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[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer

If, like us, you simply wanted more footage after the taster we gave of Devil May Cry 4 earlier in the day, Capcom’s release of a brand new trailer will surely come as a blessing. Make the jump for some fierce dueling action.

Although the new trailer is basically a rehash of all those screenshots released as part of a series last month and last year’s TGS trailer, watching the most renowned demon slayer Dante and the newcomer Nero duke it out under the roof of a great cathedral is simply staggering. Have a look for yourself below.

As shown in the long trailer, the over the top cutscenes, carefree attitude, and heavy metal soundtrack that the series has become famous for are all making a comeback in this fourth outing of Devil May Cry. If you watch closely, you’ll even notice a shenanigan near the end of the trailer; the part where Nero’s eyes light up red to be exact. Does that mean Nero has more demonic traits than just his unique “Devil Bringer” arm? If you ask us, it most likely does.

Devil May Cry 4 is due out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 early next year.[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer  newsvine:[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer  furl:[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer  reddit:[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer  fark:[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer  Y!:[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer  gamegrep:[GC07] New Devil May Cry 4 trailer

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One thing i find funny..
DMC1: Dante doesnt talk that much, cool, but in a more descreet way
DMC2: pretty much the same as 1.
DMC3: Cockey fucker, yes its when he was young, so older (1&2) is where hes cool, but more chilled,
by the looks of 4 hes MUCH more like he was in 3 than the sequals timeline wise, which doesnt make sense. Dante was TOO cockey and made far too much noise in 3, he was MUCH cooler in 1 and 2. Really hope they havnt ruined him by making him an older version of 3.

Dante? Nero!

Both will be playable ;) .

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