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JT has a grudge against Bioshock TV ads

Remember that “big trouble” declaration for Take-Two’s Bioshock made by Jackass Thompson a few days ago? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Well, it looks like the anti-game activist was annoyed at Bioshock TV ads appearing during Friday night’s airing of WWE Smackdown. Have an entertaining read of Jackie’s complaint to the Federal Trade Commission after the jump.

The lovely letter in all its ironic glory:

Take-Two… is aggressively marketing its newest Mature-rated video game to kids under 17 years of age… On this Friday’s night’s 8 pm Eastern time airing of WWE’s wrestling program “Smackdown,” there were repeated ads for Take-Two/Rockstar Game’s Mature-rated, incredibly violent BioShock…

A check of the demographics of the audience of that program reveals that teens under 17 years of age watch that program in huge numbers…

Remarkably, the video game industry is running ads for games like BioShock on teen-intensive television programs while at the same time its industry-captured “watchdog,” the ESRB, is running a self-congratulatory ad campaign to assure parents that the video game ratings system is working and that the industry can be trusted not to target their kids with these Mature-rated games. It is all a lie, as the BioShock ads prove.

This rampant fraudulent trade practice is precisely what “Big Tobacco” did with its “Joe Camel” and other teen-targeting ads, while at the same time lying to Congress that it was not marketing its adult product to kids.

Pitiful, we know. Since when does Rockstar have anything to do with Bioshock? Both Rockstar Games and Irrational Games are development divisions of Take-Two alright, but that’s as far as it goes. Sorry dear old Jack, this is hardly “big trouble” for Bioshock. It’s nothing but a sad attempt at having your name in lights.

Let the bashing begin!

Thanks to Lotus 111s for submitting.

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36 comments on 'JT has a grudge against Bioshock TV ads'

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Fuckin moron.

nothing left to say ;)


Comment by MoD Gunslinger on 2007-08-20 21:46:57 | Reply

And there ya have it.

Comment by Tucky on 2007-08-20 11:01:13 | Reply

just cos he can’t aford a 360! hahaha, he’s like the kid a school who said he ‘didnt want one cos they aint cool’ when realy he’s just a scumbag skanky cheapskate still playing his SEGA!

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-20 11:49:55 | Reply

Uber tit.

Comment by Nabiki on 2007-08-20 11:57:28 | Reply

I love how he blames Rockstar for this. What a complete idiot. Bloody dip-shit with nothing to do but make shallow complaints. I mean, does this guy actually do any real work?

Comment by Steve on 2007-08-20 13:40:52 | Reply

He’s got a point though, should a mature rated game really be advertised during a TV show that is watched by kids and young teenagers?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-20 14:45:03 | Reply

Provided the content of the advert isn’t too mature for pre watershed viewing then there is no issue.

As far as I am aware there are a lot of American adults watch that theatrical pish too.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-20 14:48:13 | Reply

And thinking about it, should kids (if they can’t differentiate between reality and fiction according Jack Titson) even be watching WWE which is basically theatrical violence.

Double standards? I think so.

Comment by Nekro on 2007-08-20 15:15:23 | Reply

WWE is worse. It can make you turn gay and take steroids. I mean look, they all wear next to nothing, they feel each other up and they take drugs to pump themselves up.

Oh, and because of wrestling, me and my bro used to do play wrestling fights which started to get real nasty as we got older. I remember the submission holds.

Comment by Edwin jones on 2007-08-20 15:16:47 | Reply

As much as I dislike JT’s stance on games, he does have a point. I’m sorry but this game is for adults, and only adults should be able to play it and marketing should be aimed in the same manner. Violent games are for adults only and letting kids have them just gives politicans a reason to ban things - ie manhunt. If parents actually obeyed the age rating, I think manhunt would not have been banned.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-20 15:25:10 | Reply

Nope sorry you’re wrong.

His ilogical point is that, pixelated violent fictional action should not be advertised amongst live violent fictional action.

There is no leg to stand on with that argument, end of.

If they were advertising it in the break of the Simpsons then maybe, if it was between the teletubbies then yeah definately. Between wrestling? nope, not a chance.

Comment by naysey on 2007-08-20 20:41:26 | Reply

spot on sonny jim

Comment by newmodel on 2007-08-20 21:44:59 | Reply

Actually, we live in a free country. If a parent decides a game is acceptable for their children to play, than those kids are free to play it. It’s the same for any violent media. The ESRB is a guideline. Its up the medium, the advertiser and the viewer. JT is a fascist pig. If you don’t want your kids exposed to violence, turn off the GD TV.

