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[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold

At the beginning of the month, 360 gamers were treated to a hefty demo of Stranglehold, Midway’s upcoming shoot ‘em up featuring Chow Yun-Fat from John Woo’s Hard Boiled. With only four days away from the game’s due date, Midway released today five new Stranglehold screenshots for you to wonder at.

The above screens don’t show any new locales we haven’t witnessed in the long trailer found in the demo. Given that there are only eight environments to choose from in the full game, seeing repeating environments actually isn’t all that surprising. All the same, so long as the environments can take our beating, it’s all good with us shooter fans.

North Americans will be able to get their hands on the full game on August 27th, while Europeans will have to wait until September 14th, since the game has been pushed back over here acrossed the pond.[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold newsvine:[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold furl:[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold reddit:[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold fark:[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold Y!:[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold gamegrep:[GC07] New screenshots of Stranglehold

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Comment by Tucky on 2007-08-23 13:05:48 | Reply

Im guessing August 27th is only for US, im sure its the 7th of september for UK:(

Comment by Fonejacker on 2007-08-23 13:15:36 | Reply

this game is going to kick ass, good thing i got bioshock to keep me busy until it comes out

Comment by Thryon on 2007-08-23 16:53:56 | Reply

I tried the demo, and found it OK, but it did not sell me on the game. I may hold off on this game till after the holiday flood, and pick it up half price in early 08.

hehe bioshocks making lots of people happy due to the replay factor, gotta play it until halo3, ac, masseffect, and the other blockbusters this year come out, and then when done play it again in a different way.

Comment by BleedingEyes on 2007-08-23 17:16:41 | Reply

Gonna buy it anyway; big fan of Chow Yun Fat. Besides; Halo has never been my cup of tea so on copy for me on the 360. And with PGR4 around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before interesting games emerge faster than people can finish them.

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