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[GC07] Booth babes part 2

After our previous booth babes post we’ve been awfully busy writing down all the games news here in Leipzig, but of course those cameras we use for taking game screens and videos were also put to good use still meanwhile to photograph more friendly and pretty ladies on the show floor to promote their companies and products. Enjoy! All images clickable of course to full-screen glory.[GC07] Booth babes part 2 newsvine:[GC07] Booth babes part 2 furl:[GC07] Booth babes part 2 reddit:[GC07] Booth babes part 2 fark:[GC07] Booth babes part 2 Y!:[GC07] Booth babes part 2 gamegrep:[GC07] Booth babes part 2

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Comment by nuknuk on 2007-08-25 13:12:55 | Reply

the girl with a red top and tight little white shorts got a bit of a camel-toe

Rest assured: we know ;)

Activision blondie FTW!!!

Top class reporting. _o_


FFS Niels! WHERE were you man!!! Missed ya man! We had that speedlink party wednesday btw. Where you there as well?????

Wednesday we had the COD4 party @ Activision :)

We’ve been in the press room a lot, didn’t catch you there :(

Yeah heard about COD4 but I thought we never got there with the whole crew so we moved over to another party.

Too bad I didn’t catch you either. :( Well, next time then. I hope.

Curry, you should’ve crouched when you took pic 15, the one with the smoking chick :P .

Lol yeah realized that afterwards as well :P

i need to move to germany

Bless you Xboxic. Bless you.

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