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[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008

The annual fight between the two biggest football titles has officially commenced here in Germany, with both being shown not just at their own developer’s booths, but elsewhere on the floor too. We managed to play FIFA two days ago, but couldn’t get to PES until today. Having waited for around thirty minutes for the damn public to get out of our way, we finally stepped up to complete our hands on. We also have some video footage for you to check out.

Both games immediately look visually better than last year. FIFA 07 already looked good, however this year it again has improved. PES was always going to look better since it looked so awful last year on the 360, and it is certainly the best it has ever been. Naturally, this was reassuring to see.

Gameplay wise, both games remain totally different. PES 2008 is a lot smoother and quicker this year compared to its 360 outing last year, as passing was slow and heavy. Now, the ball zips across the park just as it used to, and it’s a welcome change. In contrast, FIFA feels a lot slower. It takes longer to get the ball moving up-field, and as such leaves you feeling a tad frustrated. The demo perhaps didn’t help since only one half was playable, whereas you got a full game of PES (very frustrating for the waiting queue behind though). Goals were scored infrequently, as players found it hard to get a lot of shooting opportunities. We watched quite a few games too, and this was proven by others, so it’s not just because we suck.

Ball physics are all important, and PES once again demonstrated why so many love it. The ball reacts the way it should all the time, bouncing off of players correctly so it becomes unpredictable. One game we witnessed whilst waiting in the queue for PES saw a corner come in, hit a defender but then bounce off of an attacker running in. The attacker accidentally put the ball into the net thanks to his knees. It was great because you see it time and again in real life, so to see it happen in a game is a pleasure. FIFA however had no such moments. Again this may have been because of the demo limit, but even in the virtual forty five minutes that were played, there were almost no scrambles that were exciting.

The controls are almost identical for both versions, except the shooting. If you have played both FIFA and PES’s iterations last year, then you will automatically be familiar with the controls; nothing at all has been changed that we noticed. Shooting hasn’t changed a great deal either, however a lot more time and a lot more games need to be played to see what affects balancing has, what affects cutting in from the sides has and so on.

Animation-wise, both games have their own unique attributes. Players surround the referee at bad decisions, tackles and the resulting collisions are done well in both games, and the movement of the top players such as Ronaldinho is spot on. Both games again have the very short cut scenes when a player is booked and their reactions can be seen up close. Here PES caused a slight concern, as there was some slow down during the scenes. The cutting to a replay too wasn’t as smooth as you’d hope for a new generation title.

Thanks to all the background noise, nothing could really be heard from either game (you’ll notice this in the videos included in the post). There were people shouting in German all over the place, so you’ll have to wait for the demos to check out the sound. Features too naturally weren’t available for viewing; both were just straight up demos of a friendly match as you would expect.

In the short time we spent with each game then, PES probably just about wins the battle. It plays smoother than FIFA although again not looking as pretty, but the ball physics separate them apart for now. Just because PES won this battle though, does not mean it will win this year’s War: there is still a long way to go.

FIFA 08 will ship in September, with PES 2008 shipping in October for Europe. The version we played of PES was 75% complete, but there was no completion percentage for FIFA.[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008 newsvine:[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008 furl:[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008 reddit:[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008 fark:[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008 Y!:[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008 gamegrep:[GC07] Hands On: PES 2008 vs. FIFA 2008

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Comment by Elfo on 2007-08-24 13:48:14 | Reply

Once again PES looks fantastic! I will be buying it on release day for sure!

FIFA looks better. But PES has better ball physics, as explained by Ross. I like how it marks the place on the field where the ball is about to drop.

PES does sound the better of the two, i just hope its a huge improvement compared to last years dire effort

Comment by Studley on 2007-08-24 15:48:42 | Reply

PES looks breathtaking, a huge step forward, whereas FIFA just looks like FIFA. I know where my money’s going already.

Comment by Tonic BE on 2007-08-24 16:25:31 | Reply

PES is indeed nice but it’s a shame it only has such a limited 1v1 multiplayer. That’s the reason why I might buy Fifa this year..

Comment by Noneedhomes on 2007-08-24 16:27:43 | Reply


Comment by liger05 on 2007-08-24 17:24:27 | Reply

As a Winning Eleven gamer Pro Evo looks to quick for me. I prefer the slower Winning Eleven. Graphically Pro Evo 2008 does not look like next gen and its animations are just like last years game. For me Pro Evo needs a new engine as the game is not progressing anymore.
Pro Evo is still too scripted and players still dont act intelligently enough when trying to find space.

Never been a huge FIFA fan but I like the look of Fifa 08. I like the passing in Fifa as its very free and u have total control. However the shooting needs fixing and the crossing also as the ball still looks a bit to floaty on occasions. The skills on FIFA 08 look sick and it seems to me that EA have got the gamespeed spot on.

Comment by Rastafariman on 2007-08-25 10:41:30 | Reply

Finally a person who knows his game!!!

I totally agree, the best game for me was Winning Eleven 6 FE.
In that game you could see if you was a skilled player or a beginner.

Nowadays, PES is almost the same as FIFA it is going to be more arcade and easy to pick up for beginners.

Thats is just a shame because the beauty of PES was the difficulty!!

Just my 2 cents.

Comment by EU on 2007-08-24 19:34:04 | Reply


Comment by qwertymaster on 2007-08-25 21:00:48 | Reply

@ liger05

You do know that winning eleven and PES are the same game right?

Comment by Rastafariman on 2007-08-26 11:49:46 | Reply

No they aren’t.

Only the skilled players feel the diffrence.

Comment by mike on 2007-08-27 20:00:47 | Reply

LOL what a loser.

We think it is going to be a much closer call this year

Let the battle begin.. Again!!

Comment by matt d on 2007-08-26 22:16:13 | Reply

im not being funny or anything but those two games do look very much the same, i just hope that the pes pitch isnt the finished one, why cant we they have nice pitches like fifa? i know they do for some grounds but some are just rascal

Comment by FoolInjection on 2007-08-28 15:39:24 | Reply

You know what… I’ll probably just buy one of each. Get FIFA 08 just because Gretna are in it… and get PES cos the Master League “Create your own Team” option is the sh1t.

Comment by SoccerGamer on 2007-08-30 04:37:06 | Reply

Play the PES and FIFA demo and choose the best game for you..

Dont´t buy if you d´t try the demo´s!

FIFA LOOKS Great maybe is the rigth choice!

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