t land and damage is not credited.

Okay, secured my 60 bucks.

Borrowed this off a friend and it does have ONE thing like Gears - the graphics are close to the best on 360 I have seen outside of that game so far. I was expecting an average shooter but I was not expecting these quality graphics. This game needs a demo, stat!

yeh i want a demo cuz im a broke-cheap bastard. story driven cinematic shooters always last much shorter, but fuk it ,the brightest candles burn for the shortest time. someone give me 50 quid i really wanna play this.

Comment by RoyalFlush75 on 2007-07-10 09:31:56 | Reply

Do we really need more FPS deathmatches? I tired of headshots….Let see some decapitations!

Comment by bill on 2007-08-02 00:45:36 | Reply

personally, i didnt like the game after playing the demo. not my cup of tea. BTW, can any1 tell me if this game is hard?

Comment by mu on 2007-08-04 21:48:05 | Reply

if you play through on the most difficult setting, the game is fairly challenging throughout, and actually gets hard at one or two points, even with the black hole, and all the darkness goodies humming like crazy. but, after playing through on medium and hard, there is very little left to do. the mp still lacks the much needed patch, and the lack of easter eggs to hunt for makes a third play through sound unappealing to me right now. incredible game though. short, but worth at LEAST a rental, i haven’t seen the demo, so i don’t know what they offered up, but the darkness has some great gameplay, and some insane moments.

Comment by mu on 2007-08-05 02:23:53 | Reply

i guess that was the long answer. i think the answer you’re looking for is: no.

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