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[GC07] New Fracture screens released

Lucas Arts, the developer normally associated with the Star Wars saga, has unleashed a bunch of screenshots for their upcoming futuristic shooting game Fracture.

Sadly, the seven new shots don’t show off any new environments or enemy designs. Nonetheless, the screens are worth checking out, as they nicely demonstrate the crisp visuals and interesting ways of polishing off the foes.

The game promises to revolutionize the shooter genre by introducing the “Terrain Deformation” technology which enables players to shape the formation of the battlefield to their advantage. The premise sounds great on paper, but we’re yet to see it in practice.[GC07] New Fracture screens released newsvine:[GC07] New Fracture screens released furl:[GC07] New Fracture screens released reddit:[GC07] New Fracture screens released fark:[GC07] New Fracture screens released Y!:[GC07] New Fracture screens released gamegrep:[GC07] New Fracture screens released

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Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2007-08-23 15:16:56 | Reply

i think itll be like prey you will be impressed at first but in the end it’ll still come down to whether the shooter would have been good anyway

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