Comment by Edwin jones on 2007-08-20 15:31:37 | Reply

Perhaps, but adult games should be for adults only. I have no qualms about banning 18 plus games for anybody under that age. I Don’t see which part of the quote you got violent games shouldn’t mix with violent video - he seems to be just annoyed that its on a kids show advert break - and to belive WWF is real you do have to be a kid plus it is broadcast before watershed. Imagine if this had been a SAW 3 trailer? That would have caused more fuss I imagine as movies are wayyyyy gorier than games these days.

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-08-20 15:53:02 | Reply

I’m sure a Saw 3 trailer has been aired on that same channel. WWE isn’t a fucking “kids” show. Kids watch it, but they are by no means the only viewers. There is no way to prove that 2K Boston/Australia wanted to advertise to kids because plenty of adults watch that shit, too. And adult games aren’t for adults only, they are for 18 plus. 18 isn’t an “adult.” By the way, nobody “believes it’s real.” They just find entertainment in that trash, everybody knows it’s acting. Instead of saying, “and to believe WWE is real you have to be a kid,” you should have said, “and to believe WWE is real you have to have something fucked up in your head.” There’s less than no argument here.

Comment by Edwin jones on 2007-08-20 17:38:31 | Reply

legally in the UK anybody over 18 is a legal adult. International law varies, But I live in and base my views on UK law mainly.

If a gory program or ad is aired before watershed, or an advert that alludes to such is marketing at children, intentionally or unintentionally. How any Hot Wheels adverts do you see AFTER watershed? How many adverts with breasts to overt sexual overtones are shown before watershed? The whole point is to target different demographics, and when adult content crosses the barrier there is cause for alarm.

An Advert for something 18 rated shouldn’t be shown where kids can easily see it. Thats just begging for trouble.

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-08-21 05:43:00 | Reply

17 in the U.S. And what ISN’T easy for kids to see on T.V. now?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-21 12:34:39 | Reply

A little off with that statement.

18 in England, Wales and Ireland.

16 In Scotland. True you still can’t drink, smoke, vote. But you can move out and get your own place or get married without the permission of your parents, so in the eyes of the law you are an adult.

As for the watershed argument, its not the product that is important it is the content of the advert. If the content of the advert is not 18 rated then there is no problem, because if any kids under 18 wanted said product they would not be of the legal age to buy one, so the shops shouldn’t sell it and the parents shouldn’t allow it. And that is the issue, parental control over their spawn and shops adhering to the clasification that has been set.

You get adverts for 18 rated movies at a 15 rated movie because the content of the actual advert/trailer is rated 15, the issue with games is no different but for some reason people seem to treat it completly different.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-21 12:44:28 | Reply

Also it is probably worth noting that it is this over protective attitude which has given rise to the current situation in the UK (not the only reason but certainly a big one) where people are afraid to challenge groups of kids over their behaviour yet the children won’t think twice about stabbing an adult.

Basically the adult is put in a position of fear by the fact that the children can threaten any number of accusations to the police and be believed over a responsible adult, whereas the children are never blamed for any of their own actions or the parents are never blamed for the behaviour of the children.

When I was a kid if I was spoken to by an adult my parents would back up what they said, if I got clipped round the ear from the police and taken home, then you can be damn sure my parents would side with the police.

Kid gets taken home by the police these days then the parents are putting complaints in against the fucking police!!!

People need to sort out their own fucking stables before blaming the multitude of other reasons they can think of for the current climate.

Violence was a lot eaiser to see back in the day, stopping viewing it isn’t the answer to societies problems, it’s solving what actually causes violence and people understanding the repurcussions of their own actions rather than putting all their efforts into finding an outside source to blame for all the ills in the world.

Comment by Veritas on 2007-08-22 05:59:07 | Reply

Here, here. *Nods.*

Comment by Chris on 2007-08-20 15:44:36 | Reply

im sorry but wasnt jack told he needed to take a psychological examination due to his off the wall tactics and claims by a court!?!?!


Comment by iceman on 2007-08-20 17:49:09 | Reply

well the way i look at is kids under 18 cant buy the m rated games right so what do they do go get there parents to buy it kids will get the games no matter what like halo it m rated and i play with 8 year olds on it so no matter what the kids will get the games people just need to stop acting like a fag saying kids should not see this or they should not buy this well its not ur choice wether the kids get it or not if the parents dont want them to have it then there not going to get it but if there parents dont care then there going to get it.people just need to stop being like this its the parents choice what the kid watches or plays so stop pointing the finger at the companys that make the games

Comment by Edwin jones on 2007-08-20 18:10:53 | Reply

1) Puntuation is your friend! He loves you, why do you not love him?

