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[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars

After all the huffing and puffing from Microsoft claiming that Project Gotham Racing 4 was going to be out in September, it seems (as expected) they were wrong. The game has slipped into October, but new cars and motorbikes have been given out for you all to ogle at after the jump.

Across Europe, PGR4 will be shipping on the 12th October, whilst those in the US would have been playing it for ten days already, as they get the game on the 2nd October. Has this disappointed any of you?

If it has, check out the list of cars and bikes also announced, it might cheer you up a bit:


  • Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged 2004
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2005
  • Austin Mini Cooper S 1964
  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1969
  • Ferrari F430 2004
  • Caparo T1 2007
  • Caterham R500 2000
  • Lamborghini Gallardo 2004
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2005
  • Tesla Roadster 2008


  • BMW F 800 S 2006
  • Honda NR750 1992
  • Honda CBR600RR 2005
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 2007
  • MTT Turbine Superbike 2006
  • MV Agusta F4 Senna 2006
  • Norton 500 Manx 1962
  • Triumph Speed Triple 2005
  • Triumph Trident 2005

There are some pods running the game here at Leipzig, and we had a quick play on them. Let’s just say that the frame rate needs improving, and the rain definitely needs to splash off the motorcyclist and bike. This is the demo from E3 though, so it could have all changed since then.[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars newsvine:[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars furl:[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars reddit:[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars fark:[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars Y!:[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars gamegrep:[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars

23 comments on '[GC07] PGR4 coming in October & new cars'

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Comment by PaPaFuNk on 2007-08-23 14:34:51 | Reply

30 fps = CRAP. If this was 60fps it would be a must buy, but it may not even be a rental. And I really enjoy racing games. :(

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-23 14:43:47 | Reply

First one was shit hot even with the fps.

Comment by kidkit on 2007-08-23 16:09:48 | Reply

people whined so much when forza wasn’t “pretty enough”. It’s one or the other. i wish it were 60 but as long as it’s smooth, I’m happy.

Comment by PaPaFuNk on 2007-08-23 16:54:59 | Reply

Agreed, but the game comes out in just over 1 month and they are still complaining about the framerate.
Let me be clear, while I think EVERY ‘next-gen’ game should be 60fps minimum, it is most important with racing games. People that can not see a difference have obviously never seen 60fps in action. The same people probably say they can not tell a difference with SDTV & HDTV.
PGR3 was ok, but the long load times forced me stop playing it before I should have. After seeing 60fps in Forza2 there is never going back to 30fps choppy crap that screws up the gameplay.

I am not saying this will be a crappy game, I am just saying it will run like dogshit. 30fps means in certain turns you will always dip to around 20fps.

fuck 60fps, tv is 24fps and you dont here people whining hat its too slow, the issue IS NOT 60fps, the issue is LOCKING 30fps, as long as it doesnt dip below 30fps into the teens range then you’ll never notice the difference.

Choppy isnt 30fps… choppy is 10-20fps, if they can lock games at 30fps the game is perfect, forcing 60fps at the expense of effects is a nono .

And DO YOU NOT READ????? This isnt a 1 month to release problem with framerate, they clearly stated that the demo from leipzeg was the one from months ago at e3 its the same demo, they didnt create a new one off of new versions.

Comment by PaPaFuNk on 2007-08-23 17:49:42 | Reply

“as long as it doesnt dip below 30fps into the teens range then you’ll never notice the difference.”

Chris just helped me make my case and point.

Then you sir are completely blind. I would have loved Forza 2 to look nicer, but the 60fps was the best move they could have made. Forza 1 was ‘LOCKED’ at 30fps and it plays like shit compared to Forza 2 running at 60fps (even though the graphics are similar)

I did get busted on not reading the demo was from e3. Why would they not have anything better to try yet? Most likely because they are still struggling with keeping the framerate ‘locked’. Please learn this is marketing and nothing ever actually stays ‘locked’. If it did I may actually not have a problem with framerates.

60fps vs 30fps is night vs day. Go get your eyes checked out. While your at it buy a new TV that runs at 29.97 fps like everyone else.

Comment by Sean on 2007-08-23 19:11:10 | Reply

Perhaps they didn’t have the TIME to build another demo, since the game is due out in 2 months.

30fps with motion-blur is just as good as 60fps, as long as it’s locked. Video looks good at 24fps because of the natural blur. The motion-blur in the game replaces this. PGR4 isn’t a sim, 60fps isn’t essential.

Comment by PaPaFuNk on 2007-08-23 20:03:31 | Reply

Perhaps they should have MADE TIME to make it better since the game is due out in 2 months.

Where do you guys come from? Do you have PAL tv sets or something? Not trying to be a prick and argue, I just honestly do not understand how people do not see this. NOTHING is ever locked, no matter how much they say. Forza 2 is locked at 60fps but it dips down to 30 at times. Just like locked 30 dips down to 15. Like Chris said, 15-20fps is choppy.

How does nobody see this? Burnout is not a sim either but it was 60fps, and had motion blur. Not really my type of game but at least the gameplay was smooth as a baby’s ass.

Why are they talking about the best Madden 08 on the 360 so far? 60fps!! It makes gameplay more than twice as smooth.

Hell I wish I could enjoy 30fps, I just can not do it anymore. It’s like going from a broadband connection back to dial up. If you never had broadband you would never know what you are missing.

Everyone has their own opinion, I like 60fps, apparently no one else cares. To each their own. I am sure the game will do well and honestly hope you all enjoy it.

60fps is great but not mandatory. You can definitely see the difference, and we’ve witnessed CoD4 at 60fps yesterday, which was a truly great experience. But it’s a tradeoff, and not every game needs it. Games like Gears and GRAW are much slower paced, and as such can get away no prob with 30.

PGR is fast paced, but it’s an arcade racer for which 60fps is fine (see Ridge Racer) but not mandatory to be great (see PGR3).

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-08-24 12:50:06 | Reply

30 FPS is fine for a game like PGR…I’d rather have it look quite a bit nicer than have more frames per second

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-23 14:44:13 | Reply

I say first, should have said 3rd.

Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2007-08-23 16:06:06 | Reply

i like being one of those people who just don’t think fps ust dosen’t make that much diffrence

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-24 13:20:50 | Reply

Oh I can see the point, just don’t agree.

PGR3 was the mutts nutts, the 30 fps didn’t bother me. Colin Mcrae Dirt however I had to take back cos I thought the car was having a fit.

October’s fine. There’s enough coming out this fall that I don’t care what comes out when.

The demo pods are probably a bad example. The game will be top notch stuff.

Grrr…still no suzuki bikes announced. GRRR. Altho…the MV Senna version is HOT SHIT.

This better not be the whole list…

Comment by FF on 2007-08-23 15:54:13 | Reply

3 was crap compared to 2 - it looked pretty, cockpit was nice - beyond that…nothing special

US before Europe? That will ruffle a few feathers, eh?

Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2007-08-23 16:07:55 | Reply

by october even if im looking forward to things ill be playing great games anyway at the moment im lacking that, altough im getting bioshock 2moro

Also, this is TOO damn close to Halo 3 for me to pick it up right away.

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-08-23 17:33:53 | Reply

wtf why does it take 10 DAYS to get the game over here? god fkin damn it’s always the same

anyway this game will have to wait anyway

Comment by john trfc on 2007-08-23 21:57:56 | Reply

game made in UK gets USA release first, guess thats what you can expect when ms are your publisher

fucking ms

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-08-24 12:52:54 | Reply

actually it’s being developed in the UK but it’s probably approved and made in USA

but yeah it’s stupid that the release is sooo much later

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