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Guns not so important in Haze

Haze screen writer, Rob Yescombe, sat down with Gamepro to dish out some new details about the upcoming title. In the interview he notes that Nectar is the most important part of the player’s arsenal, and that players will be able to go through the entire game using only one gun

As mentioned in our GC07 preview, the use of Nectar is very important to gameplay for both Mantel Global Industries and the rebel group the Promised Hand albeit in different ways. While Mantel troops exploit Nectar for the performance enhancing benefits, the rebel forces employ it in different ways to cause the Mantel troops to over dose and turn on each other. So what exactly is Nectar?

Yescombe: Ok, just to give you a quick summary. Mantel very diplomatically calls it a “nutritional supplement,” where in fact it is of course a chemical enhancement that allows these troopers to be tougher and smarter and faster in the fighting field. The downside that you come to realize is that in fact Nectar is censoring your perception of reality and so what that means is when you are on Nectar, it is like playing a video game.

…When you take Nectar it makes you this uber tough guy and you get 4 key skills. Nectar Perception enables you to see a halo glow around your enemies so you can pick them out from the background. You have Nectar Focus which is a sniping aid, so when you are zoomed in it will tweak your aim towards a head shot so you can get it straight off from the a mile out. Nectar Foresight is sort of like a sixth sense where if something bad is about to happen such as a grenade is about to go off or someone is trying to snipe you, there will be a ripple from the point where that will happen. The fourth effect is the Melee Blast which is like a very, very super punch in effect.

An important part of Haze’s story is when the player decides to switch sides, from Mantel to rebels, and realizes how awful war really is. When players are using Nectar, dead bodies just fade away, making your character feel like he’s playing a video game. After leaving Nectar behind he’s treated to all the blood, pain and screaming usually associated with war.

While it may seem unfair for the Mantel troops to have all the advantages that Nectar gives, rebels will have their own set of skills, and many ways to make the Mantel troops overdose on Nectar and turn on each other. Rebel troops will also be much more limber than the Mantel troops who are confined in large armored suits. This will give the rebels access to areas that the Mantels can’t get to, like the roof of a building. Add onto this the ability to disarm Mantel troops, and the playing field really levels out.

Another interesting feature of Haze is the ability to “recalibrate” ammo from one type to another. This allows the player to play through the game using any weapon they choose without having to worry about finding ammo for it. Yescombe says this is possible because of the “extremely intelligent and adaptive A.I.” which can handle anything the player throws at it.

Yescombe also mentioned how the multiplayer and single player parts of the game are intertwined. The multiplayer will feature story based assault missions that will allow players to play parts of the campaign from the opposite point of view giving them more perspective on the events that transpired. Yescombe likened it to watching the deleted scenes of a DVD. Look for Haze on the PS3 this November, and on the PC and 360 sometime in 2008.

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27 comments on 'Guns not so important in Haze'

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Comment by Thryon on 2007-08-29 21:15:19 | Reply

Too bad you sold out to the PS3 Haze, or I would have added you to my holiday list. As it is now, you are dead to me.

Comment by Tater on 2007-08-29 22:27:59 | Reply

So you are saying, and this is purely hypothetical and assumes you are going to buy halo 3, if halo 3 was released on the ps3 you wouldn’t buy it simply for the fact that it was released on a rival console?

Comment by I_Hate_The_Glovner on 2007-08-29 21:20:12 | Reply

just buy it next year simple

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-30 18:48:06 | Reply


Comment by Opium on 2007-08-29 21:40:14 | Reply

I’m the LEAST excited about this game

Comment by Sean on 2007-08-30 01:02:17 | Reply

Yeah, I find it hard to see why people are hyped on a rebranded FarCry Instincts… It even looks like it’s using some sort of iteration of the CryEngine 1.2 they bought from Crytek.

Comment by x El Scorpio x on 2007-08-29 21:55:34 | Reply

I wouldn’t buy this if it was on the 360 this year either…not buying it at all, there are better games coming out anyway

Sounds interesting. I think I’ll be getting this next year.

Comment by MP3 on 2007-08-29 22:44:57 | Reply

Me too.

Comment by barry biscuit face on 2007-08-30 01:00:31 | Reply

me three

Comment by Lone goat on 2007-08-30 18:06:58 | Reply

me four

Comment by k. taylor on 2007-08-29 22:46:17 | Reply

meh it looks alright
nothing special when compared with halo 3 and half life orange box

Comment by mass9 on 2007-08-30 16:05:53 | Reply

So first you drop shit all over the Halo article with comments to the effect of “This game looks like shit” and now you’re comparing other games to Halo saying “Well, its no Halo.”

Give me a break.
You are the truest definition of an internet troll.

go away kris taylor.

I think that’s an awesome idea….”When players are using Nectar, dead bodies just fade away, making your character feel like he’s playing a video game. After leaving Nectar behind he’s treated to all the blood, pain and screaming usually associated with war.”

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-08-30 00:04:36 | Reply

This game looks amazing.

Comment by I_Hate_The_Glovner on 2007-08-30 03:01:46 | Reply

it actually does sound interesting

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-30 18:50:20 | Reply

Unlike you? Sad boy.

Comment by Snake Himself on 2007-08-30 03:38:32 | Reply

A first person shooter where the emphasis is NOT on the guns ? Not a good place to start…

Comment by Curtis Jackson on 2007-08-30 04:04:53 | Reply


Comment by coojo on 2007-08-30 04:38:19 | Reply

im getting this for PS3 :P

Comment by zarbor on 2007-08-30 05:52:30 | Reply

I have a PS3 and I have little interest in this game. I’ve seen all the vids and read just about all the write ups.

There are too many other games that has my attention. I’m sure UBISOFT will make this a great game but I’m not sold yet.

Comment by Snake Himself on 2007-08-30 12:49:25 | Reply

Bioshock this aint

Comment by Noneedhomes on 2007-08-30 18:04:33 | Reply

HALO 3 looks a load of pants. The Beta was seriously dull, and the only games worth a hell on multi are probably Vegas and Gears. As a game on it’s own it will probably be ok but 8 on 8 on Halo 3? the connections will be laggy as hell!!! it’s bad enough 4 on 4 with a bad host.

Comment by Noneedhomes on 2007-08-30 18:06:09 | Reply

sorry if i sounded all negative there!! I loved Far Cry so if this is as good a game as that but with the multi player and co-op elements, it will rock more than Halo 3. Halo 2 was rushed and sucked, so i really hope 3 is going to surprise alot of people.

Comment by coojo on 2007-08-30 22:25:21 | Reply

yeah just cuz u suck online doesent mean the game sucked ;)

Demo please! otherwise it’s suks.

Comment by Scott on 2007-08-31 00:24:33 | Reply

wont get a demo in a hurry as it’s a PS3 timed exclusive

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