2) Yes, kids will get these adult games. Yes people WILL buy drugs. Yes people will murder people. Is that a valid argument to try to stop them and attempt to limit those things happening?

Surely giving parents who break the law a fine and trying very hard not to market to children would reduce the problem? You can never halt crime totally, only reduce it.

Comment by Edwin jones on 2007-08-20 18:11:29 | Reply

Whoops, forgot the C in punctuation. My bad!

Comment by Veritas on 2007-08-21 09:11:20 | Reply

When did allowing anyone under 17/18 to play an M rated game become a crime? As far as I know (in the U.S.) it’s only illegal to sell the games to children, not to let them play it. Same thing with alcohol. It’s legal for children to drink it, when they’re under parental supervision.

I have no idea what “Watershed” is, but if it’s shown after WWE wrestling, then the kids are already in a good amount of danger of being exposed to violence. =P Showing an ad during the program is fine, because the demographic is pretty far-encompassing. I take it that any kids already watching the program would probably have their parents with them, or at least would have already had fantasy violence explained to them, anyways.

Now, as someone said, if the ad had been shown during the Wiggles or the Teletubbies, there would be cause for a fuss. It’s the parents who are responsible for what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” in a situation like this. No fault has been committed on the part of Take-Two.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-21 12:25:22 | Reply

Apologies, “watershed” may just be a British term.

Basically the “watershed” in the UK is 9pm. Which means after 9pm anything goes (within reason).

Comment by Veritas on 2007-08-22 05:57:48 | Reply

Ah, ‘kay. Thank you.

Comment by Adam on 2007-08-20 18:23:58 | Reply

Rockstar should sue his ass for libel.

Comment by Justen on 2007-08-21 02:24:35 | Reply

Man, this guy needs to move to North Korea. He, and the crazy oppressive regime, would get along just great! This argument is a moot point; go buy the game and be happy:)

Comment by Nabiki on 2007-08-21 12:29:31 | Reply

I look at it like I look at horror films being advertised. There no difference in a rated R or AA film having it’s trailer advertised on the tele during primetime hours. The fact that the gaming industry is getting slammed larger then the movie industry is bloody ridiculous. And there isn’t a videogame out today that is half as violent or disturbing as some gory horror flicks that are out there.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-21 13:47:17 | Reply

Exactly, one of my points.

The difference is the people that are making these accusations have no knowledge about the subject they are talking about.

Which wouldn’t be a first for politicians. In fact they do it all the time, which is why you have groups like Democrats, Republicans, Labour, Conservative. Basically the people fit in to these groups because they have already made up their minds about any subject before they make a desicion because they are part of a gang that has to think in a certain way otherwise they are out.

Listen to the facts, have a debate make an informed desicion, unfortunately this is not how politics work, which is why anyone that actively wants to be a politician should never be allowed to be one as their desicion are already pre made in order to appeal to the demographic they are aiming at.

No one person is all Conservative or Labour. There are some issues I take a conservative attitude on and others a more liberal stance.

Listen to the facts people then decide your viewpoint.

Comment by Katan13 on 2007-09-18 13:48:25 | Reply

Why can’t people be allowed to make up their own minds in this world? If your a parent and you don’t think they should play games like this, then stop them. Everyone else who is above the age of 18, do what you want. Censorship is wrong full stop.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-09-18 14:34:16 | Reply

Yes and no.

Censorship has a place within reason, it should be there to stop people benefiting from the upset/pain of others.

You can’t say throw out all censorship as this then leads to arguments as to why graphic child pornography, from people with fucked up views on reality, shouldn’t be shown on TV to make a point.

So there is a reason for censorship but only up to a point, if there is a violent video game/film (which is considered an artisic medium) which you as an adult understanding the content that is being presented decide on all the available evidence that you would like to view/play said product then that should be your right (espcially in the land of freedom as you yanks like to delude yourself into thinking thats what you live in, in actual fact you are only free up until your government decide you are not) to decide to do so.

If you are an adult and you don’t agree with the content of said product then do the adult thing and decide not to watch/play it.

But this doesn’t mean that censorship should be removed compltely.

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