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June 2007 NPD sales chart released

The NPD Group, a market research firm that specializes in retail sales, has released its monthly sales chart for the video games industry. Since summers typically consist of slow sales months, nothing in the newly released data is too surprising. However, one can notice some continuing trends in the U.S. among the big-three.

Hardware sales:

  • DS - 561,900
  • Wii - 381,800
  • PSP - 230,100
  • Xbox 360 - 198,400
  • Playstation 3 - 98,500

As always, Nintendo has dominated the hardware scene. The DS continues to double the sales of the Playstation Portable, even though the PSP sales are anything but disappointing. The Wii, while in very high demand, continues to sell all of its limited quantities- and greatly outselling both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the process. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has continued its average sales trend, neither selling surprising nor less than expected numbers of units: if Microsoft announces a price drop in the coming months, sales of their console will likely increase significantly. The PS3, on the other hand, is faced with sales doubled by those of the Xbox 360, and nearly quadrupled by those of the Wii. Keep in mind that Sony did announce a $100 price drop for the 60GB bundle this July, and therefore the listed numbers aren’t yet affected by the change.

Forza 2: the top selling 360 title for June

Nintendo, in addition to its robust hardware figures, also dominates the NPD software charts (see below) with its first-party titles. Mario Party 8 and Wii Play both sold significant amounts, while Pokemon on the DS remains the handheld’s most successful title for the year. Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox 360 earned the #5 position, selling almost 200,000 units. Throughout the top 20 software titles for June, both the Wii and Xbox 360 have 6 top titles each, while the PS2 and Nintendo DS hold on to the remainder: not a single Playstation 3 title sold enough units to place within the top 20 titles. As for third-party sales, the 360 again dominated the market with 5 of its 6 titles being third party: 1 of the Wii’s top titles was created by a third party developer. This data is significant, as it increases third-party faith in a console.

Be sure to check back with ICGamers next month for July’s NPD charts and to observe the impact of the PS3 price drop.

Software sales:

    1. Wii - Mario Party 8 — 426.k
    2. Wii - Play w/ remote — 291.2k
    3. NDS - Pokemon Diamond Version — 288.4k
    4. NDS - Pokemon Pearl Version — 214.7k
    5. 360 - Forza Motorsport 2 — 197.40k
    6. PS2 - Guitar Hero 2 w/ Guitar — 197.35k
    7. 360 - Guitar Hero 2 w/ guitar — 177.6k
    8. Wii - Pokemon Battle — 157.9k
    9. Wii - Resident Evil 4
    10. 360 - The Darkness
    11. PS2 - Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2
    12. PS2 - Transformers: the Game
    13. 360 - Tenchu z
    14. NDS - New Super Mario Bros
    15. PS2 - Tomb Raider: Anniversary
    16. Wii - Super Paper Mario
    17. 360 - Transformers: The Game
    18. PS2 - MLB ‘07: The Show
    19. Wii Big Brain Academy: Wii
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17 comments on 'June 2007 NPD sales chart released'

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Comment by Daze Of War on 2007-07-24 01:23:01 | Reply

Look at that. No PS3 games on the top 20 software sales. I can understand that though cause they don’t have any good games to sell.

I can kinda understand that there aren’t any PS3 games in the list. It’s been a while since Resistance and Motorstorm came out (which are considered good games) and the Xbox 360 and Wii have a bigger installed base than the PS3.

Comment by Daze Of War on 2007-07-24 01:38:12 | Reply

Ya I knew about those but those are kinda old. I also forgot that they do have Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Which Ninja Gaiden is sweet, but besides that nothing else.

Plus, NG Sigma is basically just a port

Ninja Gaiden Sigma sold 60,000 units in June (pretty disappointing), it isn’t included in my article.

Comment by bs3 on 2007-07-24 03:06:01 | Reply

PS3 sales are pathetic.

Comment by coojo on 2007-07-24 06:13:04 | Reply

ninja gaiden sigma is awsome u 360 fans are just jeolous why only play one console when you can play all 3?

Comment by Worms on 2007-07-24 07:15:01 | Reply

Because there’s nothing worth paying $600 for on a PS3? I’m happy with my 360 and soon to have a Wii. My DS gets more play than anything. Screw Sony.

Comment by AugustusBot on 2007-07-24 19:42:26 | Reply

I agree, why be biased or a xbox fanboi. Play all 3 and enjoy all 3. Blu Ray is worth getting a ps3 for, HDMI and upscaling of dvd’s to 1080p is worth getting a ps3 for (instead of buying a second xbox just for hdmi =/)

I like playing Gears of War for about an hour or so, then playing some Resistance fall of man for about an hour or so.

Then the next night pick up some Resident Evil 4 on the wii…

My DS only gets used when I travel… about once per year.

Comment by nyser beteesea on 2007-07-25 01:19:56 | Reply

exactly, you can buy 360 for home, then a ps3 with the HD tv for the spanish villa, a wii for malibu- then just use the DS on the lear jet.
someone put up some UK results, i wanna know if we have as many retarded gamers thatll buy pokemon n transformers and fuckin tenchu Z instead of dirt or any good games.

The 360 is getting Ninja Gaiden 2- the real Ninja Gaiden game.

Comment by Lone goat on 2007-07-24 18:20:08 | Reply

@ Coojo
The new 80gb model ps3 doesn’t have any happy “back-compat”….

i’m happy with 1 1/2 console

Comment by Unseelie on 2007-07-24 06:33:20 | Reply

That $100 price cut will only be a temporary blip though, since they’re also discontinuing the 60gb model in favor of the more expensive 80gb model.

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-07-24 11:56:55 | Reply

and the 80 GB model doesn’t even have any back-compat, ‘cos Sony couldn’t sell it so cheaply with the emotion chip (from the ps2)

How and why the hell are people buying the Transformers game? lol, its utter tripe!

Comment by nuknuk on 2007-07-24 12:36:36 | Reply

LMAO @ sony!

Comment by AugustusBot on 2007-07-24 19:48:32 | Reply

Sony will lead the market by March ‘08.

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