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[GC07] More Overlord DLC planned

Last week, we informed you that Overlord would soon receive a new split-screen multiplayer mode in the form of DLC. Add to that brand new multiplayer maps and perhaps even more downloadable content, as we have just learnt that Codemasters has in store further post-release plans for their action adventure title.

Unlike the upcoming split-screen update, the additional eight maps currently being prepped for release later this year will come in at a price. As a point of interest, one or two of said maps could very well find its way into the split-screen update if Codemasters chooses to do so.

One of the new survival maps will thrust you and your friend on a round path where both of you will be chased by an enormous invincible giant. While running like the wind away from it, you’ll have to be on the look out for other smaller enemies endowed with the task of haltering you. Should you decide to merely avoid them, the little buggers will be waiting for you on your next lap of the level, along with some newly spawned ones. Naturally, the objective will be to survive for as long as possible.

Another map revealed was entitled Grab the Maidens. On this pillage map, the goal is to capture the greatest number of maidens and return them to your base. A set of map-specific features will be available around the map to hinder the progress of your opponent. Sounds like a lot of fun, indeed.

Finally, Codemasters also spilled a few beans on possible single-player based downloadable content which is currently still under consideration. A very difficult challenge mode, new playable characters, new bosses, and even new story elements could all add to the already solid single-player experience sometime down the line.

We’ll report back to you as soon as we learn more information.

Source: Gamespot

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4 comments on '[GC07] More Overlord DLC planned'

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Would rather they fix the very laggy MP before releaseing this so that i could play the existing modes.

Comment by Thryon on 2007-08-23 21:27:47 | Reply

Dang, I picked up this game on launch, but did not have a chance to play yet, and now all these new great games are out…what to do?

Comment by Daze Of War on 2007-08-23 23:10:16 | Reply

I haven’t had any lag issues with the MP. I just wish it had more maps to play on.

Comment by jursle on 2007-09-13 10:56:45 | Reply

I love the game but I only have what’s on the DVD: where to dowload the new parts?

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