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[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details

We have had a fair bit of coverage on Infinity Ward’s upcoming game set in a Modern Warfare, and yesterday we scraped a few more details that some of you may not have heard or known about before.

Anyone praying for a demo of the game before release will have to go to the PC to play it, as the 360 won’t be getting one. We will have had the Beta so a demo probably is unnecessary, even if no-one has played the single player yet. They also wouldn’t reveal what level the PC demo would have, nor a time frame for when they would put it up.

The multiplayer modes confirmed now are the obvious ones such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Headquarters and Search and Destroy. A new mode “Sabotage” is also going to be available, with a couple of other new ones that were not discussed (Domination was briefly mentioned, but no information was spoken about it). It was also said that the game will ship with more maps than previous CoDs (previous CoDs that Infinity Ward have worked on). This led to the mention of downloadable content, which was not answered because they are not allowed to. Yes, they are thinking about it and probably working on it, but chances are it won’t be coming until 2008. They have two teams working on the game, one for the single player and one for the multiplayer, so one team is likely to stick with the game and continue to support it in the future. Chances are, new weapons will be added, along with new Perks and maps. It’s a guess, but now that they aren’t limited by World War weapons, anything is possible.

There was also the chance to ask about linearity. The developer did say that yes, it would be slightly less linear than Call of Duty 2, but it’s “certainly no Grand Theft Auto”. He did state though that scripted events are important to the CoD series to build up all the tension and atmosphere that makes the game so brilliant. He said there would be slightly different routes though, so chances are they will make a slight difference as you progress. He also said that the two levels we played on Wednesday night were rather linear in comparison to the later levels, which is indeed promising for those that want less linear play.

Finally, it was confirmed that CoD 4 will be going to the printers next month to get all pressed up and packed in time for release. They have literally completely finished with the game now, and nothing more will be added to the game, so stop asking![GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details newsvine:[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details furl:[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details reddit:[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details fark:[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details Y!:[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details gamegrep:[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details

11 comments on '[GC07] New Call of Duty 4 details'

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Comment by nays on 2007-08-25 15:11:08 | Reply

‘it’s “certainly no Grand Theft Auto”
you dont say

Comment by trj156 on 2007-08-25 17:12:08 | Reply

why is everyone complaining about linearity? obviously the cod series does it well and it really does add to the experience. without linearity there’d be a lot less spectacular shootouts.

Comment by AugustusBot on 2007-08-25 19:09:10 | Reply

3/4 of all games are pretty linear, who cares. if its a good game and a good story, so what if there’s only 1 direction to head?

it’s like everyone crying for multiplayer in every game possible. ‘oh my god tomb raider won’t have multiplayer?’…

games can still be great games w/o having multiplayer or ’sandbox’ gameplay.

Comment by UK JAY on 2007-08-25 17:54:32 | Reply

Yes shut up all those who moan about linearity… we have PGR4 for that

Comment by zarbor on 2007-08-25 17:58:11 | Reply

People who complain about linearity obviously have not played Bioshock. My vote so far for GOTY….Yeah, there are tons of other games coming but the bar has been raised.

Comment by koopa on 2007-08-25 18:59:44 | Reply

its called domination not sabotage,If those are the same gametypes.

Actually they are not the same, as Domination was mentioned along with Sabotage.

I should have included that, thanks for the reminder :)

Comment by David on 2007-08-25 22:42:46 | Reply

I have to say I have loved the Beta so far. Got a free token Friday night and i’ve been playing ever since. Already got to the highest rank, now I’m just doing the challenges for weapon addons. I got my token from did the lottery email letter they had running in the forums.

Comment by Awesome! on 2007-08-26 05:37:40 | Reply

I got a token and i didnt even sign up. I was going to on Mon. but i guess i don’t need to now. Thanks IW!!

Yeah Domination is not the same. It is 3 points to control for points the longer you control the more points you get. The beta is great and the screen shots posted here dont even do the game justice. It is amazing to play. They Perks are great to use and realy help to bring Variety and Balance to the game depending on how you want to play.

Comment by Tom on 2008-03-10 02:50:19 | Reply

this game is one of the best games I have in a really long time.The greatest thing about this game are the guns and the places to play.

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